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Allied Security Alarms For over 40 years, Allied Security Alarms has earned it's customer's trust and confidence by providing personal service and prompt response. Our Central Monitoring Station, located in our offices, operates 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. We provide monitoring services to other alarm companies and government agencies. When you call us for a free estimate, you also receive a free security review from our technician who will inspect your homes and places of business.

Security is Our Only Business! We serve customers in the residential, commercial, industrial and government sectors. Whether you have large or small homes, offices, stores, warehouses, bio-tech laboratories, we protect them all. No doubt, the time the thieves had in the building was shortened before the police arrived--thanks to the cool headed, alert operator.

She demonstrated outstanding service to our company and we are very grateful for her energy and good work. Our hats off to you, Allied Security Alarms. Best wishes for continued personal and professional success.

read more › Once your security systems have been installed our trained staff monitors your business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to protect you from intruders, burglars, accidental fires. We can even monitor the temperature changes in commercial refrigerators and panic button alerts. Allied Security Alarms provides services to businesses located throughout the greater Bay Area as well as those located throughout the nation.

read more › For more than 35 years Allied Security Alarms has been installing burglar alarms for businesses. We are a family-owned company that specializes in installing and servicing burglar alarms. We work closely with the local police departments to protect our customers. While you're sleeping our alarm systems protect your business from unwanted intruders. 24/7 we protect your business investment from burglars. We've been a certified security dealer for Bosch security products for over 30 years. With Bosch, a trusted name in commercial security systems, you're in control.

read more › Fire pose a danger to the smooth operation of your business. Allied Security Alarms' fire alarms protect you, your employees and your business from fire danger. The alarms detect smoking and burning fires and send signals to our Central Monitoring Center, where our trained staff promptly alerts the local fire department as well as the responsible person listed on your account. Our engineers install, service, test and monitor the leading-edge fire alarm systems we design. We design fire alarm systems for different types of businesses.

read more › We install and service keyless access control systems for a single door or for multiple doors. We customize various styles and types of security systems for our customers. Our expert engineers customize entrance security systems for different types of businesses and for various purposes. Call us to find out the right security system for you. We are an authorized dealer of Brivo Online Access Control Systems, state-of-the art Web-based security systems. Call us at 800-331-ALARM to find out more about the types of security access control your business needs.

read more › A video surveillance system provides added security to your business. If you need to see the activities of customers or employees or others happening in any location of your business, while you're busy with other business issues, a video security system will help you. We install and monitor video surveillance systems from our Central Monitoring Station 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Our video surveillance systems feature leading-edge digital cameras, digital video recorders and video entry/intercom systems.

read more › Whenever the security of your business is compromised the control panel of your security system sends alarm signals to our Central Monitoring Stations. The Center then quickly alerts the local police department or fire department or the emergency contacts listed in your account. This Central Station monitors the security systems of businesses located throughout the greater Bay Area as well as those located throughout the U.S. Security systems installed by other alarm companies can be monitored by our Central Monitoring Station.

read more › Fire pose a danger to your home and family. Fire can injure people and destroy their precious belongings. Allied Security Alarms fire alarms detect smoking and burning fires and send signals to our Central Monitoring Center, where our trained staff promptly alerts the local fire department as well as the responsible person listed on your account. A well designed fire alarm system will minimize losses to your house, possessions and will even save your life and those you love. We design fire alarm systems to fit the layout of your house.

read more › We install and service medical alarms for people who may be living alone or are left alone at times and who may at times be unable to summon paramedics on their own. Medical alarms can bring the neccessary medical attention to such people. They not only save lives but also bring the peace of mind, knowing that you or your loved one is protected in case of medical emergencies. For those senior citizens living alone or in assisted living facilities, an unexpected fall may not allow such persons to summon medical assistance on their own.

read more › Brivo Online Access Control systems are ideally suited to commercial offices, industrial facilities, research laboratories, factories, utilities, airports, government offices and schools, where security of its assets and employees is important. Whether you have one door or thousands of doors across the globe, Brivo's "Access Anywhere"* approach lets you grant access, print badges, open doors, set schedules and see who's in your building through a single web-based administrative interface. Brivo Online Access Control provides real-time monitoring and administration of your entrance security system.

read more › Are you an experienced ALARM TECHNICIAN putting yourself out there to temporary or staffing agencies?. We need Alarm Technicians, Alarm Installers, Security Techs, Alarm Techs in the Greater Bay Area of Northern CA. California Life Safety certification a PLUS. If you have this experience, you NEED to apply for this position or CALL US! 650-871-8959.

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