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With over two decades of TECHNICAL LAW ENFORCEMENT experience, Silent Guardian is a highly effective security firm with years of industry related experience. We have experts that utilize the necessary skills that are on the cutting-edge of technology. This experience is crucial for maintaining customized security systems. We have recently expanded our business to offer our clients a diverse range of services.

While we pride ourselves in being experts in the security industry, we now offer a more robust area of expertise for homeowners. Adding to video security, burglar alarms and access control systems, you can now take advantage of our full line of services including TV installations, audio and video systems, networking and internet design, as well as home automation.

Silent Guardian has an excellent reputation of installing various technical systems. However, we set ourselves apart by offering consulting system design that is effective in any setting. This allows us to consistently provide a sensible solution for all homeowners regardless of the size or scope of their project.

read more › Safety is a primary concern for Suffolk County home and business owners these days. If you haven't taken the appropriate steps to protect against threats such as theft, vandalism, burglary and arson, you could experience significant property damage - or worse. A state-of-the-art security system from Silent Guardian Technical Solutions can provide an effective defense against all types of security threats and give you peace of mind. You can rely on our more than 25 years of technical security expertise to help keep you safe.

read more › Many homes and businesses in Nassau County do not have home security systems or alarm systems that can make a difference in a building's safety. The proper security system can give you peace of mind against threats of vandalism, burglary, property damage and more. If you are concerned about safety, now is the time to work with the professionals at Silent Guardian Technical Solutions instead of just buying a system online and trying to install it yourself. You can trust us to help protect your home, family or company.

read more › Personal security is an issue that should be taken seriously. People have different intentions when interacting with top executives in big corporations. Some utilize technology to harm the reputation of top executives or, worse yet, cause physical harm. Technology keeps improving, so hiring security experts who employ the latest technological advancements make it easy to achieve the best corporate video surveillance services in NYC. Trust Silent Guardian for your corporate security needs. TSCM for companies in New York City deals with different challenges regularly.

read more › Sam and Joe from Silent Guardian are AMAZING. First off, the price is reasonable and competitive, but really, where they stand out is the service. They not only provide cutting-edge technology, they stand behind their work and product, will take the time to train you to use it, and will provide any service needed. I would recommend Silent Guardian to anyone with my eyes closed. Joe and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. He recently updated my original cameras that he installed back in 2008 to the all-new 5 MP camera.

read more › Security is one of the largest industries in the U.S. and continuing to grow! Apply to Silent Guardian Security and join an ever growing industry! Not only will you be helping your community become safer and more secure but you will also be a member of a team that values every employee. Silent Guardian Security is becoming a leader in the current security industry while also bringing us into the future of surveillance and intrusion. Headquartered in Long Island, NY. At Silent Guardian Security, the hiring process is simple - we find the best talent and help them thrive in their roles!

read more › Why do you need home security services in Long Island, NY? No matter how safe your neighborhood may be, there's always the chance that burglars are looking for an opportunity to break in. If other homes have high-tech home security systems in your Nassau County or Suffolk County neighborhood and you do not, you may be a target. Today's burglars are much more sophisticated than those in the past, and you need a more sophisticated solution. A simple lock and key or even a basic alarm with a key code is not sufficient.

read more › The technicians at Silent Guardian have the experience and knowledge to install the proper burglar alarm system that will best fit your environment. Presently there are many options to choose from when deciding on a home alarm system to keep you safe. The various alarm sensors can detect vibrations, motion, forced opens, temperature, and even a flood. When your home security system is tripped, signals from the alarm panel will be sent to our UL Central Station immediately, where they will contact you and the proper authorities for help.

read more › Pre-wiring a project before the walls go up is so important. The average person understands that you can't magically run wires when a room is finsihed, so having open walls to work with ensures we can deliver every item to our clients. In most cases your television is the center piece of your space. Many people will design their rooms around the size and flow of the TV. Our professionals can help you to choose the most appropriate TV for your space and make the proper adjustments to make it perfect!

read more › I'm sure many of you have heard of companies like Crestron, Control4, Savant, Lutron, etc. These companies have revolutionized ways to control different devices. Through home automation systems, you now have the power to control all of your products in one seamless setting, from one powerful controller or right from your tablet or smartphone. At Silent Guardian, we install Savant smart home automation systems to meet all your needs. Manage all your devices through a convenient app. Home automation allows you to keep all your home technology connected so you can easily control it through one interface.

read more › Weak WIFI throughout a home is the #1 complaint from homeowners. In an age of technology, we as business owners, shoppers, students, bloggers (for our social media lovers), and so much more expect to have internet at all times and everywhere -no matter what. The fact of the matter is most of the time the modem/router that your service provider has given you just isn't strong enough to provide your home or facility with rock solid WIFI. If your budget allows, bringing in a professional to layout and design your space ahead of time is ideal.

read more › Pathway Lighting is the use of small light fixtures along any path. The most common paths to illuminate are walkways, driveways and patios. When designing the placement of your path lighting be sure have place them out of the way from being kicked, tripped over, moved or run over by a lawnmower. Most importantly choosing a fixture that fits in with the style of your home. After all pathway lighting are the fixtures that will be most commonly viewed by your guests. Spot or Accent fixtures are primarily narrower beams of light.

read more › It is an established fact that over 65% of all burglaries can be avoided by implementing a Video Surveillance system. The keyword is "avoid." You not only don't have to worry about recovering lost items, but you also stand a much better chance of avoiding the trauma that can result for yourself and your family in a break-in situation. View some of our projects based upon various building materials. We've installed flawless systems on wood, brick, concrete, hardie board, stucco, vinyl and various metal facades.

read more › Silent Guardian is a proud supporter and carrier of Ring Video Doorbell and other wireless video doorbell products. This safety feature is an excellent addition to all residential properties. The sleek design allows for easy installation, as we can implement these systems in practically any residential unit with total satisfaction of every customer. Ring doorbells are also aesthetically pleasing, as you can select from multiple colors, which match most home colors and facade type. As popularized by their famous commercial, Ring doorbells offer a wide range of features, which we outline further below.

read more › Specializing in innovative technological solutions, we offer enhanced security systems for your protection and peace of mind. Whatever your requirements, partner with us for trusted solutions, user-friendly systems and outstanding customer support. We understand how critical video surveillance and alarm systems are for your business's security. That's why we offer options for hotel security systems, restaurant security solutions and a wide range of other options for Long Island businesses. Silent Guardian serves several different industries with optimized technological solutions for security.

read more › After installing and repairing many brands of building access control, we've realized that Paxton Access Control systems are a great fit for our business. They are very innovative and have their company is focused on being a leader in the building security industry for many years by creating cutting edge products year after year. Their mindset is right in line with everyone here at Silent Guardian. One of the most important features of electronic access control solutions vs. the traditional lock and key is the idea of security.

read more › When it comes to commercial alarm system installation in Long Island, we understand that all businesses are not the same. We have experienced, knowledgeable technicians who can assess your business and your specific security needs and design a system that works for you. We have a wide variety of alarm security options to choose from. We can provide you with options that standard commercial alarm systems in Long Island may not have, like sensors that can detect motion, vibrations, radical temperature changes, break-in attempts and flooding.

read more › Establishing the perfect environment at your commercial business keeps employees happy and your customers returning. Through the installation of audio video systems, those visiting your building will understand the ambiance surrounding your company culture and product experience. Whether you are a restaurant owner, you work in an office space, or you are in charge of a retail store, allow Silent Guardian Technical Solutions to install televisions, speakers, and more for customer satisfaction. Here at Silent Guardian, our experts specialize in build-out audio/video projects for businesses large and small.

read more › In a space where a doorman isn't an option having an Intercom System is the next best thing. Intercom systems are used to communicate via audio and video from one point to another. Typically from a visitor to and tenant/resident or from the front desk to the tenant/resident. Entrance Panels allow you view who's at the door, speak to who's at the door, lock the door and unlock the door. This makes you more secure and comfortable when people come to visit. Monitors are used by the person responsible for allowing visitors to enter.

read more › Are You Stuck Worrying About the Headaches of Owning a Business Instead of Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor?. You may or may not be aware that more than 65 percent of burglaries can be deterred by businesses by installing video surveillance systems in and around their property. With an unobtrusive but visible video camera system in place, shoplifters can be turned away from attempting to practice their skills in your establishment, while employees will find it much easier to resist the temptation to supplement their income by grabbing a few extra items to take home.

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