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Our team of experienced, certified employees provides for all of your fire protection needs. Fully licensed, bonded and insured, we take great pride in our work, leaving you feeling safe and comfortable in your home or office. Action Fire & Alarm is the single source for all your fire protection needs and life safety services. With Action Fire & Alarm, just a single contract covers all of your specific fire protection needs.

Our contracts include maintenance, as well: our team of service technicians test and inspect your systems at regular intervals to maximize their operational abilities and avoid complications. We gratefully dedicate ourselves to those who offer their lives in service for our town, city, state, and nation-for the men and women of the Armed Forces, the Police, and Fire & Rescue who do the same here at home.

Action Fire Protection, LLC was created by Randy Benson. From the beginning he installed, serviced, and inspected hood suppression systems, paint booth suppression systems, and fire extinguishers.

At Action Fire & Alarm, we invest our time and resources in improving ourselves, not focusing on the competition. The most important assets we possess are knowledge of NFPA guidelines, years of experience in fire safety, the desire to serve others, and an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction. At Action Fire & Alarm, we

From installation to inspections and maintenance, Action Fire and Alarm specializes in seeing our projects through from beginning to end. We perform all required annual fire alarm inspections in accordance with NFPA 72 codes and standards. We install equipment, including Kidde products, on new builds; and we can virtually test and repair any fire alarm

Our experience proves that proper installation and maintenance can spell the difference between a close call and an abject disaster. We provide full sprinkler system design, installation, service repair, and all NFPA-required sprinkler inspections. Our conscientious, knowledgeable professionals install and maintain dry pipe systems, wet pipe systems

Fire extinguishers and hoses are the first line of defense in an effective life safety plan, making meeting fire extinguisher standards a necessary component of any business or home. AFA knows exactly which size and style will fit your needs. Our customers always receive the knowledge and training they need to optimize their extinguishers and equipment

A power failure or emergency evacuation at your facility is a critical situation for all occupants. When seconds count, any interruption to accessing the exit & emergency lights toward the path of egress during an emergency can result in personal injury, property damage and unnecessary risk. Maintaining your emergency lighting system is essential to

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