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This has earned us the right to offer you the full line of Partner product security systems, from the most basic home detection devices to commercial burglary, access control and fire systems. We purchase these products from one of the world's largest security manufacturing groups who, because of their volume, give you an unprecedented 5 year warranty on every system panel and keypad you have installed.

Our technicians use only the very latest equipment and have undergone factory training second to none.

The reliability and performance of your security system can be greatly enhanced or hampered by your choice of motion detector. The key point to consider is this: if the alarm sounds on your system, has an intruder entered. Nothing can match a Bravo for its sensitivity, accuracy and built-in immunity to false alarms. Even lightning, static shocks and

When considering which company will install the security system that will help protect your family for years to come, it is important you feel comfortable with your choice. After you have purchased, had the system installed and the technician has left, it is you who will live with the consequences. For this reason alone, it is very important to ask

Very often, friends don't know whether they have a genuine system or just a collection of parts. But they do know whether the installation was neat. They also know whether their alarm company offers timely, efficient service. Yes, it's OK to disregard comments like "they wouldn't do exactly what I wanted" since these may refer to things that were impractical

There is nothing more important than the safety of your family, your home and yourself. That's why we've developed this comprehensive checklist of things you can do to stay safe. From your kids, to your parents, to your home or business, what follows are invaluable tips on how to make your life as safe and secure as it can be. Take the time to teach

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