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Umbrella Technologies Umbrella Technologies is a leading expert in Commercial Security Systems Consulting & System Integration. Focusing on Professional Video Surveillance, Access Control Systems and Emergency Mass Notification Solutions for Business and Government clients. Our value resides at the intersection of Physical Security Technology, Information Security & Operational Business Intelligence for End-Users.

Open Architecture Video Surveillance Systems that deliver panoramic and high definition evidence to produce quality evidence that's easy to find when you need it. Solutions that can integrate with other aspects of security while maintaining secure storage systems that can scale from 1 location to thousands. Physical Security starts with the Door.

Electronic card access control utilizing magnetic locks and intelligent IP Based proximity card readers is the primary architecture for proper security for any facility or multi-location enterprise system.Emergencies from active shooters to weather alerts with a flexible solution that sends panic alarms potentially life-saving notifications through desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP desk phones, mobile devices, fire alarm systems and digital signage.

read more › For more than 10 years the founders of Umbrella Technologies have created innovative products within the security industry including HD security cameras, video surveillance management, and business intelligence analytics. Time and time again we have gotten a first-hand look at the core frustrations of end-users. We saw an incredibly urgent need to create true convergence of their security technologies. We have seen end-users provided with unrealistic expectations, ridiculous price gouging, inconsistent service and support, and even complete project failure!

read more › Everything you need to know about access control systems and all of your questions answered. The safety and security of your business are a top priority. Having a commercial access control system is essential to protecting your staff, property, and company information. In this complete guide, you will learn how to make informed decisions about your access control system and how to secure your business. Access control is defined as the process of selectively restricting and managing the ability to enter or exit a specific area.

read more › Security camera systems may be the most powerful tool in protecting your business. Through proper implementation, business security cameras can deter crime, improve situational awareness, and even identify areas for improvement in business operations. As a security system integration firm with 17 years of experience we believe in the importance of educating people on how to best secure their facilities. For a more hands-on approach, Umbrella Technologies can be there with you every step of the way, developing security solutions that ultimately fit the needs of your company from beginning to end.

read more › Everything you need to know in a complete guide on Commercial Mass Emergency Notification Systems. When seconds matter, an emergency mass notification solution is critical to an effective response. In this complete guide, we have covered all the information that businesses and governments need to keep people safe, secure, informed, and connected. Umbrella Technologies can help you plan for emergencies. There is a wide variety of software and hardware solutions available on the market, and Umbrella Technologies can help you choose the right mass notification system to protect your business.

read more › Every business participating in today's globally digital landscape understands that threats to their network infrastructure is part of the price of doing business. Public and private businesses in sectors as diverse as healthcare, transportation and finance stay vigilant while continually searching for new and better solutions to block determined cybercriminals from gaining access to network infrastructure. Endpoint encryption has become the industry standard over the years, but why not start at the foundation by improving physical layer 1 security strategies?.

read more › The IoT smart sensor is a security monitoring device that detects threats in sound, light or air. The complex sensor solution is solving major health and safety problems within a compact mechanical design with no recurring software expenses. Customize unique access to specific areas of your facility based on the individual's profile. Detects harmful airborne contaminants such as smoke, chemical vapor from e-cigarettes, and other various chemicals and contaminants through the use of a vaping signature, developed through machine learning.

read more › One of the biggest challenges schools today is the need to provide an environment that is both safe and conducive to learning. This can be difficult considering the range of security incidents and challenges they face, including bullying, fights, graffiti, theft and more. Controlling who can enter a school and monitoring the goings-on within a building or campus are paramount to providing a safe, secure environment from the outer perimeter to the classroom. At the same time, this must be accomplished in a way that doesn't make people feel as if they are in prison.

read more › According to a recent report on the outlook of the cannabis industry, legal sales are estimated to surpass $30 billion by 2025. As the cannabis industry continues to grow into a lucrative business opportunity in many states, it is important to recognize that there are many challenges that may arise. One of the most important challenges to consider for the cannabis industry is security. Cannabis growing/processing facilities and dispensaries must safeguard their products, facilities, employees, and reputation amid the heavily regulated business landscape.

read more › Today's healthcare and hospital security systems are high-level intelligence platforms that span across facility access, information, and secure response. A comprehensive healthcare security solution keeps your patients, visitors, and employees safe while providing peace of mind. Health, Safety, and Security are top priorities for every healthcare organization. A proactive plan on identifying the high-density areas where people are mostly gathered in healthcare facilities is essential. Smart access control software with modernized systems can track staff movement with motion detection technology to establish an alternative route to reduce the crowd.

read more › A food process manufacturing facility can have hundreds if not thousands of employees working around the clock in different shifts under one roof. Managing risk, ranging from workplace accidents to ingredient contamination, is a vital part of business for which facility managers, health and safety supervisors and supply chain managers can leverage security technologies. What most food manufactures don't know is the same technology used to secure employees and inventory can also be used to maximize operations.

read more › Whether a company is managing individual stocks and bonds, personal checking and savings accounts, portfolios of investment, or private insurance information, these financial institutions hold extremely important information that is sought after and must be protected. Umbrella Technologies is set on providing the best possible solutions for the specific needs of insurance companies, commercial banks, investment companies, brokerages and other financial institutions. These solutions often prevent theft, trespassing, and even violent crimes.

read more › Your place of business should be both safe and secure, but shoplifting, employee theft, fraudulent returns and sales, and vandalism put that goal at risk. Additionally, the financial threats of fraudulent slip and fall claims can be extremely devastating. A constant surveillance monitoring system ensures these actions occur less and less. With the correct tools and equipment in place, you can rest assured that your place of business will see less theft and inappropriate outbursts on a very large scale.

read more › Public transportation is heavily used in nearly every major city around the world. This makes security surveillance an absolute necessity, especially in the busy areas. Common forms of public transportation we plan around include bus stops, train platforms, and airport terminals where the safety of pilots, passengers, conductors, and every other personnel is our number one concern. As experts in the field of surveillance and security, let us help make your transportation system as safe as possible with our solutions.

read more › Hospitality services and facilities are some of the most well-maintained and friendly places you will ever encounter. When the mission of your business is to provide customers with the absolute best experience possible, you can't afford to have mistakes. With Umbrella Technologies solutions, you can make sure your customers not only feel safe and secure, but also that they know they will receive the best customer service possible. From hotels to cruise ships, we have the experience and professional knowledge that can help make your business thrive.

read more › The need for security technology when dealing with high numbers of items that need to be moved all around the world is vital. Everything from distribution warehouses to on-board cargo trucks need to be kept secure and in check at all times. We at Umbrella Technologies are experts in the field of cyber security and video surveillance. Utilize our knowledge and solutions to keep your assets, business, and employees safe and secure.

read more › We both need and want to get to know you, your internal procedures, and the individuals in your facility. We also need to know what has and has not worked in the past, what did or did not meet your set of expectations, and what you would like to see done better or differently. In order for the team at Umbrella Technologies to fully understand your needs and goals, every concern and expectation should be clearly laid out. This understanding allows us to efficiently and correctly align procedures and technologies for the right path to success.

read more › Please Note: We have several references that because of the nature of our business we cannot post online but we do have a volume of 'High-Security' organizations who will on a 1-to-1 basis share there experience with us. Feel free to contact us for our confidential references. Umbrella was recommended to Rana by the Manufacturer of the access control product we use to our secure our pasta manufacturing facility. We we're having several challenges from configuration, process to hardware/software.

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