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Great Southwestern Fire & Safety is dedicated to provide value driven, fair and competitive priced products and services. When fire safety and cost to risk and exposure are considered, we produce peace of mind within your budget. We are available to assist you in the licensed fire safety programs listed below. Let us be your total fire protection source.

Our licensed technicians possess years of on-the-job experience. Not only that, they're also industry certified and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field.

read more › After the installation comes the service, whether Great Southwestern Fire & Safety installed your system or not, we want to be your full service provider. We will protect your investment for many years to come. See below for a list of those services and please call us when you need help. Keep your fire protection systems Maintainedwith our state of the art inspection & maintenance service. When you have a room protected by a gas fire suppression system this test insures the gas is maintained in the room so it can extinguish the fire.

read more › How to put your fire alarm system monitoring on TEST! First this is where you can find the phone number. Look on the Fire Alarm panel door either inside or out for a our service sticker. This will have your monitoring account number and the phone number. Call the number on the tag to put your system on test. You will need the account information on the tag for the monitoring company operator. With the account number the operator can find and verify your information. If you can't get in the panel or find your tag, here is the number 1-800-683-6773.

read more › By following a professional code of ethics, FEDOT members help protect the public trust. FEDOT recommends trade practices and policies that stabilize our industry, and works to eliminate those that cause injury to the public as well as to our own industry. Helping Protect Texans Against Fire Loss FEDOT members acknowledge the on-going responsibility implied in the sale and maintenance of fire protection equipment. Because of this, FEDOT members are active in continuous training within their field.

read more › Every fire protection project is different, and each has its unique challenges. The collective experience of our staff is very broad they're equipped to handle any challenge that could possibly pop up on the job site. Whether you have us wiring an entire facility from scratch or need a repair of existing work in your business, we bring the best practices and industry knowledge with us to every job. We've worked with all the big commercial builders and are a highly sought after subcontractor for commercial jobs ranging from the huge to the boutique.

read more › The leading online global-network of safety-minded organizations, BROWZ simplifies the contractor and supplier compliance process with intuitive software solutions and a dedicated team of safety professionals. We assist clients in designing prequalification programs specific to their industry, and support contractors in the gathering, data entry and upload of their required data. We help clients effectively measure contractor performance, while enabling suppliers and contractors to better meet contractual requirements.

read more › Great Southwestern Fire & Safety is proud to distribute and support the top most innovative manufactures in our industry. Let Great Southwestern Fire & Safety support your next life safety project or service with the best equipment and services available in the market place. For over 80 years the name Viking has represented global leadership in fire protection. Today, the companies of the Viking Group (Viking Corporation, Viking SupplyNet, Viking Fabrication Services, Viking Plastics, and VGS(R) Grooved Piping Systems) provide independent fire sprinkler contractors with integrated solutions for any fire protection challenge.

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