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Our combination of security experience, unique audio verification technology and commitment to customer service makes Sonitrol Pacific the leader in electronic security systems. Schedule a FREE Security Assessment to learn more about our tailored security systems for your business or home. Our technology sets us apart. The ability to verify an alarm event in real time gives Sonitrol unrivaled credibility with local law enforcement in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

That is a key advantage as a growing number of municipalities pass Verified Response regulations requiring verification that an intrusion is actually taking place before police will dispatch personnel to the site. Sonitrol, the innovator of verified electronic security solutions, is known for the apprehension of burglars and intruders for over 5 decades.

Since pioneering verified surveillance alarms with its first franchise in 1964, Sonitrol has dedicated the past half century to refining and updating its unique impact-activated audio verification technology to deliver 100% volumetric coverage of businesses, schools and homes - all monitored in real-time.

read more › You can rely on us today, tomorrow and for years to come. Sonitrol Pacific has provided comprehensive security solutions to Northwest businesses since 1978. We are the largest locally-owned electronic security provider in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Beau and Debra Bradley founded Sound Security, Inc., doing business as Sonitrol Pacific, in Everett, Wash. with the mission of creating a security company that provided exceptional service and extraordinary security technology. Today, Sonitrol Pacific has offices in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise, but the Bradleys' original mission continues to drive our organization and employees.

read more › You deserve a better home alarm system and commercial security system. We give it to you. Sonitrol Pacific is the largest locally owned electronic security system provider in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Nationally recognized as an industry leader, we are proud of our award winning team and the integrated security services we deliver. All of our clients' systems are monitored in Everett, Washington at our UL certified central station. Sonitrol Pacific operators use audio or video surveillance technology to more quickly confirm if an alarm is real.

read more › Nationally recognized as an industry leader, we are proud of our award winning team and the integrated security services we deliver. We pride ourselves in the high level of service our company provides and our commitment to doing what is right. We believe that where you work matters. Sonitrol Pacific is the largest locally owned electronic security provider in Washington, Oregon and Idaho and offers a competitive compensation package as well as detailed benefits that include mileage reimbursement, cell phone and laptop, profit-sharing and a 401 (k).

read more › Sonitrol Pacific is the top provider of video and audio security systems in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We help businesses and homeowners in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise protect themselves and their assets. Get in touch today to speak with a representative about a tailored solution for your security needs.

read more › Get the complete package for your commercial security system with Sonitrol Pacific. We can meet your immediate security needs and expand our security system services as your business grows. Our services can be blended into a single, easy-to-use system that is monitored by highly trained professionals at Sonitrol Pacific's Verification Center in Everett, Washington. We save you time and money by delivering a full line of security services, backed by our audio and video verification technology, commitment to service, and false-alarm guarantees.

read more › When your burglar alarm goes off, you want to know it's real. So do the police. Flooded by false alarms from regular burglar alarm companies, many cities established standards for confirming a break-in is real before they send officers. False alarms drain scarce police resources and can create a "boy who cried wolf" situation. Some cities have enacted "enhanced call verification" policies, some have established "verified response" ordinances and others charge significant fines for false alarms.

read more › You know the extreme damage a fire can do. Early detection and verification are key to limiting loss due to fire, and both are Sonitrol Pacific specialties. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration estimates fires cost businesses and schools more than 2.3 billion in property damage annually. You'll rest easy when our experts monitor your facility for fire. We monitor smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems and pull stations, and quickly dispatch emergency personnel to your facility.

read more › Since 1978, Sonitrol Pacific's verified audio intrusion systems have given clients the fastest possible response time due to our unique sound detection technology. Whenever Sonitrol Pacific's sensors pick up abnormal activity on your premises, a signal is sent to our Everett Verification Center and expert operators listen to live audio transmissions from your site. Once the alarm is verified, they immediately call the proper authorities or if no threat exists, reset your system without disturbing you or officials.

read more › Managed access control, or keyless entry, is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for you to increase security. You have more to worry about than burglars in the middle of the night; you need to protect your physical and intellectual property and reduce risks of workplace violence. Our access control security systems allow you to track and restrict who enters your facility, as well as when they can get in and where they can go once inside. This limits the risk of internal theft and external threats.

read more › You want a security system that gets police to you fast. Police across the Northwest give Sonitrol Pacific calls top priority because our alarms are verified by experts. Listen to clips of actual arrests on audio security and hear the difference for yourself. Since 1978, more than 6,000 suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers have been arrested due to the detection of a threat by a Sonitrol Pacific security system. Typical burglar alarm companies have false alarms 95-98% of the time. This is unacceptable.

read more › Video is a perfect complement to Sonitrol Pacific audio sensors. Together security cameras and video monitoring take your organization's security to a new level. Our intrusion systems give you ears, now SonaVision gives you eyes. The two systems work together to watch out for you. Talk to one of our Security Consultants in the Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland or Boise areas today and see what SonaVision can do for you. At 6:55 a.m., Stephany Ripley received a signal activation from the lobby doors of OST Partnership in Seattle and dispatched police.

read more › Sonitrol Pacific protects a wide range of industries, from schools and construction sites to car dealerships and restaurants throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We know every business is different, which is why our team of experts work with you to find the right solutions to your unique building and security challenges. We will design, install, monitor and service a custom security system for your organization. Early and verified security alarm detection of burglaries significantly reduces losses due to theft.

read more › As you know, in assisted living facilities, resident safety is most important. Managing who is leaving the facility, is as important as who is entering. Sonitrol Pacific works with assisted living facilities and retirement communities all over the Northwest to address their unique security concerns - residents wandering off, HIPAA regulations, theft of medical supplies, unauthorized outsiders entering the building and more. We serve the Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise areas and look forward to addressing your facilities unique security concerns.

read more › People trust financial service organizations to safeguard their money. These organizations turn to Sonitrol Pacific to protect their property and people, because we offer complete coverage and the most reliable technology on the market. We'll give you that same level of security, service and support. We've worked side-by-side with businesses in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise since 1978 and look forward to hearing your unique challenges and forging solutions together. Activation of hold-up button transmits live audio to Sonitrol Pacific's Everett Verification Center, providing real-time information to police.

read more › You get our best every time. When you have security designed, installed, monitored and serviced by Sonitrol Pacific, you'll stay with Sonitrol Pacific. Our average client partnership is longer than 12 years. We protect organizations across the Pacific Northwest with security systems, surveillance cameras, controlled access and fire monitoring and provide exceptional customer service. Since 1978, Sonitrol Pacific has delivered security with quality service and unparalleled performance for businesses, schools, government facilities and homes in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise.

read more › Unfortunately, even churches are targets for criminals. In fact, criminals view faith-based organizations as an easy target because of their open and welcoming environment. The best way to safeguard against crime is to monitor your facility and to protect it with comprehensive security solutions. Sonitrol Pacific works with faith-based organizations in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise, and has done so since 1978. We know your organization is different and we won't try to sell you a "one size fits all" security plan.

read more › Sonitrol Pacific is your single source for a full range of security products, and our sales, installation, service, and monitoring professionals in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise are always on call. Sonitrol Pacific is the largest locally owned electronic security provider in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Our Everett Verification Center was designed to provide the best monitoring in the industry exclusively for our clients. The average police response time for a Sonitrol alarm is 7 minutes; over 4 times faster than traditional alarms.

read more › Dealerships like yours face serious security risks: glass-enclosed show rooms, exterior lots and service centers - all full of valuable items such as merchandise and parts susceptible to theft and vandalism. Criminals today aren't smarter, but they are more creative. They can circumvent traditional motion-based burglar alarms by breaking-in through entry points like walls, roofs, drop-down ceilings and more. That's why dealers turn to Sonitrol Pacific. With us, you get complete protection. Sonitrol Pacific alarms are sound activated.

read more › Since 1978, our verified security systems have given dentists the fastest possible response time due to our unique sound detection technology. The average response time to a Sonitrol dispatch is seven minutes. Faster detection and faster response time means greater protection for your employees, your facility and your equipment. We provide businesses in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise with top quality audio security and look forward to learning your business' unique challenges. You know prevention and early detection saves money, time and losses.

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