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Integrity Protection Service IPS provides skilled physical and electronic security system design, selection, placement, and maintenance. We apply over 35 years of experience in both investigations and system integration in both large- and small-scale projects. IPS began as an investigation firm and this gives us a unique ability to evaluate your security issues and needs.

With our expertise in ALL aspects of security, not just security systems, we deliver the highest quality in the integration, installation, and service of a security solution designed for your business or home.Today's modern offices and homes are often a complex combination of Data, Telecommunications, Security Systems, Audio, Presentation, and other electronic technologies.

Most of the time the cabling for those systems is installed by disparate companies, each focused on their particular "piece of the pie". The result often results in a tangle of unmanageable spaghetti. We are well versed in all areas of technology allowing us to reduce duplication, ease maintenance.

Most decision makers are burdened with broad ranging responsibilities. Decisions are forced to be made based upon base knowledge and input from vendors or other advisors. When it comes to technical systems such as security systems approval comes from the top, but installation oversight, implementation, and maintenance are not within the decision maker

If you are willing to spend money on a video surveillance system and install it, find a skilled video surveillance specialist to help. Even if you simply have them review your needs, create a plan and parts list, and design placement and configuration settings. You will rue the day that you thought your 17-year-old "techie" could "save you big bucks

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