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Just send us a site plan, floor plan, rough sketch OR even just a picture of your facility. It's simple, fast and easy. We'll ask you a few questions, so that we can design a customsecurity camera system to suit your needs and fit your facility. All we need is a site plan or pictures and we will design a complete system to match your needs & unique problems.

The two largest Security Camera Manufacturers in the World have been banned by the Government for hackable back doors and other problems. They are Chinese Government owned (Dahua and Hikvision). They also make more than 60 other brands that you may not be aware of. Rugged Cams has manufactured security cameras and systems for businesses and industrial environments for more than 25 years.

Rugged Cams builds security cameras for businesses of any size - from Mom & Pop stores to Fortune 500 industries.

read more › Our Design Engineers will give you a call to discuss your needs and ask additional questions about distances and heights, day and night lighting, problem areas, budgeting and other pertinent questions. Your Plan and Information will then go to the Design Team where our Engineers will determine the correct camera types, placement and lenses for each camera location. They then map out Power & Video Cable lengths and Power Supply size to complete your System Design. Once your system design is complete the sales team will then prepare a custom quote based on the design drawings and email them to you all within 48 Hours.

read more › Any reputable company should not only stand behind every product they make and provide excellent technical support, but also should never be afraid to show you who their customers are and provide references. Don't settle for anything less! All we need is a site plan or pictures and we will design a complete system to match your needs & unique problems.

read more › How do I order an item I see on the web site? You will be asked to provide billing, shipping and payment information to process your request. What if an item is unavailable? Sometimes an item is out of stock or discontinued. If this happens, we will contact you and ask you if you would like to wait for the item or substitute an alternative item. Can I submit a Purchase Order? Yes. We accept Purchase Orders from most businesses, schools, organizations and government agencies. Your Purchase Order should include a brief description of the item, item number, cost of item, quantity, preferred shipping method and billing/shipping information.

read more › When adding security of any kind to your facility, it pays to do some research and make sure you have a good grasp on your goals and how best to accomplish them. The last thing anyone wants to do is add security equipment, only to realize later that it lacks features you need, or isn't even reliable. Any security to be used at a business needs to be a higher quality than what can usually be found at a warehouse club or on auction sites. It doesn't matter whether the security you're adding is in the form of Alarms, Locks or Security Cameras, consumer-grade equipment is not going to provide the level of security or the durability of an Industrial-Grade system.

read more › 90 Day deferred Payment: Ideal for any customers you make have that are slow during the summer months and/or have cash-flow issues. Special: 15{8c70a1e8a325bd6daed7663cc0c5882e747cad05b9002915a90e119d4d50fbd4} down followed by 24 months of interest free payments. All we need is a site plan or pictures and we will design a complete system to match your needs & unique problems.

read more › All orders or contracts are accepted with the understanding that they are subject to Rugged CCTV's ability to obtain the necessary raw materials, and all orders or contracts as well as shipments applicable thereto are subject to Rugged CCTV's current manufacturing schedules, and government regulations, orders, directives and restrictions that may be in effect from time to time. Written quotations automatically expire thirty (30) calendar days from the date issued unless otherwise stated on the face of the quotation.

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