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Security Alarm Corporation ("SAC") is a family-owned commercial and residential systems integration company operating in Gulf Coast Florida since 1979. The Company's headquarters and UL Listed TMA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center is in Port Charlotte, FL. SAC has been in business for over 40 years, and specializes in state-of-the-art security and fire alarm systems, as well as Internet-based automation products.

The Company operates a phone monitoring and answering service under the Port Charlotte Answering Service name. The Company operates in Florida with a focus on Charlotte, Desoto, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Lee, Collier, Pasco, and Polk counties.

read more › The Company expands its commercial solutions offering including managed services, hosted access control, hosted camera surveillance systems, and IP-based systems for commercial. Mr. Allbright purchases the Company from Agnes and Peter Allbright and becomes the President. Third generation of family ownership and stewardship begins. Mr. Toth featured as Integrator of the Month by Security Sales & Integration trade journal. Mr. Allbright honored as a member of the 40 Under 40 Class of 2020 from the Business Observer.

read more › The most common reason for a basic burglar alarm system is to prevent unwanted visitors from entering a location. It can be a simple as that. There are a wide array or sensors and detectors, along with various types of keypads to activate the system. The system can have wires running to all the sensors, or it can be wireless, or a combination of both. You can install the system yourself, or you can have Security Alarm Corporation ("SAC") service and monitor the system for you. This is where Security Alarm Corporation comes out on top.

read more › Security Alarm Corporation ("SAC") has over 40 years' experience professionally designing and installing residential and commercial security alarm systems. Our professionally installed intrusion detection systems help you detect unauthorized entry into your your home, business, or facilities. Be careful when considering do-it-yourself ("DIY") alarm systems as they often do not work as advertised, can be difficult to install, and may not work when you need an alarm the most. All buildings are unique and have potential weak points which increase the risk of unwanted break-ins.

read more › Security Alarm Corporation ("SAC") owns and operates its own UL Listed and TMA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center in Port Charlotte, FL. Our highly trained, professional, and certified staff are on-site 24/7 and all our phone calls are answered by our own operators based in Florida, not out of state or country. Monitoring is the quick and detailed communication between your alarm system and our central station monitoring center. SAC's licensed central station operators receive signals from your systems, they quickly analyze the signal information, and respond whether by communicating with the building administrator/owner or with emergency response personnel depending upon the type of alarm signal and device sending the signal.

read more › SAC installs swimming pool alarms which comply with the requirements of Florida law and building codes. SAC prewires and installs the latest pool area exit alarms which sound an audible alarm when a door or window is opened which provides access to a swimming pool. These systems are designed to increase the safety of a swimming pool area especially for children. Swimming pool alarms that SAC installs meet the requirements of Florida's Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act.

read more › SAC has a product line of personal emergency sensors which can be worn around your neck or on your wrist, commonly known as personal emergency response systems ("PERS") or medical alarms. A PERS system is an alarm designed to alert a monitoring center when a potential peril or hazard has occurred to an individual, and to summon emergency personnel. There are several options for these devices. One type of device is commonly referred to as a panic button - the user simply pushes a button to trigger a silent alarm which will dispatch the police to a location.

read more › Security Alarm Corporation ("SAC") owns and operates its own UL Listed and TMA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center in Port Charlotte, FL. Our highly trained, professional, and certified staff are on-site 24/7 and all our phone calls are answered by our own operators based in Florida, not out of state or country. Our facility has weathered major storm events, electrical outages, data/phone outages, and other perils. SAC can offer customized monitoring solutions to our customers because we own and operate our own monitoring center - we are not at the mercy of a large third-party monitoring company.

read more › SAC is a full-service commercial fire alarm system provider including design services, consulting services, installation, local 24/7 monitoring, test/inspection, and 24/7 service capabilities. SAC designed and installed fire alarm system use the most current and reliable fire alarm technologies available and our own in-house monitoring center responds to fire alarm signals in real-time, 24/7 365 days a year alerting emergency service personnel to respond to your building. National, state, and local fire safety codes can be complex and are subject to change.

read more › The National Fire Codes have become much more rigorous to ensure the safety and security of you and your family. Smoke detectors must be located on all floors of a residence, as well as inside every bedroom, and within 10 feet of the entrance of all bedrooms. All these units must be interconnected, so if one is triggered, they all go off to alert residents located throughout the residence. If fossil fuel burning appliances are in a home, or there is an attached garage, carbon monoxide detectors are likewise mandated.

read more › There are two major types of DAS, one for public safety two-way radios and one for cellular phone connectivity - SAC can design, install, and configure both types of DAS. Public safety BDA systems help first responders maintain wireless communications while inside a building during emergencies. Communication is critical for first responders and maintaining communication while responding to a life safety threat is the goal for a BDA system. A BDA system is a crucial part of a building's life safety systems and ultimately benefits first responders and building occupants by improving emergency response efficiency.

read more › SAC has a wide array of video surveillance options, suitable for all sized homes, business locations, and large commercial and institutional campus environments. SAC is also aware that many video systems vendors are made in China and are now "blacklisted", or illegal to install, in government buildings. SAC has a line of comprehensive video products that will not be blacklisted. SAC has cameras for all applications. Want to see who is at the front door or around the property? SAC offers cameras with high definition and ultra-high definition video resolution, as well as the capability to see the images on your smartphone.

read more › Video Monitoring can be real time if you have dedicated personnel actively viewing video images or passive if you just want the ability to look at archived video. SAC has Network Video Recorders (NVR's) and networked cameras that utilize the latest video compression technology that enable high resolution, minimize line costs, and permit the archiving of many hours of recordings. Customers have options of viewing cameras on their smartphones, notepads, or computers, in real time. They can view archived video stored on media also.

read more › For builders and developers, there are monitoring capabilities to permit you to keep track of construction sites. These cameras rely on cellular technology and do not require an electrical panel for power. The cameras can continuously monitor or respond to motion. You have the option of having SAC monitor the video feed for you. SAC will alert you and call the authorities per your instructions. Or you can monitor the feed yourself. These same cameras can also be used by the occupants once the job is completed to permit them to monitor the finished site.

read more › Who does not like music? Whether it's your entire home, your outside party area, or just select rooms, SAC has an answer for that. SAC offers wired and wireless systems which can play the same music everywhere or customize it per area. And you can have your choice of music sources. Let SAC design a system for you that is as pleasing to your ears as it is to your budget.

read more › Nurse call systems enable a patient to call or notify their nurses or nurses' station easily with the push of a button. Nurse call systems are applicable in hospitals, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, and any other long-term care facilities. Nurse calls help improve the quality of care and workflow in medical institution facilities. SAC is a full-service nurse call solutions provider. SAC can design and install a custom nurse call system for facilities or campuses of any size and type.

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