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We are the camera security and surveillance system experts. Our high performance solutions are easy to install and provide top end specifications that managers, business owners and IT managers need and expect. Backstreet is your one-stop CCTV and WiFi camera supplier. When selecting security camera systems for surveillance of your home or business, we help you make the right choices.

A full service outfitter, from design, to equipment, expert advice and free lifetime technical support - we cover it all.

read more › We are happy to announce that Backstreet is now a 2021 Best of State winner for innovations in Science & Technology. The Best of State Awards recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah. Nominees are judged on achievement in their field of endeavor, innovation or creativity in approaches, techniques, methods or processes and contribution to improving the quality of life in Utah. We at Backstreet are honored to receive this award and will continue to dedicate ourselves to the safety of America's communities.

read more › We support tens of thousands of systems nationwide and only offer high-quality equipment that we trust. This is why we offer you the longest warranty on the market! Find the kit that is closest to your needs, then add it to the shopping cart. Each item will be listed individually. You can then easily change the number of cameras and add or remove other cameras and parts. In summary, you can change the kit to fit your exact needs.

read more › The Cyber Secure Series is designed to be NDAA approved. It is perfect for any application that requires the highest level of security and performance. The Cyber Secure Series offers cutting edge technology that is certified and secure. It is also supported by the industry's longest warranty (5 years) and includes free, lifetime, USA based technical support.

read more › In 2019, the US government banned the use of Dahua, Hikvision and Montavue security cameras in federal facilities. The proposed measure bans equipment from these companies by denying FCC licenses to sell new products in the United States. The FCC is also considering including all existing equipment from these companies. While this FCC action is not yet ratified, it is likely to soon become law. Without the FCC license, it is illegal to sell or install this equipment in the United States. It is possible to purchase from these suppliers and in less than a year, it could be illegal to utilize this equipment in the USA.

read more › If you are a law enforcement officer or associated with law enforcement, we have special discounts for you. Simply send us an email to, in the email subject title please type "Law Enforcement". Include any information that allows us to verify your status with law enforcement and we'll email back a special promotion code to be used during purchase. And thank you for your service! Include your full name and your friend's full name (for quickest refund include the order numbers).

read more › Plug and play pan, tilt, zoom control. PTZ cameras are excellent for customized surveillance needs. Each camera can be controlled remotely using a mouse or a smart phone. The cameras can be easily programmed to run automatic tours; panning, tilting and zooming to specific locations automatically. They feature long range night vision, extreme weather housings and long range optical zoom lens. PTZ cameras are normally found in business and commercial surveillance systems. There are applications where they are suitable for home use but you should take the time to educate yourself on proper use and installation.

read more › The Sentry-Wifi control supports up to eight 4K security cameras and allows secure long range Wifi video transmission from the Sentry control to a remote NVR. It can transmit the signal up to 3000 feet and does not require any monthly services or fees. Cameras, cables and NVRs are sold separately. The Sentry-Cell Control supports up to four 4K security cameras. Using our free App and the built-in cellular link, users have access to live and recorded 4K video (and audio) from anywhere - using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

read more › CVI (composite video interface) is a great option if low price is important or you need to retrofit an old surveillance system that uses coax cable. Instead of rewiring the entire system just to get HD video, all you have to do is replace the cameras and video recorder. For more details: Upgrading an old System. A rock solid technology; durable and reliable. Great HD clarity with easy plug and play installation makes it the most popular option for homes. But its also great for a low cost business system too!

read more › Best performance means the best clarity and our ProVue series provides just that - eight megapixels of live recording and amazing digital zoom. Details that assure facial ID and license plate capture at a distance. ProVue sets a new standard in the industry! The ProVue series provides "Live Video" 30 frames per second viewing and recording, this results in smooth, detailed, and crystal clear video. Are you concerned that the video recorder may be stolen in a robbery or burglary? Our cloud back-up service eliminates the possibility of the bad guy getting away with the evidence!

read more › Recording multiple channels of HD video requires a hard drive that can keep up with the workload. Our Purple Series hard drives are designed specifically for surveillance video recorders. They can keep up with the work load, assuring reliable and smooth video recording at all times. The video recorder stores the video footage on internal hard drives. The size of the drive and the recording options determine the total number of days the system can store. The hard drive calculator below allows you to set the values for your application and calculate the storage needed.

read more › The following are suggestions, they may not apply to every installation. Before you start installing, walk the areas where you plan to locate the cameras. If possible, stand at each camera's location. Pay attention to what you see. Can you see everything you want to at that location? Whatever you see, the camera will see. If the answer is no or if there is an obvious blind spot, look for a better location for the camera. Indoor cameras can be installed just about anywhere. Wall or ceiling mounted is fine.

read more › Learn how experts design systems and select certain cameras and equipment for different applications. Mounting a camera mid wall and adjusting its view perpendicular to the wall. This location can be useful for certain applications but is seldom used by security professionals, simply because it creates a blind spot on each side of the camera. A 3.6mm lens provides the widest viewing angle without distorting the image. There are 180 degree cameras on the market but they distort the video so badly that the video is useless at distance.

read more › We use our custom "Backstreet Surveillance - System Design Tool" that integrates with Google Maps. This application puts us on-site. It allows us to see the structure, terrain and areas you want to secure. With absolute confidence, we can recommend best camera placement and select the right camera for each location.

read more › Let's clear up some of the confusion about a few basic terms used in the CCTV and security industry. The most common question we are asked is What is the difference between a DVR and an NVR? Both terms are used to describe security video recorders. DVR stands for "digital video recorder"" and NVR stands for "network video recorder". The main difference is, the term NVR is typically used to indicate a recorder that supports network or IP based cameras and uses network cable such as Cat6 to transmit the video.

read more › The equipment we offer is professional grade but you don't have to be a pro to install our systems. Each kit includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation. We are an American owned company and provide free, unlimited, USA based Life-time Technical Support for all of the equipment that we offer. If you have a question, need help with remote viewing, setup or troubleshooting, our professional and friendly technical staff is here and ready to help! If you're looking for that clean and professional installation, our nationwide install service is the answer.

read more › Why can we warranty our equipment longer than anyone else in the industry? Simple, we engineer our equipment and performance specifications for long life and reliability. We DO NOT simply private label other manufacturers equipment. Our equipment is built specifically for us, to our custom specifications. We know our equipment will last because its built to last and we back it with a complete bumper to bumper 5 year warranty.

read more › Each order includes a Customer Support Package. It includes everything you need to get started. Included with the package are full color quick start guides, warning stickers, a warning sign and a USB Flash Drive loaded with all the manuals and guides you'll ever need. The Flash Drive can also be used as a video transfer drive!

read more › We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Although all online transactions are encrypted and secure, if you do not feel comfortable transmitting your credit card number and other information over the internet, call us directly to place your order with one of our customer representatives. If you would like to fax or email your payment information, please download this Credit Card Payment Authorization and follow the instructions included. Pre-payment with a personal check or company check is accepted.

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