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Access Systems, Inc (ASI) is one of the largest Access Control and Security Systems Integrators in the Western Region. ASI provides staff assistance in the planning, design, installation, and maintenance phases of your existing or future security needs. ASI partners with a wide variety of industry leading manufacturers to suit your access control and security needs.

Access Systems provides services and information that will assist your staff in the planning, design, installation and maintenance phases of your existing or future security needs. ASI is a security systems integrator exclusively. Because security is our only business, our staff is expertly trained in high security access control, closed circuit television, alarm systems and other security related systems.

ASI and the manufacturers that we represent are committed to complete customer satisfaction from the beginning to the completion of every project.

Access Systems, Inc. (ASI) has a long history of implementing high security solutions for customers in the Western Region. We are committed to partnering with your team and our vendors to provide customized security applications that meet your current and future needs. Our project team has more than 70 combined years of experience that has been focused

In the rare case of equipment failure, ASI's warranty and repair service provides the labor and material necessary to repair our installed equipment. This comprehensive service is handled by highly trained team members twenty-four hours a day and is managed real time through tracking software. Consistent testing and maintenance will maintain the reliability

Working closely with property managers, facility managers and MIS personnel, we can help design and implement a strategic access control system to meet your specific requirements. Access control allows you the flexibility to maintain traffic flow from one department to another, time and attendance and provide security for employees throughout the facility

You can't be everywhere at once. A Closed Circuit Television system offers you the extra set of eyes that you need to prevent theft, monitor critical systems and provide extra protection for your employees, products and facilities. Every client's CCTV systems needs are unique. Do you need a few cameras at one location or 1,000 cameras with multiple

Turnstile technology allows you to restrict access to authorized people of varying clearance levels in lobbies and building interiors. Corporations are implementing optical turnstiles coupled with access control or visitor management systems to protect assets and provide an additional level of security for your employee's and business.

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