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Most of us are aware of fire alarm systems, we see them all over in public places and even in homes. They are there to alert people inside a building of a fire or emergency to get them out of the building as fast as possible. It is important to have high quality, properly functioning fire alarm systems in settings such as commercial buildings, churches, apartments, and schools.

We take pride in the fact that we have advantages in this industry that our competitors can't offer. For starters, we have close working relationships with several fire marshals in the local area. This gives us unprecedented insight and information concerning fire codes and regulations, which allows us to design and plan the systems to match with the latest code requirements, which potentially can save you thousands of dollars.

At Portland Fire Alarm, we work only with the best brands that can be found for this industry, including Honeywell, Silent Knight, and Fire Light. The alarms feature horns and sirens, as well as strobe lights for the hearing impaired.

read more › At Portland Fire Alarm, we offer free expert advice to any homeowner wanting to know more on how they can secure their homes from dangers. There are no hidden fees or obligations for this service, it is a free consultation. When you do decide to purchase, the installation will be performed by certified technicians who are professionals in their trade. The pricing is based on the individual construction design of the home. Unlike some of our competitors, there are no activation fees, we won't raise the prices unexpectedly, and we won't force you to renew contracts.

read more › As a professional business, you're interested in giving your customers the best quality of services and products for the lowest prices. At Portland Fire Alarm, we also believe in these important principles. That's why we give each business a free consultation; letting you know exactly what you need that is required by law. All of our employees are both professional and certified; letting you rest easy knowing that they will be up-to-date on all of your local Portland laws and ordinances. Besides getting amazing service with your free consultation, with the purchase of Portland Fire Alarm's service you will receive a large variety of helpful products and services.

read more › LYNX Touch has so many great features to meet your family's home security needs. With a simple touchscreen keypad, you can control everything from lights, garage doors, video, and even your thermostat. You can now also operate your entire home security system from your tablet or smartphone giving you access to your home even while you're away. Do you want to know more? With large icons and words, anyone can see the icons on your touchscreen keypad. The touch screen keypad is very intuitive like a mini Ipad.

read more › ProdataKey Access Control is fully equipped to control hundreds of doors by connecting to Eight Door and Single Door Controllers as well as communicating with Wimac Wireless and Network technology to communicate wirelessly with doors up to one-mile distance. This single "do it all" installation can save you up to 75% with the plug and play solution. ProdataKey Access Control uses advanced technology to provide one of the smaller, powerful, and more versatile systems out there. The Access Control Appliance doesn't need to use a dedicated computer to run, which saves money and time.

read more › Total Connect allows you to have full access to your home or business security system from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can do everything from getting alerts, video monitoring, and remote keypad access with just a tap of your finger. Some of the best features of Total Connect are remote arming and disarming security systems, bypassing zones and you can see true system status. The Total Connect system is available in up to 100 locations and can be used and accessed with a single account.

read more › Honeywell's versatile VISTA-15P is the ideal choice for your home security needs. VISTA-15P gives you the ability to send alarm signals and upload/download via an Internet Protocol (IP), improving the speed at which information can be delivered to and from the control panel. Hardwired expansion, graphic keypad support, two-wire smoke detectors, scheduling options and a host of end-user and installer features separate the VISTA-15P from all other six-zone panels. Eight independent keyfob zones allow wireless keys to be programmed without using any of the 26 zones.

read more › The high capacity Vista-20P gives more value with 48 zones of protection, Internet uploading/downloading via an Internet Protocol (IP), improving the speed at which information can be delivered to and from the control panel. The Vista 20P can be used with an AlarmNet Internet or 4G communicator can be installed in premises without TELCO lines. The panel's simple installation, innovative end-user benefits and system capacity make the VISTA-20P a great choice for higher end installations. IP alarm reporting and uploading/downloading capability for Internet and Intranet use via iGSMV4G, 7845i-ENT, GSMV4G or GSMX4G.

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