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Fire Protection is one of your most important investments, whether it involves your property, business, employees, tenants, important documents and so on, you need the best commercial/residential fire alarm system possible. While fire protection and security concerns may be more relevant these days, our company has evolved to meet these crucial demands, following in compliance with the federal standards and local regulations.

Our company specializes in providing state of the art fire alarm systems and security services, we can also correct L&I code violations, and certify your system as per the city of Philadelphia Code. We can service anything from a small residential fire alarm system to a large and complex industry type system. Our organization provides a complete solution from the installation, inspection and certification to the installation of advanced systems with DVR and remote access capability.

At Philadelphia Fire Alarm Systems, we provide fire alarm system certifications as per state and local codes. Did you know that it is a requirement by state and local authorities that your system is tested and certified annually? We provide annual inspections, repair L&I code violations, update any outdated system to bring up to code standards, we will

It is crucial that a fire alarm system is maintained annually. In most cases customers are not told that these systems must have preventative maintenance performed in order to work properly. Experienced technicians should test and clean the system annually. We find that in most cases devices will need to be replaced due to inexperienced people trying

Sommerville Electric & Security, has been in business for more than 20 years with an outstanding reputation as a reliable provider of fire alarm systems and security systems and great customer service. We can service, install, and repair any type of system from residential burglar alarms to high-tech industrial type fire alarms. Certification and L

The inspection of a Fire Alarm System is an annual requirement. We will test and clean all devices, (to properly clean a smoke detector it must be taken apart and spray air must be used), measure decibel levels, test the battery, make any repairs that are required by state and/or local authorities, and submit all paperwork as required. We will also

Contact our office and we will take care of the rest! We will provide you with a quote for a state of the art fire alarm system. In some cases permits and plans (drawings) are required, we can provide all necessary permits as required. The City of Philadelphia has specific requirements, you can check their website at; Central Station

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