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Our barriers prevent hoods from being pried open, protecting cash cassettes and assets inside. Family Owned & Operated Security Service and Equipment Provider Headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We have service centers that cover over 268,000 square miles across Texas and New Mexico. Established in 1963, we have over 50 years of experience in the industry specializing in the sales and service of security equipment.

We are an industry leader and the premier provider of security equipment, services, and digital video systems. Built on the foundation of "Service is our Salesperson" our focus has and always will be to provide exceptional service that exceeds our customer's expectations. From our certified service technicians to our knowledgeable sales team, The Security Center, Inc. can assist you with all of your security needs.

Protecting your assets is our number one priority, so let us know how we can help you today. Whether you are looking for a surveillance system to monitor your property or a safe to guard your most valuable possessions, the Security Center, Inc. has you covered.

read more › The Security Center, Inc. is the industry leader and premier provider of physical and electronic security as well as surveillance systems throughout the states of Texas and New Mexico. The Security Center, Inc. was founded by William "Bill" Dozier in 1963. Established under the name Dozier Bank Vault Company, the business was centered on servicing financial institutions in North Texas with safe and vault maintenance and repair. As technology began to evolve, so did our business and in 1968 we made the decision to expand into alarm and monitoring systems.

read more › To speak with an expert regarding a project or a specific security product, please fill out the information along with a brief description and a sales representative will be in contact with you shortly. Are you experiencing issues or your security equipment malfunctioning? Please fill out the information or give us a call directly at 888.451.4646 to get you back up and operating. We are always looking for highly qualified and motivated employees to join our team. If you have experience in the security industry and would like to learn more, we invite you to submit an application.

read more › For questions regarding your account or service agreements, you can reach out via email at or by phone at 214-349-0480. If you are looking for a quote on equipment or installation of equipment, you can submit your request to I Am Building a New Branch and Need an RFP for Equipment and Installation, Who Do I Contact?. The Security Center, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas Texas, but we have service centers located throughout the entire state of Texas and New Mexico.

read more › For over 50-years, The Security Center, Inc. has been providing security, monitoring and consulting services to clients and financial institutions throughout the state of Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico. As pioneers in the security industry, we have developed and engineered numerous systems and patents that make us Texas and New Mexico's trusted security provider. Over the years more businesses and industries have placed their trust in our services. Our experience in the security industry has given us the opportunity to extend our expertise way beyond just safes and vault doors.

read more › The Security Center, Inc. has proudly served Texas financial institutions for over 55 years and currently serves two of the top five largest banks in Texas. With coverage spanning from El Paso to Houston and in between, we are the trusted choice for many banks, financial institutions, and credit unions throughout the state. Our certified service technicians specialize in the installation of new security systems and the servicing of all surveillance and access control systems. Whether you are in need of a camera replaced or an entire system installed, trust in our team to get it done right.

read more › For over 55 years The Security Center, Inc. has been the trusted name in the financial security industry, but we do much more than service banks and credit unions. Whether you are a small business looking for a basic setup or an enterprise looking for a large complex system, let us be your solution for all of your security needs. Are you looking for a specific item to ramp-up your security, or contemplating an entirely new system? At The Security Center, Inc. we work directly with our partners to provide you with high-quality cost-effective security products to meet any budget.

read more › School security has become one of the nation's top priorities and rightfully so. Keeping children and students safe is the foremost obligation of any school, college, or university. While districts strive to put physical security in place, we at the Security Center, Inc. are dedicated to assisting administrators to make their educational facilities as safe and secure as possible. Video surveillance has become a staple in our schools and universities. If your system is outdated or you are looking to install surveillance cameras throughout your entire campus, we have the knowledge and resources to get it done right.

read more › Government entities and municipalities are institutions created based on the principal interest of their citizens. While their responsibilities vary, keeping the public safe is a top priority. While each government facility requires variations in technology and security, The Security Center has built a reputation on providing exceptional products and services to meet any security need you might have. At The Security Center, Inc., we are proud to assist and service Federal and State government entities.

read more › The Security Center, Inc. is a team of highly skilled personnel that provide coordinated and client-driven security services to the industries we serve. We invest in the right people, tools, and technology to give our clients the best security services in the industry. We are a security business based out of Dallas, Texas. While we serve our city well, we also offer our installation services across the state of Texas as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico. The answer is simple, trust us to install your equipment because we have over 50-years of experience with security installations for businesses and financial institutions.

read more › Preventative maintenance is key for keeping your equipment running and operating flawlessly. Whether your equipment was installed by us or another provider, The Security Center, Inc. will ensure to keep it looking and operating at its very best. Vaults and safes are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that need to be inspected or the combination changed from time to time. It is always in the best interest to regularly schedule maintenance for your security system to keep your security equipment in optimal condition.

read more › Much like your computer, failing to upgrade your security equipment could leave your business exposed to security risks. As time goes on, thieves and hackers quickly develop their own skills to get past antiquated security systems. Today, surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control devices are better than ever before. Whether you need a specific camera to add to your current setup, or a complete system, The Security Center, Inc. has everything you need to update your security project within your budget.

read more › Have the peace of mind knowing your alarm system was not only installed by licensed technicians but is being monitored around the clock. The Security Center, Inc. is proud to offer 24/7 monitoring to our Texas and New Mexico customers. It is essential to not only have state of the art technology but highly trained professionals in the case of an unfortunate event. We have the knowledge and expertise to respond quickly to any emergency that may occur at your business. The Security Center, Inc. is excited to offer our customers DMP Virtual Keypad providing end users with the ability to remotely control their security system via an Internet connection on a tablet or computer.

read more › ATMs have become the most vulnerable part of any financial institution. They are usually physically separate from the main branch, out in the open where anyone can access them at any time. The ATM Barriers offer superb physical protection, as well as being an excellent visual deterrent. Any thief may think twice before attacking your ATM with your Barrier installed. ATM Barriers are uniquely designed for each brand and model of ATM it protects. But, a well thought out design is only part of our approach.

read more › The Security Center, Inc. provides security solutions throughout the entire state of Texas as well as New Mexico. We believe that proper installation of physical security equipment and proper equipment maintenance should be accessible no matter where you are located. The Security Center, Inc. is headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has been a staple in the area for the last 50-years. Our success in the Dallas Metroplex has allowed us to expand our services to other large hubs across the state as well as into New Mexico.

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