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TW Systems provides design, configuration, integration, and installation of all low voltage systems. Which includes, but is not limited to, fire alarm systems and inspections, access control, security and burglary systems, CCTV, help call systems, mass notification, wander management, real time locating of people and assets, audio/visual systems, lighting and temperature control, cabling of telephone, Cat 5 & 6, monitoring and more.

read more › Since 1994 we have installed custom security and fire systems in museums, hospitals, correctional facilities, schools, retail establishments and many other types and size of businesses. View/download company brochure. Owner, Mark Tucker, has worked in the security technology field for over 20 years. Our priority is to customize your system utilizing innovative equipment and technology that meets all of your current security needs and is easily adaptable to your future needs as well. Our technicians are trained annually for overall industry updates and as needed when new technology and/or regulations are released.

read more › Security Cameras are not just for businesses any more. A home security system equipped with cameras can provide the homeowner with visual access to specific areas around the home or just a quick view of who is at the front door. The cameras can display images of the areas of interest and can also be set to record activity while away from your business and/or home. Some systems even allow you to access the cameras while away so that you can see that everything is OK. TW Systems offers a full range of maintenance services.

read more › Our security, tracking, and fire systems deliver comprehensive security solutions to every establishment from retail stores and office buildings to hospitals, residential care facilities, schools, institutions, museums, childcare facilities, restaurants, and everything in between. Many industries have reporting, regulations, and required periodic inspections. Our EV2 system's documented reporting history is an invaluable aid in helping these industries fulfill those obligations easily and efficiently.

read more › Is your security system up to that responsibility? In a medical facility setting, risks are everywhere. We have the technology to help you minimize risk in most all areas of your facility with historical documentation in the areas listed below. We customize the system to meet your needs and requirements in a particular area or the entire hospital. Additionally, our system provides historical documentation for all of the services listed below to aid with industry compliance, risk management, and loss prevention.

read more › Today's Independent Living communities have an ever growing range of senior care responsibilities and compliance issues. We design and install scalable security and monitoring systems for senior living communities to meet each one's unique needs. Additionally, our system provides historical documentation for all of the services listed below to aid with industry compliance, risk management, loss prevention and many other aspects of your community. Call today for a demonstration and experience the reality of how much the EV2 system can do for your organization.

read more › Protect government employees, material sensitive to homeland security, and the facilities. Our technicians are registered with the DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice Services). Alert notification when designated equipment is about to be removed from a specific area (i.e., computers, file cabinets, etc.). Documentation when equipment is in/out of service (i.e., everything from projectors to laptops, etc.). Staff and/or visitors can call for help with push of a button on their ID badge should the need arise.

read more › From juvenile detention centers and local jails to penitentiaries, there is a wide range of compliance and safety issues. We design and install scalable, wireless locating help call and man down systems specific for each correctional facility's unique needs and regulations. Documentation of who responded to inmate and time took to respond inmate (This information can be useful should a legal issue arise). Medications in infirmary are accessed by authorized staff only, with an audit trail of activity.

read more › Protecting students and faculty on an open campus is challenging. Our innovative security for classrooms, dorms, student centers and recreation facilities on your campus allows your students and staff freedom and protection, while maintaining the architectural integrity and beauty of the campus. Medications in infirmary are accessed by authorized staff only, with documentation of who and when. Medication in student health services is monitored and alerts provided when appropriate temperature is not maintained for medications required to be refrigerated.

read more › Our wireless Art Protection Detector is a discreet and effective wireless displacement detector specially designed for protection of individual art works in galleries, churches, private collections and displays in museums. With its miniature low-profile design, it is easily concealed behind or below each artwork. Wireless installation is a simple no-mess procedure, without the expense and inconvenience associated with wired solutions. The advanced, patented magnetic sensor technology achieves superior displacement sensitivity (higher than 0.1mm) while minimizing false alarms.

read more › Early detection of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide can enable your family to get safely out of your home if an issue occurs. It can also reduce or eliminate the loss of expensive equipment, inventory or other critical assets. The proper detection equipment and monitoring service can contact police, fire fighters and key employees to alert them of a problem at your business. Wired fire systems are required by law to have two landline phones for an average monthly rate of $100 per building. Whereas, a wireless system regulations require only one cellular line for the entire complex.

read more › TW Systems installs comprehensive and cost-effective physical access control and attendance products ranging from single door to multi-door, multi-site solutions. Our Access Control System gives you the ability to regulate and monitor the movement of people anywhere within your premises and can be easily integrated with our real-time Safety, Security and Camera Solutions, to help protect your employees, guests and property. When transporting or escorting a patient, doors open automatically only for staff authorized to enter that particular area.

read more › The increasing hostility encountered in healthcare facilities, means care givers are at risk and staff morale is affected. Attacks on staff are rising and providing protection has become an operational and a legal necessity. Help Call is designed to reduce the effects of verbal and physical abuse on staff personnel in acute care hospitals, psychiatric wards, examination rooms, emergency rooms, long-term patient care facilities or outpatient treatment centers. Using RF/IR Signaling Technology, Help Call gives staff members more security, knowing that in a dangerous situation, they can summon assistance at the touch of a button, from anywhere within the facility or even outside from a remote parking lot.

read more › Depend on TW Systems for advanced solutions that support responsive, cost effective and efficient security monitoring services. We utilize a wide array of visual and audio alarm verification solutions that are incorporated in our proven security systems, detectors, integrated cameras and other peripherals, and advanced technologies to enable you to have peace of mind where your property, people, and assets are concerned. In the event that one of your alarms is triggered, the monitoring service will take over to notify the police, fire department and even a neighbor or relative if wanted.

read more › Ability to call from help wirelessly with system capable of determining exact and/or approximate location of individual. Ability to determine who can enter any given place in your establishment and even when. As well as being able to open doors remotely at pre-determined times, for specific people and/or situations. Knowing that your business is secured by intrusion detection services can give you the security and peace of mind that you need. Our systems can monitor doors, windows, motion in and around the business and much more.

read more › Our technicians are trained annually for overall industry updates and as needed when new technology and/or regulations are released. They are also registered with the DCJS. Customer Service - TW Systems has service technicians on call 24/7. We also offer service plans. Standard Service requested shall be completed within (5) business days unless agreed upon to be completed at a later time. Service will take place during normal business hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. We operate Monday through Friday unless otherwise stated.

read more › If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) in any of the above mentioned topics, please feel free to contact our office during normal business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) and our highly trained customer service staff will be happy to assist you. Q: If there is an emergency at my home and/or office with a TW Systems alarm system, should I call you first?. A: No, ALWAYS call 911 first. If you are unable to get in touch with 911, then press the panic or fire alarm button on your keypad. Our monitoring station will immediately request emergency services be dispatched.

read more › A: Our technicians meticulously test the alarms during installation since an alarm system is capable of transmitting numerous signals to TW Systems' monitoring station. On a rare occasion, we receive a signal that our database has not clearly defined. When this happens, it alerts us to update our information. A: There can be a few reasons why this happens. It could be where the motion detector was installed, or the movement of such objects as curtains, animals, or equipment if inside or the movement of trees, animals, vehicles, etc. if outside.

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