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March Networks Capture important details on all your transportation routes with the SE2 Fleet Dash Camera and the SE2 Fleet Wedge Camera. These two new cameras have built-in LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) that suppresses the "strobing" generated by vehicles, traffic lights, construction signs, railroad and other electronic signs that use LED light sources.

Fourteen Foods is a multi-unit owner and operator of more than 200 DQ restaurants across 13 U.S. states and is currently deploying March Networks Searchlight for Retail solution across its organization.Command Mobile Plus now allows retail customers using March Networks Searchlight to see their point-of sale (POS) transactions integrated with video on their smartphone or tablet using the app.

This means retail customers can quickly verify voids, discounts or any other unusual transactions right from the app. We are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with regional offices worldwide and sales teams on every continent. Our heritage in networked video, coupled with our strong focus on quality and reliability, has allowed us to maintain our position as an industry leader in the video surveillance market.

read more › Meet any March Networks employee, and you'll quickly discover that you're talking to a video evangelist. We love how video eliminates the guesswork around what happened, when it happened and who was involved. We're thrilled when customers explain how their video system is saving them time or money - or both. And we're passionate about video's almost unlimited potential to help organizations work faster and smarter using integrated, analytics-driven business insights. As a leading provider of IP video software and systems, we work with certified partners and customers worldwide to transform video into usable business intelligence.

read more › Contact us to get started with the industry's most reliable, intelligent IP video solutions. March Networks IP video surveillance solutions are sold globally through an extensive network of Certified Partners in over 70 countries. Our partners are highly skilled and fully trained on how to design and deliver the perfect video surveillance solution for your business. If you're ready to get started, send us an email and we'll put you in touch with a March Networks certified partner in your area. Or, contact the March Networks sales office in your region, listed below.

read more › Are any of the owners/officers of the applying company an officer, owner or registered agent of any other companies?* This individual will act as the main contact for all key notifications, including terms of agreement updates, sales promotions, financial announcements and other March Networks partner business initiatives. By submitting this request form and applying to join the March Networks Partner Program, you automatically grant us permission to add your company contact information to our database.

read more › Be part of a global video surveillance company that recognizes its employees are one of its most valuable assets. At March Networks, our goal is to create a positive working environment where all of our employees can thrive. When you join our team, you'll enjoy flexibility and support for a healthy work-life balance, as well as the professional development opportunities needed to advance your career. You'll be part of a growing global technology company that encourages teamwork and innovation, and where friendships are forged with colleagues all over the world.

read more › No matter what your business, you'll find a customized, scalable and easy-to-use video surveillance solution to meet your needs. Protect people and assets, detect fraud, speed investigations and gather business intelligence. Sign up for our newsletter here Get the latest news and information on our IP video products with March Networks News.

read more › See why more than 600 banks and credit unions trust March Networks video surveillance solutions to enhance security, protect their assets and improve branch performance. As society adjusts to the "new normal, " banks need to create an environment that is safe for all occupants, while still delivering exemplary customer service. The Health Compliance Solution from March Networks delivers real-time alerts - complete with video - about site occupancy, elevated body temperatures, and compliance to health and safety policies, at all of your branches.

read more › Enhance security, speed loss prevention investigation times and gather critical operational intelligence with the video surveillance solution trusted by some of the world's largest retail organizations. Sign up for our newsletter here Get the latest news and information on our IP video products with March Networks News.

read more › With March Networks' hosted video surveillance solution, Searchlight for Retail as a Service. Margins are tight for quick service restaurants. Between food losses, high staff turnover and employee theft, it's getting tougher to turn a profit. The right restaurant loss prevention solution can help you cut these losses and keep more of your profits. Enhance restaurant security and uncover employee theft without the burden of purchasing and maintaining your own video server. With Searchlight for Retail as a service, you can access video surveillance of all of your restaurants and receive custom reports that analyze important security and operational issues.

read more › Loss prevention and business insights for c-stores from March Networks, a global leader in intelligent video solutions. Violent crime, robberies, shoplifting and internal theft all threaten convenience store security and profitability. Protect your business with a hosted video solution that delivers real-time visibility into your stores without the hassle of maintaining your own surveillance network. March Networks Searchlight for Retail as a Service combines surveillance video with point-of-sale (POS) transaction data and analytics, enabling c-store owner/operators to reduce losses, monitor multiple locations simultaneously, speed investigations and gather business insights that can improve operations and customer service.

read more › Enhance security, ensure compliance with government legislation, and get a comprehensive view of your cannabis operation with March Networks integrated video and RFID solution. Our advanced video and data analytics platform, Searchlight for Retail, helps licensed cannabis growers, producers and retailers monitor the location and movement of plants, providing clear video footage of cannabis operations and the ability to rapidly search for missing inventory. Your personal data is processed only by March Networks for the purpose of responding to your request.

read more › For enhanced safety and security at K-12 schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. As society adjusts to the "new normal, " schools need to create an environment that is safe for all occupants, with minimal disruption to the learning experience. The Health Compliance Solution from March Networks delivers real-time alerts - complete with video - about site occupancy, elevated body temperatures, and compliance to health and safety policies, at all of your schools and offices. Keeping students and staff members safe is your top priority.

read more › Enhance safety and security at government offices, tourist sites and public facilities with our advanced IP video surveillance solution. Keeping the public safe requires cutting-edge technology that lets you instantly respond to security threats. Our IP video surveillance solutions let you do just that, with live monitoring capabilities and real-time alerts that notify you of suspicious activity. Detect loitering, entry into unauthorized areas or even just a blocked camera. Monitoring government offices and public infrastructure at remote sites comes with unique challenges.

read more › Enhance security for customers and employees, protect assets and ensure rapid incident response with our comprehensive video surveillance solution. See what's happening in your facilities - from front lobbies to backrooms and parking lots - with our complete IP video surveillance solution. Advanced IP cameras capture and stream, high-performance NVRs record and store, and powerful VMS software lets you manage it all conveniently from one central location. The March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) delivers real-time notifications (alarms and actions) to third-party IoT devices including email, instant messaging on mobile, and smart lighting systems.

read more › Honor physical distancing rules by counting the number of people entering and exiting your facility and get real-time, visual alerts when occupancy limits are exceeded. Our Searchlight solution tracks the number of people entering your store and displays the data on a local color-coded monitor. The user-configurable solution lets you decide how and when you're alerted. For example, you can set rules so that green means your occupancy count is ok, yellow warns you're approaching the threshold, and red indicates you've exceeded the limit.

read more › Build a complete end-to-end video surveillance solution for your business with our top-of-the-line product portfolio. Get a complete view of your business with our Searchlight video-based business intelligence software. Get high-performance, reliable video recording and management with our portfolio of hybrid and IP recorders. Antennas and modules for advanced functionality and enhanced situational awareness in transit video surveillance. Proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance to keep your video system performing optimally.

read more › Easily deploy and maintain all of your video surveillance resources with March Networks Command. View live and recorded video, and manage alarms and surveillance resources, with our powerful software client, featuring a customizable user interface. Deploy and manage complex video surveillance systems with ease with our multi-server software solution. View live and recorded surveillance video from your smartphone or tablet with our free app. An enterprise video management platform for complete oversight of fixed and mobile transportation assets.

read more › Flexible VMS platform compatible with both Windows and Linux OS; Runs on individual workstations, March Networks X-Series Hybrid Recorders, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers and large-scale virtual machines. Compatible with March Networks Searchlight for integrated POS/ATM transaction data and other business intelligence. For businesses requiring efficient, reliable video surveillance recording and storage, March Networks Command Recording Software is the ideal choice. This single-server VMS solution supports up to 3,000 cameras on Linux OS and up to 500 cameras on Windows-based systems, and features flexible licensing, so you only pay for the channels you need.

read more › Advanced system management software for distributed enterprise video surveillance applications. Efficiently manage complex video surveillance system architecture with March Networks' Command Enterprise. This multi-server software solution dramatically simplifies the day-to-day job of video system administration with a host of convenient tools and features that ensure optimal system performance. Command Enterprise is ideal for large, multi-site organizations with hundreds or even thousands of surveillance cameras and network video recorders (NVRs).

read more › Access live and recorded surveillance video from your smartphone or tablet with the Command Mobile smartphone app. Save time and money by monitoring your business remotely with the Command Mobile smartphone app. Free from the App Store and Google Play, the app provides convenient access to live and recorded surveillance video from your personal smartphone or tablet. Conveniently manage operational issues, monitor location cleanliness, review signage and displays - all from your mobile device. Command Mobile and Command Mobile Plus support remote video access through the Network Address Translator (NAT) traversal capability.

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