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We are the leading security company in Los Angeles, LA. We specialize in a wide range of security systems and solutions for residential, commercial and government sectors in Los Angeles LA. We are known best for a unique and specialized development of electronic and physical security systems solutions. Our security solutions include and not limited to Security Cameras, CCTV, Security Camera Installation Los Angeles CA, Access Control Los Angeles CA and many other services.

Whether you looking for a simple security solution or want a complex installation in multiple buildings, we have the capability, technology, and human capital to meet your needs. As one of the industry leaders in the design, integration, implementation, installation and maintenance of security systems, we are very proud to provide customized security solutions to our customers, both big and small, and across the divide of industries.

Our team of experts will conduct an onsite consultation, and create a custom plan to help protect your premises.

read more › Our mission is to continue to be the best Security Camera, CCTV, and Video Surveillance company in Los Angeles. We've spent many hours honing our craft and we hope you'll become our customer. Give us a call today and see why "We're the best in the biz!" Our goals have been to continue growing our business as are expanding into different territories across the state. From Security Camera Installations to Network wiring we do everything in between. Call Charlotte Security Cameras today and let us earn your business.

read more › To go along with the installations of NVR & DVR camera systems Los Angeles Surveillance offer's low voltage wiring, which can help the camera system to get into place without taking up a significant amount of electricity in the process as noted above. This process is the most commonly used wiring in todays security camera installations because of the reliability of Cat5 Cabling and it provides the ability to power each camera individually saving money on each month's power bill - which is always a win.

read more › Installing a customized access control system at your business, residential or industrial complexes in Los Angeles, is a good method to monitor all movements and activities happening in your organization at any given time. We offer a wide assortment of access control products - each with their own particular advantages - guaranteeing that we can address various needs of our clients. We have great experience in designing, installing, and ensuring access control and safety systems at most of the secure and touchy offices on the planet.

read more › It seems that everyone wants to have a home theater in their house these days. With the rapid availability and affordability of everything from 80 televisions to multi-channel receivers, everyone can have one! What's even better - the equipment is much more affordable than it was years ago. No matter how you look at it, installing audio and video equipment is challenging and difficult for someone that doesn't do it every day. Electricity - You're dealing with electricity and without a good working knowledge, it can be inherently dangerous.

read more › Even though it's still widely used for TV/Cable etc - Coax is becoming a thing of the past for Video Surveillance. Structured Cabling is a system that is associated with cabling and hardware, it provides a telecommunications infrastructure that is very easy to comprehend. The infrastructure that is being provided is set to serve a large number of uses such as providing telephone services or transmitting data through a computer network system. It is not device dependent. Structure cabling can also be defined on the basis of ownership, the system commences functionality at the stage where the service provider is terminated.

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