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Clean Any Surface Almost Anywhere Clean those high mounted cameras, sensors, and other surfaces safely from the ground! Seamless OEM Integration Collectively adds seamless integration, fast deployments, remote, routers, and other electronics. Order Today! Sunshield Visor for BASH keeps your camera running cooler in direct sunlight and also protects from rain Learn More!

The new standard for protecting high performance cameras Long term reliability protection with active cooling for long range lenses and static cameras Learn More! Meet the best smart city surveillance solution Rugged construction, extremely versatile, multi camera design with Cooldome active cooling and Ring of Fire active heating. Manufacturer of ruggedized outdoor camera housings for security, broadcast, cctv, transportation, and OEM markets.

read more › BASH (Ballistic Anti-Shock Housing) is the first of its kind providing the ultimate mobilized marine security protection for your camera. BASH was designed to withstand anything that this world can throw at it, literally. BASH is engineered for vibration resistance and can withstand up to 2 meters (6.5') of water without corroding. The Dotworkz product line is optimized for wide range of video cameras including all powerful Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), mini dome, fixed, static, IP, as well as the latest HD/Megapixel network cameras.

read more › Dotworkz vandal proof and prison tough housings are designed to offer an increased level of protection against human attack both indoor and outdoor. We offer the toughest camera enclosures on the market. Cameras enclosures so tough when exposed to various degrees of attacks from fist, kicks, baseball bats, shiv's, rocks, bottles, and even theft, dotworkz housings remain steadfast protect cameras and other sensitive equipment inside. No longer do you need to mount the cameras out of reach from human arms.

read more › The Dotworkz HD12 product line consists of large scale, outdoor housings that are designed to protect broadcast quality PTZ cameras from the harshest environmental conditions. With combined heater/blower and COOLDOME technology, the HD12-CD-HB is designed to exceed IP66/NEMA 4X standards for ingress protection, providing excellent protection from water, dust, corrosion, and insects. Power conversion from 120 VAC standards to 12 VDC input for HD cameras and temperature control electronics. 4 cable egress locations with various gland options for multiple reliably sealed connections.

read more › Meet B.O.B. - Rugged construction, extremely versatile, multi camera design with Cooldome active cooling. Our vision for B.O.B. (Bi-Ocular Box) started as an engineered smart cabinet purpose-built for city surveillance integration projects. Currently, the B.O.B. cabinet system has transformed into an award winning "must have" for implementing large camera deployments. From smaller detailed components of IoT (Internet of Things), Cellular uplinks, to efficient active cabinet cooling and heating.

read more › Limitless camera options with the highest grade protection and safety levels for all mobile environments. The BASH IP68 Camera Housing is the first of its kind providing the ultimate mobilization security protection for your camera. BASH is designed to withstand anything this world can throw at it - literally. NEW VIDEO ALERT: Security and monitoring cameras for vehicles, 44 trucks, marine, and military. Professional camera armor for all mobile, marine, and security video applications with IP68 protection.

read more › The D Series IP68 Camera Housing professional grade outdoor video surveillance protection systems are optimized for today's powerful Pan Tilt and Zoom, 360, and multisensor cameras. The D2 and D3 couple versatile size options with powerful internal active environmental control technologies and heavy duty construction, all with project-friendly price points. USA made Camera Protection System is the next generation of engineered long life, simple to install, IP68 no compromise, professional grade camera protection solutions for today's surveillance or Broadcast video deployments.

read more › NEW FOR 2019: STXL is an actively cooled long lens and camera enclosure. The XL form factor accommodates 500mm+ high-resolution camera/telephoto lens combinations. Built to heavy duty professional grade standards, it protects cameras to IP66 & IK10 levels. In addition to the high temperature lens protection levels of the actively cooled COOLDOME version, the STXL is available in other Dotworkz' industry leading environmental packages, including the de-icing Ring of Fire, Tornado, Heater Blower and a base model.

read more › The 25 and 40 Series outdoor lens cleaning kit from the DomeCleanerPRO family offers a unique solution that combines a safe and fast security camera lens cleaning system at a very affordable price. Introducing the SkyHook - A Professional Speed Cleaning Alignment Tool from the Dotworkz DomeCleanerPRO Series. The SkyHook is a professional speed cleaning alignment tool that works in conjunction with all DomeCleanerPro camera cleaning systems. DomeCleanerPRO - A safe and easy lens cleaning system for all indoor and outdoor security cameras.

read more › That's It! Want to see it again? Mode 1 for large dome cameras. Mode 2 for mini or micro dome cameras. Mode 3 for Optical Lenses, Fire Beam Sensors, LED/LCD Public Screens, and Solar Panels. Streak Free Cleaning Solution. Ideal for lens, optics, any surface really. Cleans without leaving haze, dissipates static completely without alcohol, ammonia or harsh detergents. Extend the light weight carbon pole to your desired height and clean the surface. Twist the pole for bubble type lens surfaces and swipe back and forth for flat surfaces.

read more › For over 20 years Dotworkz has been a recognized leader in US based Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) fabrication for the outdoor camera markets. Located in San Diego, California, we can fast track all aspects of production and certifications. Our OEM team is ready to assist with safety certifications for cUL, UL, Rohs, CE, FCC and other Foreign Licensing needs. Change the way your cameras can be sold and used. Since 1998 Dotworkz has been focused on manufacturing the world's best outdoor video products.

read more › At Dotworkz, we understand the challenges caused by environmental and weather conditions, which is why we provide the best in Normal and Extreme Climate Protection. All Dotworkz products provide the next generation simple to install, IP66/IP68 no compromise, professional grade camera housing solutions, engineered for longevity to support today's surveillance video deployments. Whether you need camera protection in mild climates or extreme protection in environments where failure cannot. Dotworkz is for you.

read more › In other words, our products help control the temperature inside our enclosures providing a barrier from the fluctuating temperatures outside leading to an extended life of your cameras and equipment. All housings are fully sealed and rated at IP68 (D Series) and IP66 (S-Type) providing protection from dust and water. We chose Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic for its non-conductive thermal properties and its unsurpassed strength providing the ultimate isolated protection against vandalism and temperature changes.

read more › Our COOLDOME product line provides the ultimate solution for hot climates such as deserts and extremely sunny areas. Our trusted 3 Stage Temperature Stabilization System is the reason why no other company can match our protection level for your camera and equipment. The COOLDOME solid state cooling system and high-flow fans remove heat without air exchange into the sealed housing, thus controlling humidity that can cause lens fogging and component corrosion. The COOLDOME turns on and off automatically at set temperature thresholds to generate up to a 45° F differential with the outside environment.

read more › Our Tornado product line provides the ultimate solution to hot and humid climates such as ocean coastlines and even extremely hot and humid regions such as the Gulf Coast. Every Tornado product can protect your camera and equipment from climate temperatures that can reach 140 degrees F / 60 degrees C and Humidity levels of up 95%. Our trusted 3 Stage Temperature Stabilization System is the reason why no other company can match our protection level for your camera and equipment against the all temperature environments.

read more › Our Ring of Fire product line provides the ultimate solution to extremely cold climates such as the arctic and mountainous areas. Every Ring of Fire product can protect your camera and equipment from climate temperatures that can drop down to -60 degrees F / -51 degrees C. Our trusted 3 Stage Temperature Stabilization System is the reason why no other company can match our protection level for your camera and equipment against the all temperature environments. The Dotworkz environmental housings brings unsurpassed protection to surveillance cameras from the rigors of harsh outdoor environments, vandalism and physical damage.

read more › Dotworkz Systems takes innovation to the next level with its Multi Volt Platform (MVP) power solution for site power and camera power compatibility making it almost universally compatible. The MVP system is designed to greatly simplify ordering and installation. This system allows for multiple input voltage scenarios for stepping down to multiple camera voltage options in one "ready to install" unit, making it a professional grade outdoor camera setup that is simpler than ever. Multi Volt Platform is designed to make installing, ordering and setting up outdoor camera systems simpler start to finish.

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