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Alltech is currently working with some neighborhoods and Home Owners Associations to install Surveillance Cameras at the entrances of neighborhoods and community parks. Not only will this help deter crimes of opportunity in your neighborhood such as burglaries and car theft, but also aid in the apprehension of criminals committing such crimes.

In the state of Oklahoma, one must be licensed by the State to sell or install alarm systems, cctv, access control, and fire systems in any home, business or commercial application.Set your alarm system even when just going around the corner to pick up the kids or a 5 minute trip to the store. Burglars can be in and out with jewelery, guns, money and medicine in less than 60 seconds regardless if you locked the door.

When choosing security companies, make sure not only their office and installers are local to your area, also make sure their monitoring is local to at least in your state. Some companies say it doesnt matter, but local monitoring centers are able to monitor real time weather and events direclty affecting your area to better assess arising situations locally.

read more › Basic alarm, basic alarm, basic alarm. We've heard it for years now from the largest world wide alarm company to the smallest one man operation. We here at Alltech dont believe anyone falls into the "basic alarm" catagory. Sure we need to start somewhere, lets start by making your home as safe as we would want our own and provide you and your family with the ~Peace of Mind~ you deserve.

read more › From the entrepreneur operating a one person business at home to the mutli-location ever expanding not so small business anymore, We thank you. You are a large part of why America is such a great and prosperous country. We Understand small business daily operations, accounting, employee time management, company vehicles, tools and stock/merchandise. Check out the great things we have put together just for you. We understand getting a new business off the ground is not only a stressful challenge but a risky one as well.

read more › Core-Commercial customers have come to know that we have the knowledge and foresight to lead them into a safer more secure future by utilizing cutting-edge technologies from our industry. From state-of-the-art High-Definition IP video surveillance, door and vehicle access systems, perimeter breach notification, asset loss prevention and GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems, ALLTECH has the tools to protect big business. Video Surveillance has progessed leaps and bounds from standard grainy analog video even over the last few years.

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