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ProStar Security Easily control your home's security using our mobile app and your smartphone, tablet or desktop while at work or away. See what's happening at home, with your smartphone, tablet or desktop, and ensure loved ones are safe no matter where you. Add comfort and convenience to your world when you control lighting, locks and more, using our automation services.

Cut high utility costs, better manage your home's overall energy use, and make appliances run much more efficiently. With over 15 years of industry experience, ProStar Security is a leading provider of security information in Central Alabama. Hi, I'm Andrew Persich, owner of ProStar Security. Thank you for your interest in our company. I hope our website was informational and helped answer some of your questions.

I'm certain you still have a few that remain. One of the first decisions that you'll make in protecting your home is this: where do I want to detect the intruder? Is it ok for them to come inside the house and be detected by the device AFTER they get in, OR do you want them to be detected on the outside of the home?

read more › ProStar Security is an authorized affiliate of Central Security Group. With over 15 years of industry experience, ProStar Security is a leading provider of security information in Central Alabama. At ProStar Security, we recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when protecting your home, family, and possessions. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service while earning your loyalty, and look forward to serving you for many years to come. ProStar Security is a locally owned and operated company that provides home owners and small business owners interactive security services.

read more › The in home Alert 360 Ultimate and Video Solutions will keep you and your family safe and connected with remote controlling through your smartphone, tablet or PC. You will be able to stay connected anywhere you go. With ProStar Security, you're able to design and control a home security and automation system that fits your lifestyle. With advanced technology, your family will have endless possibilities to keep your home safe and secure. ProStar Security provides a reliable security system for your home or business with easy installation, and monitoring from anywhere.

read more › Do you have high energy bills? ProStar's energy management systems can help with reducing your energy used within your home by creating a more comfortable environment. From staying home during the day and going out at night, we can help control your appliances, lighting, and other units that use energy from your mobile phones through automated energy management. Keep your home secure and running more energy efficient when you're home or away. When you have control of your appliances and home energy systems, you will be eliminating waste and increasing comfort within your home.

read more › It's pretty impossible to be everywhere at the same time. ProStar Security's home alarm monitoring comes in when you're not able to be there to help protect you and your family. Emergencies will happen and you'll want someone to be there to take care of it before you can get there. We will send help to your home when you're unable to be there. When it comes to safety in your home- our service, technology and performance is relied on. ProStar Security uses a U.L approved monitoring system that allows us to give you immediate response and attention for your home's alarm and security system.

read more › Does your cellular service need an upgrade? If your security system still uses a wireless 2G data connection in order to send an alert for your alarm, it may be time for an upgrade to 3G or 4G. AT&T used 2G, second-generation, several years back and said they would incrementally stop using it by the end of 2016 due from all of the smart phones and overall data usage. Shutting down the 2G network (The 2G Sunset) that AT&T has shared with all of its users, they will benefit from higher capacity and faster connection by upgrading to 3G and 4G cellular connection networks.

read more › Almost every family home or operated business uses some type of alarm system. Having an alarm system requires remote access for family members and all employees to access the building to provide convenience and protection while you're there or away. It will be as easy as entering the app through your phone to unlock and lock the doors to your home or business. Wouldn't it be nice to unlock your home or business from anywhere at anytime? Well you can with ProStar Security. Our remote control options allows you to access your home or business while you're at or traveling for the week.

read more › Connect on all devices to your home, while upgrading your smart home with home automation. Alert 360 makes home automation possible with the integration all-in-one system. With home automation and integrated system, there will be no more worries of locking your home and shutting your lights off. Every home is different, so our security systems are customized and installed for your home, and is available through your app. With Alert 360, you're capable of securing your home in all various aspects.

read more › Utilize the aspect of video monitoring when you're home or away from any device. Staying connected won't let you miss a minute of the activity happening inside and around your home. Real-time video alerts come in handy if there's a break-in, water, heat or safety issue. Video alerts can be sent directly to your phone via text message or email, and it allows you to be alerted when your front door is opened and if a motion sensor went off. Live streaming allows you to check in where ever you are at the moment.

read more › If you're wanting a professional security system installed in your home, you can rely on the ProStar Security team. Our professional installers have been in the industry for over 15 years. Our main goal is to provide the highest level of security for your home, while earning your trust for the future and years to come. Advanced technology allows us to properly install the security system with trained professionals. With our professional installation of your security system, your home can use energy management solutions and interactive video monitoring to get the best out of your home.

read more › Wireless security makes it very simple and easy to use in order to live comfortably within your home. It will offer convenience and control via your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. ProStar Security offers our wireless security systems that provide remote control and on-the-go access. Our company partners with leading brands and technology in order to fit your lifestyle and schedule. With Alert 360 and our other technology options, you're able to enjoy remote and mobile control, wireless video monitoring, and home automation.

read more › Rest assure your business is safe at all times. Whether you're at your desk or on the road, you can always have interactive business security with video monitoring. Keep an eye on your business at all times. If you're looking to cut business expenses, most insurance companies work with us to offer premium discounts for monitored systems. ProStar Security provides a reliable security system for your home or business with easy installation, and monitoring from anywhere.

read more › When you're a business owner or manager, it's nice to have that extra helping hand around. With our business automation and energy management systems, you're provided with extra ears, eyes, and hands with keeping your business operating on a safe and secure standpoint. When you're closely watching your business with our security system, it's actually saving you money and time! How so? The system allows you to run and operate your business more smoothly and efficiently when you can customize the setting options.

read more › Whether you're starting up a new business or changing location, incorporating a small business security system is critical to protect yourself and employees. Having a small business security system will guarantee the security and alarm monitoring, plus more options to save you time and money for your business. Small businesses that incorporate a monitoring system typically gain discounts on their insurance premiums. With ProStar Security, you will receive a full interactive and automation options to control more outlook on the business when you're present and away.

read more › A: ProStar Security is one of the leading security solutions systems providing safety for central Alabama. Our security solutions protect your home and business from the tip of your finger. We incorporate Alert 360 that secures your home from invasion, fires, and energy efficient matter. A: Responders are notified seconds after your alarm is triggered, and will show up to your home or business. A: Yes, absolutely. Our team and representatives will speak with you on behalf of your home or business, along with your security needs.

read more › We operate throughout Central Alabama, including Jefferson, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, St. Clair, Cullman, Madison, Walker, and Talladega counties. For your convenience, all appointments take place at your home. This allows us to make recommendations based on your unique wants and needs. ProStar Security provides a reliable security system for your home or business with easy installation, and monitoring from anywhere.

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