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This 4-Door Controller can be rack mounted, Wall mounted, or installed out in the field within a plastic case. When field mounted it offers all the advatages of PoE Access Control without the high cost. This 2-Door Controller can be rack mounted, Wall mounted, or installed out in the field within a plastic case. Originally introduced in 1999, this is a distributed processing PLC Controller supports full ladder logic capabilities with peer-to-peer communications.

It supports 32 inputs individually configurable as 2-State, 3-State with EOL resistor, 4-State supervised with (2) 1K resistor, or analog. It supports 16 Outputs individually fused at 5 amps. The intercom is controlled through the MASC software and this gooseneck mic located at the Computer system. I have worked with several different security, card access, audio, and video surveillance systems over the years.

The MASC system not only combines these features in an easy to use environment but it has outlived and out performed all of the others.

read more › Abba Logic started supplying product to security integrators in 1999. We decided to build quality products that would last a long time without much service. To date, we have hundreds of systems all over the world operating 24 hours a day without any problems. Our specialty is integrated Access Control, PLC Control, CCTV, and Intercom controlled through Graphical maps showing the layout of the facility. We are a perfect fit for police stations, courthouses, and county jails. But don't let that stop you, we fit in a variety of applications.

read more › Imagine an easy to use Access Control panel, with all the power of a PLC. The MAC-4R is an intelligent distributed processing Access Control panel with programmable ladder logic control functions. The integrated Echelon communications scheme brings IP connectivity, reliability, high addressability, and inter-panel communications. Readers, inputs, and outputs can be configured in any shape or form to meet special conditions for opening a door. Sally ports and man traps are easy to program. Real-time point status allows the user to see the true state of every point at all times.

read more › Managed Automated Security Controls (MASC HMI Software) is a scalable enterprise-class application designed to command and control your facility's security. MASC takes security to the next level through integration of multiple systems that control and automate access control, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, intercom, video surveillance, (both DVR and NVR systems), photo ID badging and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) into one seamless software package. MASC's graphical user interface (GUI) provides operators with a visual representation of their facility.

read more › The MASC Graphic Maps software should be considered as a development tool because it's not limited to a particular look and feel. Virtually every setting that determines the look and feel of the screen can be changed. Yes, they have defaults, so if you want to follow the standard way of laying out a screen you can put it together very quickly. You can even replicate and copy the icons you've already programmed into new icons. The Interactive Graphic Maps can show all devices simultaneously in a chosen area or floor plan on one screen.

read more › The MASC HMI software offers our award winning Graphical Control System and includes a fully integrated Access Control system free of charge. Most detension locking systems are provided with two systems. One for graphical locking and real-time point status and the other for Access Control. Not only do you have to pay for two systems but you normally have to go to two seperate computers to do your work. User-Definable Database, MASC allows the user (operator) to add database fields and change the layout of the Card Database screen thereby adding any type of field to the card database.

read more › So why is the MASC product one the best fits for controlling and monitoring Police Station Security applications? Restrict access to the general public so only officers and personnel have access to restricted areas. The safety of officers and inmates is increased substantially when remote monitoring is in place. The system needs to be user-friendly with presentation of building layouts, status of doors and cells with the ability to answer intercom calls on the same screen. Many times we don't have the luxury of training new staff so we have two simple steps for them.

read more › Some courthouses are small to mid size and others built on a grand scale. In either case the MASC touchscreen with MAC-4R controllers are very scalable. The system can expand to hundreds or thousands of doors using distributed processing control panels. These controllers are normally scattered thoughout the facilities in regional wiring closets. Both Lon-Talk and Ethernet can be used to tie them all together. It's a great combination that allows for peer-to-peer communications supporting Man-traps, sallyports, and other high security conditions.

read more › I have worked with several different security, card access, audio, and video surveillance systems over the years. The MASC system not only combines these features in an easy to use environment but it has outlived and out performed all of the others. Customer Support is the best I have ever dealt with, always friendly and always resolving my issues! Keep up the outstanding work! Nothing is more demanding on a Touchscreen than a prison or jail security applications. It's a 24-hour a day operation that can not fail.

read more › Many times the needs of these bases and contractors are so unique that customized software is required. MASC can meet many of these needs with out-of-the-box software because when we first created it, we placed customizing screens and functions at the top of our list. MASC should be considered as the software tool box and although it has default programming, almost anything can be programmed to happen. Screens can be created with any number of points on them, showing up to 16 different states per point.

read more › It's time to get control of your buildings back. Imagine having to allow access to thousands of staff all over the city. To manage such a staff the best solution would be to place a badging station at the District Level. The badging station will need connectivity to all the schools over a WAN. The MASC system can support hundreds of buildings all over the city and beyond. Direct IP connectivity would be used to connect each remote school to the District MASC Server. This gives the schools one database for all their staff.

read more › We currently support over 26 drivers to provide integrated Camera control and video playback. The features supported on each system vary with the software control (SDK) provided to us by the manufacturer. When we create the drivers we support all the functions provided to us. All the drivers on the left support the following list of features.

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