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Vanguard is your single source solution for any fire protection, life safety, and security system need. Our certified, factory-trained technicians are here to maintain or install any system, and our experienced fire and safety designers develop systems that are custom-built to best suit your facility's unique requirements. At Vanguard, it's our mission to provide experienced, tested service that protects your people, your property, and your products.

Vanguard delivers customized fire protection, safety, and security system solutions for four key industries: oil & gas, healthcare, hospitality, and construction. Each of these four industries has unique fire protection and safety requirements, and we've found that specializing in this way allows us to provide the most knowledgeable, comprehensive service to our clients.

Vanguard was founded in 1957 with a mission of providing our clients with superior safety systems. In every area and industry that we serve, we've had more than 60 years experience learning, troubleshooting, and developing custom solutions for our clients.

Founded in 1957, Vanguard Fire & Security Systems is a leading provider of solutions and services for fire protection, life safety, and security systems. From design and installation to Inspection, Testing and Maintenance, Vanguard serves clients in any and all aspects of new and upgraded system service and implementation. Headquartered in Grand Rapids

Vanguard is proud to provide a full suite of safety & security system services. When you opt for a Vanguard fire protection system, a security system, or a life safety system, you'll also get a full team of experts to design, install, inspect, test, and maintenance your system. We custom design all of our systems to meet our client's unique requirements

At Vanguard, we work to provide our clients with the very best in comprehensive safety and security systems. From fire suppression and detection to life safety and security systems, it's our job to keep our clients' property, people, and assets safe. With every system we offer, we also provide comprehensive testing and training, to ensure your system

At Vanguard, we design, install, and inspect every component of comprehensive fire protection, detection, and suppression systems. From fire alarms to sprinkler systems to unique special hazard solutions, we're experts in every aspect of fire protection. We're here to ensure your facilities, your people, and your products are safe in the event of a

In life safety applications, for hospitals, universities, and other large organizations, communication is paramount. Whether you need a campus-wide notification system to broadcast messages and alarms, or a nurse call system to streamline communication throughout a healthcare facility, Vanguard can help. We design, install, and test life safety systems

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