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Gorrie Regan We installed a fingerprint time clock and the savings were dramatic. The difference between self reporting & assigned hours saved us over $150,000 in only 9 months. Efficiently controlling your parking can keep liability to a minimum and revenue at a maximum. Find out how Gorrie-Regan can help keep your company in check. Secure your facility and reduce your liability.

Let us work with you to create an access control and video surveillance solution tailored to your needs. Gorrie-Regan can help from start to finish with creating a customized employee ID program for your company. Find out more here!

Perhaps the best way to surmise what we believe may be explained by the following event that once took place within the walls of our office. An intern from a local university was working within our marketing department approached our Chairman, Charles Regan Sr. and asked if he would agree to be interviewed for an essay that she was assigned.

As we approach our 60th year in business, we are exceedingly proud of the depth of experience residing in the halls at Gorrie-Regan. We have been in business long enough to see technology move from gears and relay switches to cloud-based systems used today. We are fortunate to have many long-term employees who mentor the new faces that join our team

Making sure that your employees' time is calculated accurately, securing your property and facility, and ensuring that your gate system is functioning properly is an incredibly important job. We believe we owe it to you to provide outstanding customer service and expert-level product knowledge every time so that you can pay your employees properly.

George's Inc., a leading poultry processing company, eliminated manual time keeping calculations, improved control of employee punching, put an end. Time and attendance software, sometimes called time tracking software, is software that tracks employee working time while applying an organization's wage and pay rate rules to automatically calculate your

Parking is a need common to any and all organizations, whether you are a hospital, business, city or anything in between, therefore you must meet the needs of your parkers. But similar to the diversity and variety that you find in these organizations, there is also a great difference in the parking needs for each industry. Whether it is something as

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