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We install, maintain and repair garage doors, gates, intercoms, access systems, and other activating devices. Our experienced professionals aim for the highest quality service to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Our services are available for residential homes, business properties, commercial buildings, and industrial warehouses. Whether it's an overhead sliding door for your industrial warehouse, or the gate that protects your home and family, you can rest assured that you'll get great service, on time.

We carry the most trusted brands in the industry, and our local team of technicians are available for same day service. It doesn't matter what kind of opener you have, our experienced team can fix it for you at a fair price. Call or message us now to request a free quote. Our installation services start with a comprehensive consultation to ensure that you're getting the perfect system for your needs.

No over selling or unnecessary bells and whistles. We'll make sure that the system you choose is the best one for your needs and your budget.

read more › In a modern environment, an access control system is the safest, most advanced way to monitor who comes in and out of your building. It can come in a variety of different formats depending on your chosen setup. An access control system is, for the most part, security for an establishment or place that requires authentication or authorization. The system will, no matter the component, grant or reject access to the person attempting to unlock it based on their method of entry. For instance, if you were to have a keypad component, the correct combination of numbers or letters would be required in order to gain access to the facility.

read more › Our goal is to deliver prompt, professional, polite gate repair and installation services and maintain 100% customer satisfaction. No job is too big or small and we treat each customer with the utmost respect and care. We believe that community is the number one key to our continued success and we don't view our customers as clients but as family. By delivering quality work, we enrich our community, build long lasting professional relationships. Our work is delivered on time, within your budget, and all finished with a smile and a handshake.

read more › Our customers trust us to handle all of their various residential overhead door needs. We consistently offer industry-leading garage door services and products at very budget friendly prices, on time and with a smile. Our wide range of intercom services includes, but not limited to, high definition sound, moving video capabilities, and multi-zone capabilities. We provide you with a simple, and effective way to communicate. Electric gates increase your home's value, provide privacy, and add a great level of security to your property protecting your home and family.

read more › A Mobile or Smartphone-based access control system is a cloud-based hub that enables smartphones to grant access to individuals entering into rooms, spaces, or any type of building. Smartphone-based access control systems are most frequently set up through the use of Bluetooth low energy and eliminate the headache of having to pair a device manually. The Bluetooth sensor can easily be placed on a door and has a larger read range than a traditional Radio Frequency Identification card. With this type of system, a specialized Identification code can be sent to your email address granting an individual access to a specific building for an allotted amount of time.

read more › If you're contemplating if you should switch over to a Cloud-based access control system or if you are looking to learn more about this nebulous terminology, you've come to the right place. In its essence, Cloud-based control systems enable users to manage their data and security systems remotely from any web-enabled device at any time. Cloud computing users can access their data through the internet as opposed to a clunky hard drive. More outdated access control systems have a physical access system that's costly and require on-site maintenance.

read more › If you're curious to learn more about IoT-based access control systems but aren't exactly sure what it entails, we are here to help you out. IoT stands for Internet of Things. This system comprises of devices that are connected autonomously through the internet without any human interaction. An IoT-based access control system is synonymous with an intelligent door locking system. In this system, each device such as a lock, card reader, or lock controller is given a separate IP (Internet Protocol) address that is interconnected to various devices.

read more › Role-Based Access Control or (RBAC) grants or restricts system access to specific users based on their role within a company or organization. Employees or individuals are granted access to certain systems that enable them to perform their job but are restricted in the amount of control they have in the system. Some users might have the ability to view a file while others have the capability to modify or create a specific file based on the permissions granted to them. In this type of system, certain employees will not have access to sensitive data if it is not necessary for their specific job function within the company or organization.

read more › Discretionary Access Control or simply DAC means that an owner of a system has the authority to decide who can have access to it and to what extent. It is at the owner's discretion to decide who will be granted certain permissions within the system. For example, an owner can give certain individuals access to either write, edit or execute files, folders, or other elements within the system. One person might be able to edit and execute files but does not have the ability to write within the system.

read more › If you need to repair an existing Sentex System, Prime Access Control provides maintenance and repair services throughout Los Angeles County. We're one of the best access control companies in the city, and we specialize in repairing intercom systems, call boxes and controlled access systems. Our white glove intercom repair service is well renowned in the city of Los Angeles. We also offer 24/7 emergency intercom repair services if you happen to get locked out of your property. Our highly trained staff members are professional, seasoned, and qualified to repair the latest Sentex Systems.

read more › Our wide range of intercom services includes, but not limited to, high definition sound, moving video capabilities, and multi-zone capabilities. Both indoor and outdoor intercom services provide you with a convenient, simple, and effective way to communicate, accept deliveries, monitor your home, and a number of other capacities. Remote access also allows visitors or contractors access to different spaces even if no administrator is on-site. The freedom to monitor anyone that enters your home or business from a remote location means that you no longer have to waste your valuable time letting the dog walker in, or seeing who is at the door.

read more › When it comes to residential intercom services in Los Angeles, there are many options available to you. The key to knowing the most affordable intercom system for your residence is to know what you are looking for in an intercom and how to determine that. There are many different options to choose from including those that are wired into your main phone line or ones that use a wireless connection. There are also systems that require an additional fee that allows you to use an additional phone line.

read more › If you're in need of getting your business intercom systems up and running in Los Angeles, Prime Access Control is a good place to start. We can help you install your system for the best value for money. The installation is also quick and easy for our professional technicians because we have many years of experience. In addition to installing your new intercom systems, we offer 24/7 support should anything go wrong. There's no need to worry about the system breaking down because we have on-call techs that we can dispatch at any time, and we offer around the clock phone support.

read more › If you're looking to upgrade your existing commercial intercom system, or are looking for a completely new system, one of the best places to look in Los Angeles is Prime Access Control. You can find just about any kind of intercom system imaginable including wireless, wired, and even digital. It's important to note that all types of intercoms work at different ranges. If you're looking for a system that operates between a few hundred feet and several thousand feet from your business, it will likely be a good idea to look into a wireless intercom.

read more › If you are looking for wired intercom services in Los Angeles, it would be wise to find out about their features and benefits before you actually make your decision to use one. These services have become a necessity in many offices and homes these days because they can allow you to be more discreet and anonymous while you are talking to someone else on location. These services can be used in public areas like restaurants or in private areas such as your home, and you can even use them when you are trying to make a phone call.

read more › If you're interested in the use of wireless intercom services in Los Angeles, then you have to know that it's not very difficult to obtain. In fact, these services are available to the public with an effortless Internet connection. The use of an intercom allows people to communicate with each other in a different room of a house or a building. This is usually done when there is no wireless internet connection present. We provide wireless intercom services in Los Angeles, and also offer a mobile version of this service so that people can stay in touch with people in another place.

read more › If you want to set up a video intercom system in Los Angeles, there are many options available. For example, you may want to use an in-home installation or you may want to go with the "do it yourself" approach. In either case, you need to know which type of intercom system you are going with and if you have the proper equipment and training to install it properly. There are many different types of video intercom systems that are available, and we'll help you make a decision that is best for you.

read more › With the rise of the internet, it is now possible to have Smart Home Intercom services in Los Angeles and other areas of California. These systems are very affordable and should be installed by a professional, which will save you time, money, and frustration. We have a vast amount of experience working with smart homes and intercom systems, so you can rest assured that we can setup any type of system to fit your needs. This is a great alternative to other systems that might require a much larger investment in both time and money.

read more › Door King Intercom Solutions is one of the best in the industry, providing customers with a wide range of options that meet their needs. With multiple options at clients' fingertips, the Door King Intercom Solutions is dedicated to making the whole process easier. We've been using their remarkable products for years and we're able to install, repair and perform maintenance as well. When you call us for any question regarding their product, we introduce their complete line of products so that you can make an informed decision.

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