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To build life-long business partner relationships with our clients by earning their trust as a dependable resource who conducts business with integrity, can deliver quality service with a quick response, provide commercial security solutions that are effective, reliable and offer the most value for the investment, with workmanship of the highest quality, and a commitment to excellence in ensuring the safety and security of the people, property, and assets that we are called upon to help protect.

read more › Advanced Security Technologies, Inc (AST) has been providing leading-edge life-safety and commercial security system technology solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental clients since 1993. We operate as a team of professionals that are dedicated to excellence in the development and implementation of innovative technology solutions intended to protect people, property, and assets. Our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver big business capabilities while maintaining small business values.

read more › AST operates as a full service life-safety and commercial security technology consulting and integration firm that provides the consultation, engineering, installation, project management, and service necessary to create and maintain a safe, secure, and more productive environment for our clients in today's rapidly changing world. We are capable of being the single point of contact in coordinating all aspects involved in the process necessary to provide comprehensive turn-key security solutions that are completed on-time, with-in budget, and ultimately to our customer's satisfaction.

read more › AST goes beyond just providing electronic security systems. Even a well designed security system is only as effective as the people and procedures that have been put in place to support it. That is why we will help you create a security solution integrating technology, personnel, polices and procedures to achieve a totally effective integrated security program. We will take the time to understand your needs now and in the future and we will create a comprehensive security plan that's smart, effective and cost-efficient.

read more › AST will design a state-of-the-art security technology solution based on our client's specific needs, concerns and goals as well as the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks posed to the organization. Our security system engineers will apply sound engineering and architectural techniques based on best-in-industry design standards and code compliance to develop a responsive security technology solution that is effective and cost efficient. We have the professional expertise to exploit the convergence of life-safety, security, and IT and are able to design and certify UL certified systems that meet the highest standards of physical and logical security.

read more › Our experienced Project Managers will coordinate the entire project scope from the initial stages to completion including the procurement process, supervision and management of multiple contractors and sub-contractors, managing the flow of materials, coordinating the timing and execution of key project thresholds, and the acceptance and certification of the final results. Our Project Management Services are a compliment to our security system consulting and installation services and can be included in a consulting and installation services package if necessary.

read more › Whether we're installing a few security cameras with a basic digital video recorder (DVR), or an enterprise-level video security system with hundreds of networked cameras and multiple servers, from a simple two-door access control system, to two-hundred access points integrated into multiple sub-systems AST has the experience, talent, and knowledge to install them correctly. AST understands the importance of performance as well as visual appeal and will blend security equipment with the aesthetics of our client's building, campus, or facility.

read more › Our expert technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are guaranteed to respond on-site with-in 2 hours for emergency service requests and with-in 24 hours for all regular customer requests for service. AST stocks most of the products we sell for use as loaner equipment in case one of our customer's system components becomes inoperable and needs to be sent out for repair. We can immediately replace it, thus allowing for minimal downtime of your system. AST will provide training and assistance at no additional charge following the installation and up until the customer and/or designated users have a complete understanding of how to fully utilize and operate the equipment with-in the initial warranty period.

read more › Controlling physical access to a facility is a critical requirement for a well-designed security program. Access control systems provide a highly effective means of controlling and tracking the access of people and vehicles to buildings, parking lots, machinery, computers, and other sensitive areas and equipment. Access control systems can integrate with a variety of other security, life-safety, and building automation systems and components. Utilizing open architecture design standards enterprise systems will operate on most existing network infrastructures and provide seamless integration with third party software applications.

read more › Video surveillance systems have proven to be one of the most effective methods utilized to counter criminal activity and unwanted behavior in recent times. As technology advances video surveillance systems continue to become more effective and vast in the applications for which they are used. Not only do video surveillance systems provide historical evidence and real-time remote monitoring of events, today they are utilized to provide actionable intelligence and increase operational efficiency.

read more › AST has the experience and expertise to design and implement the fiber optic, copper, and wireless data communications infrastructure on which our integrated life-safety and security technology systems operate on. From the conduit, raceways, cabling, patch-panels, and equipment racks to the routers, switches, servers, and workstations AST has the technical expertise to install and configure a fully functional IP network based security solution. Advanced Security Technologies is based in Stratford Connecticut and serves the entire state of Connecticut, Fairfield County, New Haven County and surrounding areas including Westchester County, New York.

read more › In today's rapidly changing world your critical data, operations coordination, and security monitoring and management are so vital it's imperative that you're in total control at all times. Having a central location to store critical data, manage network operations, monitor security applications, and conduct mission-critical activities enables you to maintain management and control more efficiently and effectively then ever before. Integrating multiple technology sub systems such as video surveillance, video analytics, access control, intrusion detection, fire alarm, building automation, and human resource databases enables organizations to streamline the decision making process and provide quick automated responses to situations as they arise, significantly improving the level of safety and security for your people, property, and assets.

read more › Security is more than protection against theft, vandalism, and violence; today it's required to do business. Your customers trust you to protect their assets, your employees trust you to provide a safe and secure working environment, and management trusts you to deliver a profitable bottom line. As your partner in the protection of your business AST will deliver comprehensive life-safety and security technology solutions that will meet all of these existing and emerging challenges. We use the latest technology backed by years of experience to provide you with right solution that will give you the freedom to operate your facility with the peace of mind that comes from feeling better informed and being fully protected.

read more › Ensuring safety and security requires reducing the risk of incidents that can disrupt normal operations. From vandalism to homeland security concerns, industrial facilities face security issues that require an effective, well-designed security program. We understand that security issues can lead to lost income and harsh fines for noncompliance with federal and state regulations. From your headquarters to your main production facilities to substations, implementing security for a wide range of locations is a challenge that our integrated solutions will help you meet.

read more › Security in a healthcare environment requires a balance of control and accessibility. Patients want to feel safe. Visitors want to feel welcome. And staff members want to do their jobs without being inconvenienced by systems that interfere with movement and efficiency. AST can help you take care of all your security and life safety requirement so you can take care of your patients. Advanced Security Technologies is based in Stratford, Connecticut and serves the entire state of Connecticut, Fairfield County, New Haven County and surrounding areas including Westchester County, New York.

read more › From small schools to multi-campus universities, providing a safe and secure learning environment within the constraints of today's budgets and regulations is a challenge for every education system. AST offers integrated security solutions that help education facilities meet the challenge. From intrusion detection to IP video and analytics, AST's integrated security solutions protect campus facilities to help prevent the distractions and losses that keep students, teachers and administrators from being productive.

read more › From municipal government buildings to federal government agencies and military facilities, the list of people, data and assets trusted to government protection goes on and on. From perimeter security to video surveillance to access control, AST provides integrated security solutions that can be easily implemented throughout government facilities of any size. Whether you need an ultra simple operator interface or your specifications require a robust network configuration and administrative platform, AST can provide integrated security solutions that meet your location's needs and can adjust quickly to changing regulations.

read more › Transportation security issues can arise from any possible direction as thousands upon thousands of people, vehicles, planes, trains, ships and cargo carriers pour through airports, seaports, and railroad stations every day. Advanced Security Technologies ensures that your people, equipment and facilities will be better protected against unwarranted events by providing security solutions that enable situational awareness of the entire secure area. Advanced Security Technologies will customize your security to the size, layout and other variables of each location, integrating various security subsystems such as access control, badging, identity management, video surveillance, perimeter intrusion detection and video analytics.

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