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I2 Security Solutions Our expert staff helps design, install and maintain parking barrier gates, video surveillance and access control systems, and more. We specialize in integrating security software with legacy systems for our clients in the tri-state area and nationwide. If you need a business security system, contact us for a site evaluation and recommendations. We specialize in complete security systems, including parking barrier gates, access control, video surveillance, RFID access control and visitor management solutions.

Why do you need integrated security systems? Access control working seamlessly with video surveillance not only reduces crime but will also improve safety. Unattended and open parking lots are hotbeds for misconduct, including property damage. Security cameras are a perfect way to monitor your parking lot and facility for intruders or unwanted guests.

Feel free to reach out and speak with one of our representatives to discover how our perimeter security systems and integrations can benefit your business.

Time & Parking Controls, doing business as (DBA) i2 Security Solutions, has earned an excellent reputation over the past 30 years in PA, NJ, DE and nationwide while providing customers with parking, security & time keeping products. Our new name comes with a change in ownership and more clearly represents our company going forward as a complete security

Whether it's for clients near our home offices in PA, NJ and DE or anywhere else across the country, this gives us the needed expertise and experience required to accurately identify, design, and supervise a wide variety of system integration projects. Our knowledge of today's technologies, partnerships and best of breed manufacturers along with utilization

We provide revenue collection terminals for parking entrance/exit lanes and centralized pay on foot stations. These automated pay stations work in any controlled parking infrastructure and allow for collecting cash or credit card payments. RFID Hands-free access increases tag read range and speed throughput in controlled parking areas. Security system

Recent work sponsored by the Campbell Collaboration and Cornell University analyzed 44 separate studies that measured the effectiveness of CCTV cameras as a deterrent to crime. Sample sites used included public transportation systems, parking lots and housing developments. And the most effective location by a large percentage was determined to be parking

We have many options for controlling the entrance to parking lots or garages and for collecting money, credentials (prox/smart card/RFID) or parking validations. Payment collection can be centralized or in lane and in many cases, you can eliminate the need for an onsite parking attendant. Access options for visitors include using cash, ticket in/credit

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