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Legacy Solutions Legacy Solutions is a professional installation company in Detroit specializing in home automation and security systems. Our expertise in home security, automation and entertainment helps us cover and support both the wants and needs of business and residential property owners. Legacy Solutions was founded by two long-time friends, Marty and Lantz, in 2017.

Together they set out to use technology solutions to simplify people's lives. Marty and Lantz esyablished Legacy Solutions on the principles of integrity, honesty, and excellence. What started as a camera installation and service company, the company has now expanded to Home Automation, Commercial Services, Access Control, Home Theater, and Network Infrastructure with goals to continue growing as customer demands require.

Today, Legacy Solutions is a trusted home security installer in Detroit as well as handling services such as home entertainment installations. You need a video surveillance system but have no idea where to start or how to install it.

read more › Legacy Solutions is a small and agile business founded in 2017 by two friends, Marty Johnson and Lantz Washington, with the aim of simplifying people's lives through the use of technology. Our company was built on the principles of integrity, honesty, and excellence. Our founders believe that people and businesses should always do the right thing, which is why we provide camera and network installation services of the highest quality. Together, Marty and Lantz provide Legacy Solutions' bedrock of excellence and expertise.

read more › Legacy Solutions provides excellent smart home automation installation to homeowners in Detroit, Michigan. With our high-quality service, you can upgrade the convenience of your house and revolutionize your home life. There are many practical advantages to linking your electronic systems and automating your home. Here are just some of these benefits. Gain more useful insights on your behavior. Depending on your model, a smart home system can tell you how often you watch TV, how much energy your appliances are consuming, and what sort of meals you keep ordering.

read more › Legacy Solutions provides homeowners in Detroit, Michigan, with increased security and safety through expert video surveillance system installation. With our cameras and accompanying network, you and your family can feel safer and rest easy when you are out of town. Surveillance cameras and closed-circuit television camera systems provide an extra layer of protection between your property and would-be criminals. This protection takes two forms: deterrent and documentation. Camera systems act as deterrents to criminals.

read more › Legacy Solutions provides professional home entertainment installation to our clients in Detroit, Michigan. Our expert employees can set up a private and luxurious home theater to enjoy films and television shows in the lap of luxury without ever leaving your house. There are many practical advantages to linking your electronic systems and automating your home. Here are just some of these benefits. You may be wondering why you need your very own home theater, but the set up has plenty of benefits.

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