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We provide the right CCTV system for any application, including homes and business locations. We provide free site evaluations and consultations to ensure your CCTV system is customized to your specific requirements. We go over all of our surveillance options, answering any questions you have about the process. This includes everything from license plate capture cameras to auto tracking pan tilt zoom cameras.

We provide optimized, mobile units that come with auto tracking smart motion HD pan tilt zoom, remote access via smart device, five high definition varifocal cameras, remote activated siren, and hidden LCD screen for quick-view options. If you want to remotely observe and proactively prevent crime in expansive locations, like construction sites, parking lots, neighborhoods, and so forth, this is the unit for you.

Our patented video surveillance solution provides a virtual layer of security that enables you to keep your business, home, valuables, and family safe at all times. It's no secret that disturbing events are happening more frequently than ever before in our world today, which is why we want you to be equipped with the best solution for you.

Founded by a former police officer wishing to provide an extra layer of security to civilians today, LockDownProtection boasts over 20-years of experience in policing, government security, retail security, and site security. Amassing a team with expertise in technological development, video deployment, and system configuration for monitoring capturing

There can be liquid cash, products, and critical business files located at your business. When you go home at night, instead of worrying about the state of your operation, monitor the location directly through your smartphone or tablet computer using our Ultra HD cameras. Securing your apartment complex and making your tenants feel safe, is the number

Sometimes, static video surveillance systems just don't cut it with expansive, ever-changing locations. Here at LockDownProtection, we understand that, which is why we carry LDM Mobile Units for interested customers. With mobility and multiple perspectives available through the unit, customers can properly survey and monitor vehicle parking lots, construction

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