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Perey Turnstiles No-barrier, polished design, and equipped with our "SuperController" for maximum customization. A slim cabinet with beautiful glass that gives a combination of security and sophistication. From nuclear plants to military bases, Perey full-height gates are chosen for their reliability in protection. Browse our entire catalogue of turnstiles, including our recognized everywhere, traditional-style tunstile models.

Our quality, durability and customer service testifies to the fact our turnstiles are the worldwide industry standard. Perey provides security access, crowd management, and loss control devices all over the world. As a piece of American history, our products can be found in sports stadiums, amusement parks, government facilities, and military bases.

People-nationally and abroad-have all come to know and trust our turnstiles as they have stood the test of time. Whether you're looking for glass, optical, waist-high, full-height, drop arm, or have a custom project in mind, we can build you a product that fits your needs.

read more › Our reputation for quality, durability and customer service serves as the worldwide industry standard. Through the years, the Perey name has been on turnstiles and equipment that address the needs of the sports, amusement, casino and mass transit industries. More recently Perey Turnstiles Inc. has focused on the needs of the security field and long before the initiation of equal-accessibility compliance regulations Perey Turnstiles was addressing the access issues of folks with physical challenges.

read more › We manufacture turnstiles specifically to your needs for access control, enhanced security, sports admissions, transit fare collection, and traffic control. We specialize in constructing waist-high and drop arm turnstiles, optical turnstiles, full-height roto-gates, and other security solutions, including custom projects and our brand new GlassLane line of glass panel turnstiles. Consult our application guide for more information about how we can assist you in selecting the correct solution for your application.

read more › Perey Turnstiles, Inc. is proud to have been servicing our customers domestically and globally with turnstiles recognized for their security and reliability for the past century. The quality of these products are a direct result of our excellent team working to bring you the best in sales, design, manufacturing, and support. Join Perey today in one of our career openings and be a part of American history.

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