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Learn more about how Security Systems Inc can help make your home or business more secure. Security Systems Inc. will not only help secure your home or business, they will make sure you have all of the additional resources you need. Security Systems Inc. is an all-in-one provider of residential and commercial security solutions in Midlothian, Virginia & Richmond, Virginia.

For the past 24 years, our specialist has designed and installed custom, comprehensive systems for a wide range of customers from small business buildings to high-end residential estates. Our professionally designed systems are truly specified to meet the needs of the client. Due diligence in installation practices and equipment selection are paramount.

Our clients gain a clear understanding of how exceptional their system is compared to that of the typical industry standard. You do not have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution from a mainstream security company. Reach out to our custom electronic security design and installation company right away for truly personalized service and a one-of-a-kind security solution.

read more › We are based out of Midlothian, VA and service Central, Tidewater, and select portions of Northern Virginia areas. Our passion is client education and proper system design. We provide definitive information about how easy the typical system can be defeated and outfit clients with professionally designed systems with practical and affordable countermeasures to the numerous "defeat" techniques. These industry suppressed defeat techniques are not "Mission Impossible" level actions but easily duplicable and so simplistic that it is disturbing that the security industry simply ignores their existence.

read more › There should not be an expectation that a residential system is not a "secure" as a commercial system but polling says that this is the perception held by most respondents. Perhaps the security industries prolific marketing on these "Free" or nearly free mass-market "Piece-Of-Mind-Systems" has materially influenced the public's assessment. These cheap systems simply provide sub-standard protection and are only commensurate with low-information highly intimated opportunistic criminals. They have a much higher monthly monitoring rate and stringent long-term contracts.

read more › Commercial security design can materially differ from residential in two respects, the skill set of the criminal attempting a break-in is usually much greater and the existence of a potential insider makes the security infrastructure and devices more vulnerable to tampering during unarmed periods. Proper supervision of the cabling integrity and utilizing detection devices with built-in tamper switches along with self-diagnostic motion detectors and proper surge protection are critical to preserving uncompromised detection capabilities.

read more › Elk's M1 Controls incorporate security, fire, door entry control, plus energy & task management to provide total control of commercial sites or residential estates. By working with products from over 50 partner manufacturers, M1 controls offer a truly integrated solution. These IP accessible systems provide simple, yet powerful on-site and remote user interfaces, giving the consumer full control anytime, from anywhere. The M1 is designed to safeguard against cyber threats other security risks with superior encryption and multi-level authentication for alarm communications and IoT smart control.

read more › United Technologies Corporation a US based multi-national firm has announced that they intend to cease all manufacturing of the Interlogix security brands at the close of 2019. This announcement comes as a shock to many within the industry with the long lineage of these favored products under various parent companies during the security industries many mergers and acquisitions. Security Systems Inc. will support the Interlogix NetworX and Concord4 security control panels well into the future with the addition of the Allula BAT Connect Module.

read more › Just like any other Internet-connected device, your video surveillance cameras can be vulnerable to attack without proper cybersecurity measures in place. Eagle Eye Networks is a leader in cybersecurity, manufacturing a secure, reliable video surveillance system from the ground up. Cameras are isolated from the Internet, which prevents them from being attacked or compromised. Pre-installed Trojans are blocked from communicating with the Internet, which protects your on-site hardware. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS applies a secure encryption to buffered and locally recorded video.

read more › For the past 24 years, our specialist at Security Systems Inc. have taken pride in the advanced residential and commercial security systems they have installed in Midlothian, VA, Richmond, VA & Surrounding Area! We will help you chose the right security system for you home or business that truly meets your needs. A complaint regarding the identified issues have been formally filed with UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and notification made to the United States Product Safety Commission after UL failed to respond within the mandatory 45-day window.

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