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Security Camera King Take a look at some of our featured products. Choose a category to shop in. We sell everything from DVRs and NVRs to Cameras and Accessories needed to fully setup your new surveillance system. It has become increasingly important to find a reliable manufacturer for Security Cameras, Surveillance Recorders, and Security Camera Accessories. We know our surveillance equipment down to every detail and we are always improving our security camera line.

When we develop a new security camera product, we get rid of an older security camera technology that doesn't meet our high standards. In fact, we spend thousands of hours painstakingly searching for the best security camera components available on the market. This, combined with our unlimited FREE tech support service, hours of educational videos, endless support forums, and extremely helpful sales team gives you a buying experience of security cameras that is second to none.

From the moment you seek us for your security camera surveillance needs, we strive to provide you with a service level that exceeds your requirements and expectations.

read more › Why pay more than you should for Security Surveillance Systems and Security Cameras? That is what we asked ourselves many times. We finally decided to do something about it. is an offshoot of Techpro Security Products, a major manufacturer of CCTV Equipment, Security Cameras, and Security DVRs in order to bring better quality security products to our customers for less. Now you can benefit with incredible savings. We will never sell any equipment that is not of the highest quality.

read more › Check out our full line of security camera options. Whether you need an analog camera, HD-CVI - HD over coax, HD-TVI over coax or one of our IP cameras with resolutions up to 12 megapixels, we have you covered! This gives our cameras that extra control and quality you want and need to give you the advantage in every situation. We carry the highest quality Analog cameras, High Definition HD-CVI and HD-TVI Cameras as well as Network IP Cameras. To see the visual difference in these formats, check out our side by side comparison videos page.

read more › In conjunction with the HD DVR, the HD Security Camera delivers the sharp, crisp video that help you keep what's yours safe! We offer the highest resolution cameras at great prices and we back those up with FREE US based tech support and warranties that are top notch. With a variety of domes, bullets, PTZs and hidden cameras, you'll find just what you need to complete your HD over coax security system.

read more › The latest and highest resolution in Surveillance Security Cameras involves the use of Network IP cameras. These cameras use what is called CAT5/CAT6 network cable to supply video, audio, data and even power (PoE) over an Ethernet connection. Like the traditional analog transmission cameras, Network IP cameras deliver dependable, feature rich, high quality security solutions that can provide you with the peace of mind you need for your home or business. Network IP cameras take advantage of the latest high speed network technology to deliver a video image up to 128 times greater than standardized security systems.

read more › Security Camera King has the largest selection of in-stock state-of-the-art security recorders. Our DRVs & NVRs can record footage from analog cameras, HD-CVI cameras, HD-TVI cameras and Network IP cameras. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the main component of any traditional security system. They take the video feed from the camera and change it into a usable, replayable video file. All of our recorders are packed with features like: Remote access from smartphones, tablets, and computers, motion activated recording, H.264 compression, realtime recording, network usage optimization (dual-streaming), HDMI 1080p output, USB backup, and literally dozens of tunable settings and features.

read more › The HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is one of the main components needed when creating a High Definition security surveillance system. The video from your HD cameras is transferred over the coaxial cable and recorded onto a hard drive similar to the type used in your computer. This video footage can then be viewed through your DVR or remotely from computers, tablets and smartphones and saved to external devices. All of our recorders have features that allow you to customize and optimize your system to fit your needs.

read more › Safety and security mean using secure access equipment, CCTV gear, and more for homes, businesses and all types of locations. We offer you top quality IP camera recorders and NVRs to help keep your business, store, or other location secure. 4 Channel NVR with 4 Ports PoE Small residences and businesses can make use of 4-channel mini 4k NVR recorders. This recorder can handle up to 8MP resolutions and can provide power to typical Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras via a built in PoE. Hook up a monitor using either the HDMI or VGA connections on the back for the primary installation, or view your cameras and adjust your settings.

read more › Keeping what's yours safe can be difficult but we continue to add the latest, highest quality, competitively priced products to help you stay one step ahead of the criminals! What better way is there to keep watch over your home or business than with cameras that you can monitor remotely from anywhere that you have an internet connection? We carry a complete selection of Video Recorders, Cameras, and Accessories and our extremely knowledgeable sales staff can help you design a High Definition Security Surveillance System that will be perfect for your situation.

read more › Easily communicate with others throughout your home of business with a video intercom that can be integrated with a video doorbell and other products to make your home security system more interactive. You can even talk to and see people outside of your door and choose whether to let them in or tell them to go away. Make sure wherever you buy your security equipment that you are buying from a company that knows what they are doing and stands behind what they sell. Here at Security Camera King, security is our only focus.

read more › Also known as "cylinder cameras", bullet cameras have many advantages. They are usually very easy to mount and adjust. They have the most weather resistant design. They give a little space off from their mounting surface. They're an excellent option for a novice. When you need versatility in your installation, bullet cameras often provide exactly that. Bullet cameras are generally weatherproof, self-contained cameras. Many bullet cameras come with built-in IR LEDs. Bullet cameras are good for use when there is a low risk of vandalism as the cameras can be repositioned fairly easily.

read more › One of the problems with adding security to your home or business is that the cameras themselves can become the target of tampering and vandalism. All of these options are exceptional values and very suitable for your home or business installation. Fixed Lens - The fixed lens is the most common type of lens used in security cameras. This lens has a "Fixed" focal length, so the field of view is predetermined. The chart above demonstrates the various FOV angles associated with some common focal lengths.

read more › In some cases, regular cameras simply will not give you the full amount of coverage. You may need the versatility of a camera that can be adjusted quickly, remote change of direction or zoom, or maybe its the ability to lock on and follow a moving object that shouldn't be in an area. In each case, there is only one choice: PTZ, or Pan/Tilt/Zoom. These cameras have the ability to spin and angle up and down with their motorized interior mount, as well as zoom in and out and auto-focus with their motorized variable focus lens.

read more › One of the most popular applications for cameras today is to attempt the recording of license plates. This is clearly one of the most difficult applications for todays camera technology. Glare from lights, high speeds, angles of approach, lighting variables, camera position, distance and many many more factors come into play in your design. These cameras give you an excellent chance at capturing plate information when installed within the proper parameters. When designing your plate capture scenario, we do highly recommend you either consult our system or our various databases to make certain you've got the optimal design.

read more › The original security camera, this design is still being used in security solutions today. Box cameras do not come with a lens. Instead you have the option to select from a wide variety of lenses. Another strength of the lens design is that they are larger than the typical camera. This means more light can come in contact with the sensor, and this gives you more clarity. Many people also like the impact a box camera can make when placed in a large outdoor housing. Typically they scream "high security".

read more › There are often times when fully visible cameras just aren't desired. When comfort or tact is needed, using a covert camera is exactly the right solution. Many of these cameras look just like items we can already find in our homes and businesses. They are ideal for low profile installations or as an invisible back up camera to ensure recording when primary cameras could be compromised.

read more › We offer your business or property CCTV video storage to help identify suspects if need be, or review important events captured by your cameras. It is standard practice to retain footage for 31 days at a time, which can require a large amount of storage. Find micro-chips, DVD drives, SD cards, hard disk drives that can help you store as much video and data as you need for your security system and standards. For simple video storage, many facilities will use Micro SD cards with adapters that has been tested and approved to function with our IP cameras that support SD cards.

read more › We offer your residence, commercial property, business, or any other type of facility tools and accessories to make controlling and installing your security devices a faster and more convenient process. Improve nighttime surveillance with weather proof, high-quality, far-distance illuminators. These are perfect for enhancing night vision for any camera, or extending the IR range of any of our cameras. The analog cable and camera tester features a seven-inch display screen, long battery life, and built-in WiFi for testing wireless cameras.

read more › Mounting a surveillance camera is an important part of your security system. To make sure you are able to install your camera in a reliable way, we offer you durable lightweight mounting brackets that can be used to place cameras in homes, businesses, or any location you need. Often, installing a camera means that you need ceiling-mounted brackets that work with common mini-camera models. This bracket can work with popular and common camera models. They're a great choice when you don't want to use the included wall-mount and instead want to mount it from the ceiling.

read more › Every Security Surveillance System requires some form of power supply for the cameras. Some CCTV Cameras use AC Power, some use DC Power, while there are some that are Dual Voltage. This means that they will accept both AC and DC Power. It is important to take note of the power requirements of your Security Cameras when choosing your CCTV Power Supply. Security Camera Power Supplies come in 4, 8, 9, and 16 channel versions as well as AC and DC Voltages. So, depending on the voltage requirements of your Surveillance System, you may need to mix and match your power supplies to meet your individual needs.

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