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S-O-S Electronics Milwaukee has been ranked as one of the most dangerous big cities in the United States, and door locks just aren't going to cut it. With these escalating crime rates, it is more difficult than ever for area companies to protect the safety and security of employees and assets. However, using personal security solutions and security equipment, your business could be safe from vandals and thieves.

You have heard of home security systems, like ADT, Nest, or Ring Alarm, but shouldn't your business be protected too? Whether you need to monitor your front door or an entire facility, S-O-S Electronics Corporation can provide a security system or access control system - for example, like the circuit boards we manufacture - designed for your needs.

We can have one of our security consultants set up and test drive security systems and solutions in key areas of your property to deter break-ins and prevent criminal activity from harming your business or employees. Because we both manufacture circuit boards for security and provide electronic systems designed to support security in the manufacturing process, we know security from the ground up.

read more › S-O-S Electronics has been the premier team of security systems consultants since1958 when we were founded in Milwaukee, WI by Robert Andreotti. In 1970, Robert passed the business to his son, Guy Andreotti. In 1972, Guy's brother, Dean, joined the company to continue the family tradition. Dean's son, Danny, and Guy's wife, Jane, have also joined the operation and continue to grow the business of providing quality security systems in Wisconsin. In 2008, S-O-S Electronics expanded the scope of their security system solutions operations to become a manufacturer of circuit boards.

read more › Confidence in the safety and security of your business is priceless. Since 1958, S-O-S Electronics Corporation has been helping tenants, employees, and executives alike feel safe whether they're at home or work. With more than 60 years of experience, we've worked with a wide variety of stakeholders on a diverse range of projects. Whether it's a multifamily housing complex, garage, warehouse, or office space, our security system consultants can help you design and integrate security solutions that will leave you confident in the safety of your property and the people who use it.

read more › S-O-S Electronics offers a full range of products to provide your business with complete security solutions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To learn more about the business solutions we provide, please select an item from the application drop-down list above. We offer a wide range of integrated security solutions to fit your Milwaukee business' needs. Business owners today know that they are responsible for their employees' and on-site customers' safety. Security services can be administered on even the strictest of budgets, providing a work environment that is able to attract and retain the highest quality staff.

read more › Since 1958, S-O-S Electronics has proudly served the wiring, wireless, security and data network needs of businesses throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha and Racine from our Milwaukee location. We provide solutions for security and communication systems and offer many security system products, such as intercoms, parking gates, card access control and so much more. If you are interested in learning more about our security system services and products, or if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to call us today or email us below.

read more › Access Control Systems come in various shapes and sizes. Access Control can vary from a single door control product to an entire integrated system that can handle hundreds of doors within a single facility. A Milwaukee-based property management firm may need to control access to their buildings all around the state. A large company with offices around the country would have several access control systems with links to remote sites around the property, city, country, or even the world. Learn more here about what the right card Access Control System in Milwaukee, WI, can do for you!

read more › CCTV means closed-circuit television. It's a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored. CCTV is often used for surveillance. The most common users of CCTV security and surveillance camera systems are for businesses, industry, schools, government, airports, casinos, hospitals, commercial operations, and banks. The more public access that is available, the more CCTV surveillance camera systems are typically utilized. There are many benefits to employing a closed-circuit television security system (CCTV or Security Cameras) in your Milwaukee, WI facility.

read more › Many cities as well as businesses are using Security Cameras and DVR recording to protect their property, their patrons, and employees from would-be vandals and intruders. Installing video surveillance cameras, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) can help Milwaukee, WI businesses tape visual data - from faces to license plates - and store the footage for viewing and access as needed. From large corporations to small businesses, the importance of installing security cameras remains the same. You've invested your time, energy, and passion into your company.

read more › SOSG1 Circuitry is the global security division of SOS Electronics. We construct circuit boards and wiring harnesses for small businesses as well as large companies. Our expert circuit board manufacturing team builds custom electronics, components, and assemblies. We also provide complete assembly for all the parts, including soldering, wiring, and the assembly of the final product. Circuit boards can provide custom security solutions for your business or allow you to do things you never thought possible.

read more › Parking lot gates and pedestrian entrance security systems serve many purposes. A property manager for a large apartment complex may install a parking lot gate to improve the overall safety and security of residents and their property, whereas a corporate office may install pedestrian entrance security systems to control access to certain areas of the facility. Parking lot entry and exit control systems as well as entry gates can increase property values. Decreases liability of a business owner or residential building owner when they have security systems and parking gates, such as a parking garage gate.

read more › Every successful business needs reliable communication. In some industries, fast dependable communication systems are vital to productivity. For instance, police and other law enforcement professionals must have communication devices that won't go out during a power outage or due to a dropped signal. With security earpieces or radios for security guards, your business's operations won't be interrupted due to communication problems. If you have been wondering whether an encrypted handheld radio or 2-way radio system would benefit your business, reach out to our electronics company for more information.

read more › Office turnstiles and turnstile gates can also be used in conjunction with a card access control system, thus monitoring employee access throughout the building. The use of turnstile access is prominent in Milwaukee settings such as stadiums, amusement parks, museums, mass transit, office lobbies, exhibits, casinos and souvenir stands. A turnstile gate gives Milwaukee, WI security personnel and employees a clear view of customers and guests, a single file access to the electronic turnstile is required.

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