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Security One Services Home & Business 14.95 Per Month Control Security, lights, locks, thermostat, using a smart phone or computer powered by Are you a homeowner without a system installed? Our new installation pricing is different from other alarm companies, and that's a great thing! While your initial cost may be a little higher, your monthly rate will be much lower, and it's all done without a contract.

We can install our system at a low cost, and you actually own the equipment (not a leased system like most of our competitors). Our monitoring rate will quickly offset the cost of the install, ultimately saving you hundreds of dollars every year. At Security One Services we use only the highest quality U.L. approved equipment made int the USA. Our equipment is easy to use and easy to upgrade.

Even more important the equipment is extremely reliable which is crucial when dealing with the long term security of your home. Do I have to sign a long term contract? No, we retain our clients by providing quality service not through contracts.

read more › Do you already have an alarm system in your home and just need monitoring? We save you as much money as we can by utilizing the system you already have in place. Why pay over $45 a month for alarm monitoring if you already have an existing security system? Security One has state licensed alarm technicians who are certified to reprogram your existing security system. If your equipment is new, or still in good shape, there is often no need to replace the current equipment. With our knowledge of the industry we are able to simply reprogram or activate almost any security system.

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