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Are you searching for a local home security company or a home security system company "near me"? The professionals at Teague Security are ready to help you with all your Kansas City home security, home networking and home theater needs. Regardless of if you want to install a new, full-featured entertainment center, or acquire peace of mind with a state-of-the-art security system - our professional technicians have you covered.

Offering the latest and greatest in terms of home alarm systems, entertainment, and networking, you will find Teague Security is the ideal solution for your home technology needs. Don't settle for second best when our team of well-trained and professional technicians is ready to customize your entertainment and networking experience to your specific needs.

Are you ready to integrate a Kansas City home theater into your living space? If so, let Teague Security handle all the "dirty" work. We will install the various components, run the wires and ensure all unsightly cords and wires are out of sight.

read more › When is the last time you thought about networking? For us, it was just a second ago! At Teague Security we live, work and breathe home networking, security, and entertainment. If it relates to technology and your home, you can count on our technicians to provide superior service and reliable installation, service and maintenance after the sale. With decades of combined experience in the industry, our technicians are able to offer you unique insight into your home technology. They can evaluate what you are working with now and make recommendations of how to increase power, ability, and speed.

read more › The home is not only a place we live, but it has become a place to entertain and relax. It's a place we want to come home to and not flee from when going on a vacation. Homeowners are making their homes comfortable and entertaining with home theater installation of many budgets and sizes. We'll get your TV setup in the exact place you want it and to work with all of your other electronics to ensure they are set up and able to meet your personal needs. Provide and help in the choice of the right brackets for secure wall mounting of TV or projector.

read more › The main reason to install a wireless network in your home is because it will eliminate the need for ugly, dangerous and costly wires lying all across your home or business. With a wireless connection, you can easily use your computer anywhere in your home. No longer do you have to be "trapped" in the corner next to the outlet, or deal with a mess of tangled wires throughout the home. Not to mention, the actual cost of adding plenty of Ethernet cables to a home can be high and, in some cases, you might have to put holes in the wall to accommodate the wired network.

read more › The security used for your property needs to provide the highest level of protection for you, your family, your business and your clients. When you call us for home or business security, we will help you select the right type of system for your needs. We offer complete automation and centralization to ensure superior security and peace of mind. We also offer security systems that communicate with you at all times, through the internet or phone. Sensors: These are installed throughout the property to help communicate all activity that occurs, even if the system has been disarmed.

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