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The new 2GIG EDGE security and automation panel integrates seamlessly into any home and is the only home security device that offers cutting-edge technology. The most secure way to disarm a home security system with hands-free convenience. Our cutting-edge enhancements include a bigger viewing area, higher resolution, two speakers, and dual speakers, the 2GIG EDGE delivers superb audio quality and voice communication.

The bold industrial design has bright displays with an updated user interface (UI) that allows one button access to smart home functions and on-screen control of all Smart Areas. The 2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel is packed with industry-first features all built on a powerful platform of reliability and data privacy. The 2GIG EDGE panel was designed for you.

It has easy installation and programming with quick and easy access to support any application. Dealers depend upon 2GIG quality and field-proven reliability with more than 15 million systems and 35 million sensors deployed.

The 2GIG EDGE panel sets a new benchmark in form and function with its sleek design that is thinner and more powerful than ever. Our on the edge processing technology is the difference that enables touchless disarm and the industry-first home security system with built-in face recognition and analytics within the panel itself - so private data stays

Ensure your loved ones have the ultimate protection by having your home security installation handled by a professional. With a self install home security system, you won't know for sure whether your system is prepared to protect against all threats. Choose a professional installer where you can have full confidence that all areas of your home are protected

More homeowners depend upon 2GIG security and control systems than any other. With good reason. Delivering increasing comfort and convenience through continued innovation, 2GIG residential solutions set the standard for quality and reliability with groundbreaking security and automation capabilities. By offering industry-leading 2GIG solutions, you

As a 2GIG security dealer you are backed by trusted and reliable products. With the latest technology, coupled with the ease of install, see how 2GIG security products can help you grow your business. Sign up now! We are committed to our dealers and to delivering best-in-class products to you. With almost 6 million panels sold and over 35 million security

Members of our 2GIG network have access to many benefits beyond our innovative security products - including training, exclusive promotions, sales and marketing support, and unique dealer tools. With decades of pioneering technology leadership, we are invested to empowering you with the confidence, knowledge, and experience to achieve profitable success

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