Maintain an active and independent life, enjoying the FREEDOM to engage in normal activities around the house. Get the INDEPENDENCE and PEACE OF MIND you desire! Should a medical emergency occur, just press the panic button worn on your wrist or around your neck. With Senior Calls we call you or your loved ones up to THREE TIMES a day to provide reminders, "check up" on clients, & allow clients to build a bonding relationship with another senior.

For seniors, sometimes days pass without a call - Our senior staff will make contact with you or your loved ones at pre-designated times throughout the day every day. Do you worry about a loved one being on their own? Are safety concerns making it difficult for you to keep your independence and live on your own? A medical alert alarm system may be the answer!

Trips and falls can have devastating consequences for seniors and can lead to a variety of moderate to severe injuries such as hip fractures or head traumas. If help is not available in time, these falls can even lead to serious complications or death.

read more › MedicalAlert360 is one of the leading mobile medical alert system companies in the country. With our mobile medical alert alarms, we aim to help seniors and anyone living alone, whether they are at home or away from home. Our protected clients gain the independence they desire while allowing them and their loved ones to know that help is just the push of a button away. Our mobile medical alert alarms utilize the latest technology to ensure that you or your loved one is safe and secure when living alone at all times.

read more › MedicalAlert360 has three(3) technology advanced mobile medical alert systems to choose from, depending on your needs. Firstly, we would like to call your attention to the video below. The Medicalalert360 mobile medical alert alarms are the newest and most innovative GPS medical alert systems and U-TDOA mobile medical alert systems available. These systems use GPS, cellular phone and U-TDOA technology to provide one button access to emergency help. The main advantage of these GPS medical alert systems is that they allow seniors greater freedom as they can call for help anytime and from anywhere.

read more › Our medical alert alarm systems are an ideal choice for seniors, those who are physically challenged, those who are recovering from surgery or accidents, and anyone living alone. With our MedicalAlert360 medical alert alarm systems, seniors and other individuals can maintain their independence while living safely at home. Our medical alert alarm systems provide seniors and their family members with the comfort and reassurance of knowing that help is just the push of a button away during emergencies.

read more › A MedicalAlert360 mobile medical alert alarm system is a great option for allowing your parent or loved one to gain their independence while feeling safe at home or anywhere they go. However, just like ALL mobile medical alert alarms, this system requires you or your loved one to actually push a button on the mobile medical alarm necklace or belt-clipped device to call for help. What happens if you or your loved one is incapable of pushing their button for one reason or another? This means that a senior could remain in a life threatening situation without anyone becoming aware of their need for emergency medical attention.

read more › Our Personal Assistance Line (PAL) is a personal telephone counseling service that provides immediate and caring support on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis to seniors and their family members. PAL services are available separately or can be bundled with our mobile medical alert alarm systems at discounted rates. We understand that seniors experience many emotional concerns and struggles as they age. Whether this is feelings of loss and depression after the death of a loved one or other personal struggles, seniors can often benefit from the convenient telephonic availability of professional counselors who provide guidance, support and direction.

read more › In emergencies, we act. When an alert is sent, our 24/7 safety agents act instantly, pinpointing your exact location and tracking your whereabouts. There's no need to tell us where you are or what's happening, as we listen in and assess the details. Jogging in the park, walking alone at night - or any other times you or your family feels unsafe - a simple touch of a button arms MyForce. A simple touch of a button sends an alert and a live MyForce security agent is immediately informed of your situation.

read more › A mobile medical alert alarm system is only as good as its monitoring center. That is why at MedicalAlert360, our state of the art, CSAA, Five Diamond Certified monitoring center has been trusted by clients across the country since 1977. Our medical alert alarm system monitoring center is built, staffed, and maintained to meet or exceed the stringent standards for security, reliability, and customer service. To learn more about our monitoring center and how it supports our mobile medical alert alarm system to provide the best and most reliable service to our customers during any emergency, contact us today!

read more › For immediate assistance or to order medical alarms by phone call us today at (855) 248-2731. MedicalAlert360 has many year's experience providing reliable security services to clients since 1984. Under MedicalAlert360, our extended service offerings aim to better serve the senior market by adding services that include medical alarms, Senior Calls, and personal assistance lines. With our UL Listed, Five Diamond Certified monitoring center, we are able provide 24 hour monitoring services for our mobile medical alarms.

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