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Digital Provisions Our passion at Digital Provisions is to create a safe learning environment for children by partnering with educators, government officials and law enforcement. Through this collaboration, we work to deploy the most comprehensive school security solutions. We understand the security needs of learning institutions, and we have the expertise to assess risks and implement the appropriate solutions.

We have secured many Long Island schools and educational institutions, and we have the experience to help you with yours. Working together, we can protect students, employees and facilities, so schools can focus on what's important - their children's education and future success. One button can lock down an entire school district within seconds and notify the police of an emergency.

Designs creative, powerful, customized business security solutions that match your specific needs. Can expertly design solar powered systems, wireless systems, and other cutting-edge solutions. Digital Provisions did an excellent job with our new video surveillance and access control system.

read more › Digital Provisions has been serving Long Island and the Tri-State Area since 2000, providing our clients with safety and security through technology. We work as partners with our customers to handle the complexities of their security and automation needs. This allows our customers to focus on running their businesses efficiently and successfully. Brian Selltiz is the Co-founder and Co-owner of Digital Provisions. He started his career as a computer programmer and, almost twenty years later, is now one of the leading experts in video surveillance and access control technology in our area.

read more › Digital Provisions can help you design, install, and maintain IP video surveillance systems for your business property on Long Island and New York City. The IP security system we install can capture high-resolution video from IP security cameras, which transmit the video over the network to a video server or recorder. Easy-to use software allows you to securely view the live and recorded video on any computer, phone or tablet with internet access. When your IP video surveillance system is integrated with other security solutions, like your burglar alarm, your monitoring station can quickly call up relevant cameras when an alarm occurs and provide video verification of the situation.

read more › No business can afford to be without a commercial grade security alarm system. To adequately protect your employees and your business, your security system must be sophisticated enough to quickly detect danger from fire and smoke, carbon monoxide or natural gas, as well as threats from internal or external theft. Digital Provisions offers creative alarm solutions for indoors and out - even in areas without gates or fences. Plus, our expertise in technology integration - like video verification of alarms through use of surveillance cameras - provides added value to your security system.

read more › Digital Provisions offers professional installation of Electronic Access Control Systems technologies, commonly referred to as key fob systems, for businesses on Long Island and in the Tri-State area. Our installed IP based access control systems are the next level in building and office access management technology, offering unparalleled flexibility, usability and reporting. Advances such as video surveillance system integration with real time photo comparison, active mapping, secure smartcards and biometric verification are all part of our suite of integrated door access control systems and security solutions.

read more › The One Button Lockdown Security System is a security solution that is designed to minimize the time it takes to contact law enforcement and to secure a facility during an emergency situation. The emergency lockdown button is an efficient solution in protecting school buildings during an active shooter situation. Many questions still exist on what a "lockdown" really means and how it can be triggered. Often times it is enough to design a system that acts as a Lockout only, then as budget allows add layers to achieve a full Lockdown event.

read more › Digital Provisions is happy to provide K-12 schools on Long Island and New York City with nonproprietary, award winning video surveillance and access control systems solutions. We use the same security systems that many local and federal law enforcement agencies have standardized. We never settle when it comes to the safety of your children. Using internationally supported enterprise class security platforms, including Milestone VMS and S2 Security Systems, we can protect students and staff with powerful tools.

read more › We work closely with towns, villages, and counties to understand what is important to them. Keeping valuable municipal property and equipment safe, we have technologies that no other security provider can offer. These technologies include advanced perimeter protection and true license plate recognition to protect these sensitive, high value areas. By staying in constant contact with local law enforcement agencies, we understand the technology roadmap of police departments. We work collaboratively with law enforcement on expandability and adding valuable new law enforcement centric technology.

read more › Digital Provisions can provide video surveillance on all commercial vehicles and buses. Whether it is a simple one camera interior system or a high-end multi-camera, interior and exterior systems. The systems can also capture all audio within the bus or vehicle as well as track driver performance and GPS position. Ensure drivers are operating safety and making all their assigned stops in a timely manner.

read more › Our versatile services can address any of your facility needs. From a food company working in highly sterile conditions to an energy company with extreme heat conditions, we can help by using the right camera enclosures along with the right camera choices. Give us an extreme environment and we will build you a reliable solution. We are experts at wireless, point-to-point cameras and can cover many buildings over great distances. We protect large production facilities to ensure equipment and personnel are being monitored for safety and efficiency.

read more › Digital Provisions has extensive experience monitoring large, contained groups of people in stadiums, arenas, and large theatre environments. Access can be controlled and limited to certain areas whereby only a select, authorized few are permitted to enter. By using specialized, high megapixel cameras, we can provide the capability to observe and identify a single person in a group of thousands. By helping security personnel quickly identify the combatants or incident participants, security can act swiftly to neutralize the threat or danger.

read more › Digital Provisions did an excellent job with our new video surveillance and access control system. We now have terrific, crystal clear views of critical areas that we never had before. Additionally, Digital Provisions assisted the Manhasset Library with connectivity to the Nassau County Police Department just in case they need access to our cameras in an emergency situation. I would highly recommend Digital Provisions to any organization looking to improve their security infrastructure. Digital provisions did an excellent job for The Holbrook Fire Department.

read more › Digital Provisions has been serving Long Island, Westchester and the Tri-State Area since 2000, providing our clients with state-of-the-art security systems. We work as partners with New York schools and businesses to handle the complexities of their security needs. This allows our customers to focus on running their businesses efficiently and keep schools safe for children and the community. Our business and school security systems are designed to grow with your needs while providing the immediate protection that you require now.

read more › Digital Provisions has been helping businesses and schools in Westchester, NY provide a safe and secure environment for employees, customers, and students. We design and install customized security systems to meet unique security requirements. We can integrate, service and upgrade existing business security systems to enhance overall security. No matter the size of the building, the layout or purpose, Digital Provisions can provide you with a comprehensive security solution. We install IP security cameras, IP-based access control systems, burglar alarm systems, fire detection systems, and emergency lockdown systems for schools.

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