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Accelerant Home Solutions We have always been those people who can fix anything, engineer the best solutions and finish jobs others cannot. Repair and installation knowledge is not enough without skills. From Networking to electrical installation, we have fostered all of the skills you need for home automation, security cameras and WiFi improvements for this decade and beyond!

Whether you need a new security camera system, a sophisticated home theater system, an in home network optimization, or to just get that big screen TV streaming 4k movies effortlessly, I can deliver professional skills at a fair price. It is our highest priority to get the job done right the first time on every assignment. We provide a full consultation to explain available options so that you can choose the service that's right for your home or business.

We strive to meet your project's needs and also to prevent potential problems in the future.

read more › Making something perform is my first trade. I have worked on a variety of projects, from homes to businesses. Whether you have "gigabit" service without the speed, slow in home gaming, or struggle to stream 4k programs all over the house we can fix any issues you may be having and some you didn't even know you have. Do you want to listen to high quality sound in any room of your house, including the bathroom and bedrooms? Maybe you want to relax poolside and be enveloped in relaxing sound from all angles.

read more › Are you the type of person that loves to watch all the latest content as soon as it comes out in the highest definition possible? Imagine one room in your house that has the potential to bring generations, friends and even animals alike all in one place! A home theater is this place! For eons man has gathered around the biggest fires and told tales of the highest heights. Then came technology, wonderful technology, that if designed and deployed correctly can deliver years of quality entertainment for you, your family, and friends.

read more › Music can soothe even the most savage of beasts! Imagine this, You come home from a long day at work, you relax in your favorite easy chair and want to put on some simple background noise. But as fate would have it, your sound system resembles a 1970 Hi-Fi setup complete with 8 track. You must get up, turn each on component and then tune the volume to your liking or the rooms ambiance. Imagine instead a world of sound at your fingertips. Music that can fill the room you're in without annoying the rest of the house.

read more › Whether you can't connect, have guest houses or a large property, have internet speeds that are slower than advertised by your provider or just need a new installation of equipment we can help with any problem large and small you may be having. Do u have a spaghetti mess of wires too overwhelming to handle? Don't know what wires go to what outlet? Does every time a cable man or technology professional come to your house you can see the fear in their eyes at the mess in your media closet?

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