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DMT Radar Systems Message from Eddie R Hughes, President/Owner of DMT, LLC: Thanks for your interest in DMT products. DMT builds high quality radar products at affordable prices. DMT builds, sells and installs radar systems for security and a variety of other applications. One of the most important differences between DMT and other security solutions is its ability to seamlessly integrate with many key software packages and camera systems.

DMT's security bundles are one of the most competitive in the marketplace, offering cost-effective solution packages that larger manufacturer cannot match. DMT's durable radars, prompt technical support, and exceptional detection capabilities have all made for a strong, smooth and successful integration. DMT is now an essential part of our security.

Their ability to listen to our security problems and accurately address them allowed DMT to win our bidding process.

Dorado (a solid-state, low-power FMCW marine radar that can also function as a security radar);. Blue Marlin (a traditional marine radar with wide operating temperatures that can also function as a security radar);. Spearfish our longest-range, rotating Doppler radar that is good for coastal detection or oil platform protection;. These radars are designed

DMT sells cameras as well as radars. DMT is, in fact, distributors for many camera companies. The reason DMT sells cameras is to add capability to the radar purchases. Integrated products, like our Security Bundles, allows the customer to detect, track and verify intruders. If you don't know what type of camera you need, then check out our page: "Which

Active illuminators, including laser-illuminated and LED-illuminated camera technology for daytime and nighttime applications. Camera zoom levels are often used to give the impression of high quality; however, the field of view is the best measure of performance. The field of view is very similar to beamwidth for a radar. It provides the angular area

The DCPM is combination power supply and network communication device for DMT radars and cameras. The device requires AC power (110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz) and outputs 24 VDC to cameras and the DMT radars. One radar and up to 4 cameras can be powered by this device. Optional Wireless Antenna port with omni-direction antenna (cannot be ordered with 4-port

Range increases from short range to long range on the list above. The Dorado Lite is will detect a walking human to about 500 meters. It will detect a medium size power boat up to 3.5 km. The Dorado LP24B will detect a human up to about 3 km and medium size power boats up to 10 km. The Dorado radar is not your ordinary marine radar. This solid-state

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