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With our experience in the low voltage industry we formed our company, bringing our customers only the highest quality products, state-of-the-art technology, quality customer service and the best alarm and video monitoring available in the industry today and on into the twenty-first century. Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customers.

Our unique approach has established our place in Tennessee and surrounding areas. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients. Over the years, we have come across many systems which were installed by non-licensed and non-insured installers. Beware, there are individuals as well companies who claim to have many years in this business, but do not possess a license and very often, no insurance.

Tennessee State Regulations require that any employees who may have access to any plans, sell, install or service of Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, CCTV, and Access Control Systems in The State of Tennessee must be registered by the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance Alarm Contractors Board.

read more › Video surveillance and recording is a critical component of a complete security system for your home or business. But not any system will do. Previous generation cameras and recorders and box store systems often deliver sub-par images, poor recording capabilities and a limited range of vision. They may work in some situations, but they rarely offer the quality, flexibility and user friendliness that Millennium Security Services seeks to provide. That's why we've partnered with a leading manufacturer of digital video cameras and recorders.

read more › Our Technician's have installed products from DSC, a major North American Alarm System Manufacturer, for more than 30 years now! So, you can be confident that our systems are of high quality to last for many years and also for the ease of use as the systems of today work in the same manner as our earlier versions alarm systems. Whether home or away, at the desk or on the go, our interactive home control services makes it simple to monitor property, keep loved ones safe, and stay connected to home and family from anywhere.

read more › Our Monitoring Stations are UL Listed and "Mirrored" thru sister stations across the country, to provide complete redundancy in the case of a disaster in any station location. This is very Reliable and Secure! This is very fast! Less than 4 seconds to the Monitoring Station! Which means faster response to your needs. Basically the alarm system, in your location, will use your POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) to call the central monitoring station, via a 800 service and transmit the alarm information to the Monitoring Station.

read more › Below you will find some helpful information on this subject. If you read the fine print on a VoIP document, it states that alarm systems and fax machines may not work correctly with VoIP services. VoIP is just unreliable for data, which is what Alarm Systems & Fax Machines send, not voice. This is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, the VoIP of your choice provides you with a converter box that you install onto your Broadband (Highspeed) Internet Connection. This converter box changes the analog telephone devices in your home or business into a digital signal and broadcasts it across the Internet.

read more › When Millennium installed or took over your system, the tech tested the system to the central station in this similar manner. The alarm system manufacturer suggests that you test your system weekly. We require you, per your agreement, to test it monthly and to test it if any changes are made to the communications system or to the premises during construction/remodeling. Second - Arm your system. Wait for exit delay to expire, if your system has one, then open your entry door. Wait for delay to expire and siren will sound, then trigger all devices (doors, windows, glass breaks, etc) until all devices have been tripped.

read more › If your system was install after 1/1/2019, your system automatically pulls the time & date data from the cellular towers. No need to manually set the clock. If your system was installed after 1/1/2007 it should automatically change the time in the spring and fall. Or if a complete power failure has occurred for some reason, you will need to reset the info.

read more › If you are a client and in need of after hours services, contact us at (615) 391 - 4600, listen for the option for Emergency Service, Leave your message and the system pages out the on-call person. Message return call is usually returned within 1-hour. Emergency Dispatch of a technician is 100% Billable and payment is expected at time of services rendered.

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