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Introducing the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective lock, key, and access control security system in the world today - INTELLIKEY. Designed using state-of-the-art electronics, the INTELLIKEY system features electronic micro-chip devices in both lock and key controllers, allowing reprogrammable, personal identity storage from key to key. The INTELLIKEY system features the ability to re-program and change locks remotely - no more going door to door.

In turn, remote access is granted only to those who need it, for as long as they need it, while intruders are kept out. INTELLIKEY's access control security solutions can be found in a wide range of public and private entities, including government and law enforcement agencies, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and airports. All INTELLIKEY products are designed to work with existing locking hardware, preserving your security investment, while providing enhanced access control.

INTELLIKEY products include cylindrical door locks, mortise cylinder locks, deadbolt locks, gate locks, heavy duty cam locks, electronic door control units, management software, and more.

read more › Since 1988, INTELLIKEY has been in the business of designing and selling technology that combines the best features of mechanical locking hardware with electronic access control to provide security for a wide variety of applications. The INTELLIKEY system protects students, passengers, employees and customers at universities, airports and government facilities around the world. With more than 15 U.S. and international patents, INTELLIKEY is committed to ongoing Research and Development, continually improving our products.

read more › INTELLIKEY is the most advanced access control system available today. Designed around state-of-the-art electronics, this unique locking system features computers in both the controller and the key. These two computers exchange access information with each other, make decisions relating to access, and keep records of their activities. This distributed processing concept gives INTELLIKEY its versatility. Each component in the system has the intelligence to carry out many functions. By developing smart building blocks, INTELLIKEY is able to provide the features and system you need.

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