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Condortech Services Condortech Services gives you the physical and information security systems your Springfield business needs. Twenty years of experience allows us to exceed all expectations with the security solutions we can provide for you. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and effective system that you can rely on for protection. Condortech Services can take your security and bring it to the absolute highest level.

Security is not just about installing a system; it pertains to monitoring and managing all avenues, ensuring a physically apt security system is in place. Condortech Services will go the extra mile to guarantee that you can truly count on our physical and information security for the longevity and reliability that you need. You shouldn't have to worry about your protection, and with Condortech Services, you will never have to again.

Whether you are a private or public sector, you can count on Condortech Services to protect you security cameras, asset management, an network security.

read more › Our Mission is to design and provide innovative security system solutions for our Community, State and Nation. CTS is a mid-sized, tailored service firm that protects over $1.8 Billion in assets in the Washington, D.C. area alone. CTS is in the top 19% of the industry in revenues and the top 15% in security management and surveillance system installations. Our technical staff averages 18 years of experience designing, developing, installing and servicing only top-quality solutions, placing them in the top 6% of the Security Industry.

read more › Welcome to Security Unraveled, Condortech's e-learning resource for clients and colleagues. Join us for our next webinar or explore our archives. Our archives contain past webinars, white papers, and blogs. Condortech believes in continual education and is here to help! Amazon's Alexa has changed the way you live at home. What other ways are smart audio devices changing the security landscape? Join us to learn how you can enhance your security posture through advanced audio technologies. As an executive, one of my biggest headaches is finding and hiring talent.

read more › Condortech Services, Inc. has more than 25 years of experience working the Federal and Government agencies. We are Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) compliant, proven to help with your HSPD-12 programs. Our key focus is in the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) system, supported by a common smart card-based platform for identity authentication and access to multiple types of physical and logical access environments. CTS, being a security system integrator, has taken a step further by looking at other directives to provide a unifying framework that integrates a range of efforts designed to enhance the safety of our Nation's critical infrastructure, as issued by the National Infrastructure Protection Plan in 2009.

read more › We've been providing physical and network security installation and integration services to various government agencies since 1989. Today, government contracts make up 90% of our business. We have experience with all government branches throughout the continental United States. We deliver our services through the General Services Administrator Schedule 84 and 70, and strive to bring the best value in terms of cost, quality and services to all the federal agencies that we work with. CTS understands how government operates and we serve the needs of your key players, including security directors, contracting officers, and contracting technical representatives.

read more › Healthcare facilities we serve include general hospitals, urgent care centers, pharmaceuticals, and medical centers in Fairfax, Washington D.C., and beyond. CTS provides tailored designed security systems for the healthcare market, meeting and exceeding the needs of each facility. Comprehensive Design, Build, and Installation: program and project management/assessment is a professional service we introduce at first in order to take into consideration socio-economic factors and cultural impacts.

read more › Educational facilities are complex and dynamic. The need for security systems has increased dramatically, due to internal and external threats over the past decade. We design and implement the most advanced security solutions from Springfield daycare centers to K-12 to universities of every size, level, and variety. It's our top priority to ensure that the students, faculty, staff, and visitors feel safe with our tailored, easy to use and operate security systems. Our team of experts has extensive experience with professional services, all the way from the designing stage to training and lifecycle support stage, meeting all challenging levels of physical and network security in a campus environment.

read more › A growing demand of security technology for residential facilities, commercial, or any other property management seems to be expanding as new emerging security systems play a huge role in communication, monitoring, safety measures, time and cost efficiency. Springfield property managers are challenged by these technologies due to cost restraints, CTS provides an interoperable environment where all networks, software, and hardware systems are connected to one centralized system. CTS offers access control, video surveillance, intrusion and perimeter protection as well as fire/life safety security systems that will completely modernize the way you do business and protect your tenants, staff, and facility.

read more › Automated Security systems are fully tailored and designed just to meet your Springfield business' security needs. These systems are cost-and-time-efficient as well as user-friendly for your business environment, where you can monitor and control the internal and external areas from burglary or employee theft, robbery, shoplifting or any fire or environmental emergency. If you are unsure of you future needs or what technology to implement in order to augment your existing security systems, we provide security auditing, designing and programming in order to help you worry less about the security of your business.

read more › Our unique, cutting-edge and highly effective access control systems are some of the most innovative security systems on the market, combining over 25 years of quality experience in order to produce designs that take your security to the next level. The perfect solution for any federal, government, commercial or public building, our access control systems enable you to track as well as manage access capability easily and efficiently. Because our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable, we will work with you in order to understand your specific security needs so that we can design, build, and install an access control system that is perfect for you.

read more › Security systems are not complete without quality video surveillance. At Condortech Services, we do everything we can in order to provide you with one that you can truly count on with the features, reliability, durability and ease of use that you need. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we work with you on a personal level in order to design, build, install and manage security cameras and a video surveillance system that provides you with exactly what you need, when you need it. The CTS team takes the time in order to really understand your space, searching for blind spots and red flag areas where security must be at its peak.

read more › Coupled with our innovative video surveillance security systems, our video management and analytics technologies are leading the security industry by strides, allowing you to take recognition software and network management to the next level. Our analytics software is specifically designed in order to analyze the relevant data from your security camera system so that you get better results, faster. With our security systems and management services, you can now remotely connect to your video surveillance network efficiently, seamlessly and easily so that you can give your business the security it needs.

read more › With a goal to provide efficient storage, retrieval, and manipulation of digital images, text and graphic information, this multi-media management system uses software design and hardware components which are compliant to HSPD-12 standards. Innovative technology combines with convenience and easy-to-use software in our ID management methods so that you can truly get the most from your physical and network security systems. Provide Simple and Secure Ways to Grant Access to Vendors, Contractors, Suppliers, and More.

read more › An essential aspect of crime prevention security systems, intrusion detection comes in a variety of forms, and each has its specific benefits. In this way, our technicians work with you on a personal level, understanding what you need, what your Springfield area business needs, and what the specific challenges of your situation are. Only when we learn about what we are faced with can we find quality security solutions that work for you. We offer a variety of sensors, perimeter protection products, video surveillance security cameras, and more which all offer the best, most innovative performance in the industry.

read more › With a goal to design, implement, support, and maintain secure network communications, our team takes the time in order to fully understand your business, your specific communication needs and you so that we know we are providing only the very best products and services for your situation. We know how vital your network is to your business-and our network engineers have years of experience and a passion for what they do that is second to none. Friendly, honest and experts in their fields, we provide you not only with the services you need, but with the network support and security systems that you've been searching for.

read more › Known colloquially as PSIM, physical security information management software is a system that is able to collect data from a variety of physical systems such as video surveillance security cameras, intrusion detection, access control, sensors, and so much more. By collecting and compiling this data, you or your security management professional will be able to analyze and contextualize it so that you are able to better understand the way your Springfield business is running, and how to best improve it.

read more › As some of the most innovative technology in the industry, biometrics are revolutionizing the way that we see security. In this way, biometric authentication options can make your business safer with sophisticated technology that makes security personalized to your employees. With easy-to-manage software and a team with decades of experience, see why biometric access control systems are some of our more popular security options. We are passionate about providing you with only the best security system so that you can rest easy knowing your business is protected.

read more › At Condortech, we know that a great reputation can only come from careful attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and superior customer service. That's why we've been able to provide efficient and reliable security systems to our healthcare, government, education, property management, and business clients in Springfield, Washington D.C., and the rest of Virginia and the country. From physical systems like security cameras and intrusion detection to high tech solutions for network security that include ID management systems and access control, our only goal has been to provide the best solution for each client we serve.

read more › From network security to remote monitoring and protection of your physical property, Condortech is an authority in the field of cutting-edge security systems. From CCTV security cameras to the most sophisticated cyber security systems, our expertise is sought out by companies and organizations in a wide range of industries that include health care, education, property management, and business. In today's modern world, security is a multi-faceted endeavor that requires different tools and products for each job.

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