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We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs. Here at IFS we strive to make your fire and life safety needs as effortless for you as possible. Because of this, we are a one stop shop for your fire alarm and sprinkler systems. IFS can get all of your fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire pump, and other fire and life safety services done rapidly and conveniently, from inspection, installation, and service.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on rapid efficiency that begins with our technicians out in the field, and advances into our office where our experienced staff communicates directly with our customers in a timely manner. As a result, our goal is to always put our customers first, hence we strive to make our customers jobs easier and feel that they are being taken care of.

Fire Alarm Systems in non-residential buildings are a key factor in protecting and warning you and your occupants of fire related disaster. Fire Sprinkler Systems are a fundamental component in thoroughly protecting you and your property from the complete destruction of fire.

read more › In 2004 four people came together in a small town in the foothills of Northern California to establish Integrated Fire Systems, Inc.; a fire and life safety company that does it all. Their vision for this family based company to inspect, install, service, and monitor fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems was to not only provide top of the line service, but to make sure that their customers' needs were always in the forefront of the company's mind. Over 10 years later IFS now based in Rocklin, CA works all over Northern California.

read more › Your buildings' fire alarm system is a vital notification system for fire related disasters. It is crucial that your system is working properly to ensure that you are protected when you need it most. IFS has 24/7 service with top-of-the-line fire and life safety certified technicians to ensure that your system is not only fully functioning, but to be there in times of emergencies. The fire sprinkler system in your building is a vital component in protecting you and your property. It is essential to ensure that your fire sprinkler system operates properly at all times, so IFS offers 24/7 service with highly trained fire sprinkler technicians.

read more › We are always dedicated to making sure our services meet your needs to the highest satisfaction. In order for us to do this, we ask you to please fill out this quick survey. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the future. How satisfied are you with the results in the following areas throughout the project cycle?. How often were you in contact with a company representative (Sales, Engineer, PM, Superintendent, etc.)?. IFS will never give out contact information like phone numbers, addresses, or emails.

read more › Integrated Fire Systems, Inc. is always on the search for hardworking and capable people who are looking for a fire and life safety career and are willing to join an energetic team of dedicated individuals. We strive to build an organization full of diligent, attentive, eager, and devoted employees that can come together and help continually grow a fast-paced and fun company. We are always looking for highly trained and certified field technicians to come on board to our thriving business. In our office environment we constantly aim to find competent, hardworking, and dedicated people to help smoothly run our day to day operations in a positive and upbeat manner.

read more › We are a growing fire and life safety service company seeking a qualified individual to join our successful team. We are looking for an experienced fire alarm technician with a background in fire alarm installation and service work. We service Sacramento and surrounding counties, and are expanding. If you are looking for the right opportunity and have what it takes, we want to talk with you. We are a growing fire protection service company in the Sacramento and surrounding areas in search of a qualified fire sprinkler fitter to join our successful team.

read more › Fire Alarm Systems play a key role in detecting and warning you and your property from fire related disasters, such as: smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and other emergencies. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, strobe lights, audible horns, and manual pull stations are all important components that work together to ensure the proper workings of your fire alarm system. Here at IFS, we want to ensure that our customer's involvement in their fire alarm system is painless, so we are not a proprietary company; this means that we do not own any of the fire alarm devices on your property.

read more › Fire alarm systems are an essential aspect to warning you and protecting your facility from fire related catastrophe. No matter if you are constructing a brand new building, or just making a tenant improvement, IFS can handle all of your fire alarm system installation needs. Our fire alarm installation division will take your job from fire alarm design, where we use the latest computer automated design software and produce professional grade plans; to submittal and approval with the fire or building department; and, all the way to installation and final inspection.

read more › Monitoring is an essential tool in protecting you and your property. Here at IFS, we will monitor your fire alarm, security, elevator, and video surveillance system with the highest regard for you and your property's safety. Our central station is equipped with a 24/7 team of professionals to dispatch for you and your property's emergencies. We rely on the latest technology and always stay on top of new advancements. Here at IFS, our central station partners at Total Monitoring Services (TMS) play a key role in giving you the assurance and peace of mind that your property is well protected.

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