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Protech Security We help you keep a watch over your business with top-of-the-line technology customized for your industry and your needs. Our goal is to help protect our neighbors, their families and the lives they've built with services and systems tailored for home security. For more than 30 years, ProTech Security has provided quality, cost-effective protection to the homes and businesses across Northeast Ohio.

We install peace of mind. Regardless of whether it's for your business or your home, our friendly team is here to help get you started. Thank you for volunteering your time and effort at the most recent MADD Mothers meeting. Your presentation was excellent and everyone appreciated your expertise in 'educating' us about the house arrest alternative.

We are using ProTech Security for our video surveillance camera system at the local schools in Jackson Township, Stark Co., Ohio. ProTech Security surveillance solution is everything we expected and more. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in providing us with a Mobotix IP Camera Surveillance System for our YMCA.

read more › The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 30 years of service in Northeast Ohio and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions and government facilities. The security and well-being of our communities is our primary concern at ProTech Security. Our role is to provide a wide range of solutions and tailor them to each individual need. Anyone can sell alarms and cameras, but we provide peace of mind, says Dan McKimm, CEO of ProTech Security.

read more › Regardless of your security needs, ProTech Security keeps a constant watch over your property and facilities so you can feel secure even when you are absent. We provide the information and preparation you need to make sure that you're never caught off guard. We've been protecting local families, businesses and organizations in Northeast Ohio since 1981. Let us build a custom security solution for your needs. The ProTech Security Advantage is more than 30 years of service in Northeast Ohio and a strong commitment to providing quality, cost-effective protection for homes, businesses, educational institutions and government facilities.

read more › ProTech Security commonly receives the below questions. To provide our customers with capabilities to troubleshoot common, basic issues on their own, we've provided answers to these frequent questions. ProTech Security recommends that problems with security systems be reported to our Service department so that a properly trained service technician can be dispatched to resolve the issues and ensure our customers continue to receive high-quality security and monitoring services that ProTech Security strives to deliver.

read more › There is always the risk of fire, theft, or intrusion. A security system is your personal electronic sentry, able to see and hear trouble. It's a sentry that never sleeps, providing constant protection whether you're home or away. When it detects a potential threat, the system instantly alerts you and summons help. Secure the business you've built with advanced business security systems available from ProTech Security. We've been protecting businesses around Northeast Ohio for more than 30 years, and our security systems offer the most up to date technology on the market.

read more › The modern workplace should be designed with employee safety and asset protection as a top priority. Even if you are in an office or retail space that doesn't deal with hazardous or volatile materials, structural fires can spring up in the calmest of workplaces. Make sure your employees are alerted and your important business assets are protected with a business fire detection system from ProTech. ProTech Security can install a custom designed fire and evacuation system that will monitor and alert you to any potential dangers and create time for everyone to get away from the danger.

read more › It's not easy to get peace of mind as a business owner. But with ProTech Security's security and event monitoring you can have 24/7 service that monitors your system's health and a service that directly connects you with dispatch services for police and safety teams to drastically increase response times. That means you'll always know if your system is running safely. Even better, it means you'll always have someone local watching your back in case of panic, fire or gunshot detection at your business.

read more › Find peace of mind with business access control that provides the highest level of security, 24/7. Our security systems can be programmed to streamline management and ensure you have security control at all times. With some additional tweaks from our team, the system can also provide access control functions. Commercial users can stop relying on keyed locks and instead create an intelligent card-based or fob-based system that grants access to only the selected individuals, and only on the specified days and times.

read more › Protecting your business is a very serious task, which is why it's the focus of our business. When selecting your security system, carefully consider the communication options and features that mobile can offer. While most systems provide base protection for your business, the right communication capabilities greatly enhance the security performance of your system. Adding a cellular communication link keeps you constantly connected to your valued assets. Today, we are connected in ways that would have been hard to imagine a few years ago.

read more › We use top of the line cameras in our video surveillance system that can keep an eye on your business in real time, protecting you from shoplifting, fraud, unwanted entry and more. Recent developments in technology have made video surveillance easy and affordable, and they provide superior levels of safety and security. Often, basic alarms don't get the law enforcement response time businesses want. That's because 98.5 percent of all alarm calls end up being false alarms, straining police resources and making them slower to act.

read more › Having a robust commercial security system is important, but it's even more important to have a system that's reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective - with little to no downtime. ProTech Security doesn't just build managed video systems, we offer complete video surveillance management systems. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your surveillance system is working properly, and you don't want to find out there is a problem after an incident occurs. That's why ProTech Security delivers a proactive, proprietary system health-checking program that analyzes cameras, switches, hard drives, and other on-site equipment to improve performance.

read more › A real-time video verification system protects your business, customers, and profits. In the case of an intrusion, the system transmits video clips of the unwanted intrusion to the central monitoring station. Vital information can then be relayed to the responding authorities. If the system or employees monitoring the video clips validate the presence of an intruder, the police are dispatched immediately. Pairing threat detection systems with surveillance cameras takes security to a new level by monitoring for threatening changes in the environment.

read more › It is a stark truth that emergency response times often greatly exceed the amount of time an incident takes. With ProTech Security's Physical Security Information Management, you can have integration across all of your security devices so that you can have benefits like gunshot detection. These integrated systems will send an alert within a second of a gunshot and greatly speed up response times to critical incidents. Increased response time saves lives. Due to the many complexities and expenses of customizing PSIM, ProTech Security identified the need for an easier solution.

read more › The gold standard in Situational Awareness has become Physical Security Information Management, or PSIM. It is a software platform that leverages telecommunications and today's intelligent IP based security tools, enabling IT professionals to partner with Law Enforcement & Security professionals to custom design and deploy intelligent systems that can respond in real time across a wide range of environments and Critical Incident scenarios. Our service, SASC, puts that power in the Cloud. The problem with PSIM, for many would-be adopters, has been its high price tag and lengthy implementation cycle time.

read more › SASC is a web-based version of PSIM. It is a software platform that integrates and manages multiple devices (such as surveillance cameras & access controls) and data streams of security sensors by consolidating them all into one common user interface. When SASC is In Action, it does 4 things: Identifies an Incident. Distributes an Alert to everyone who needs to know. Enhances the Alert with detailed instructions on how to respond to the given event, per the given individual, to bring the Incident to resolution.

read more › If you're unhappy with your current security system or the way it works, you aren't stuck. Managing security for your business is essential, and our transfer of service offerings give you options to improve your existing infrastructure or easily add in more modern technology solutions. We can take over many existing services and create a seamless transition to ProTech Security service. This service transfer is part of an easy onboarding process we offer to our customers. This lets you get value on the money you spent on your current investment by giving you the opportunity to keep some or all of your existing equipment - but you get to update to our top-flight local service offerings.

read more › In many facilities, visitors still register using a handwritten paper log. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides virtually no security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see. Automated visitor management solutions lend a more professional appearance, enhance security, they can email notifications of visitor rule violations, and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data. ProTech Security offers visitor management systems to provide security managers with an efficient tool to reduce delays in logging and badging visitors, distinguish special consideration visitors, and identify individuals who are not allowed in a building.

read more › ProTech Security provides you with comprehensive residential security systems to keep your home, belongings, and loved ones safe and secure. There is always the risk of fire, theft, or home intrusion. Whether at home during the day, asleep at night, or away, you will feel safer knowing that you, your family, and your home are protected. This is knowing the difference between feeling secure and being secure. We understand that every home is different, so we don't just sell you a security system.

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