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Security encompasses far more than physical safety; it includes the financial safety of your business investment as well. Major financial loss is seldom a result of a single catastrophic event but rather the result of quietly repeated daily activities that continue unseen for years. Unchecked, these financially draining activities often escalate, siphoning of more and more of your financial resources.

What we don't see can hurt us. CCI Security Systems can provide you with the clearest vision in the industry to help you meet the many challenges you face in managing your business or organization. MEGAPIXEL VIDEO TECHNOLOGY has dramatically improved the video surveillance industry by providing exceptional image clarity, greatly enhancing identity.

Our systems provide outstanding high definition video quality and are simple and time-efficient to use. Now you can clearly see trends as they develop, enabling you to take a proactive approach to management. Your office or home desktop becomes a visual information center from where you can view and hear activity live throughout your business/organization with CCI Security's video/audio surveillance management systems.

read more › We will match your specific needs with options for conventional Digital Signal Processing cameras, Infrared cameras for near total darkness, Wide Dynamic Range cameras for backlight challenged areas, PTZ cameras which can tour and zoom in on targeted areas as well as IP Megapixel cameras for the ultimate in video clarity. Wide Dynamic Range Cameras are designed to vastly reduce video challenges in environments where back light causes the video images to become darkened, providing much greater clarity than conventional camera systems.

read more › FACT Alarm security tells you nothing about the safety of the environment around your home - it only tells you when a sensor has been activated and with only a 5 percent level of accuracy (95% of alarms are false). Our digital video surveillance cameras SEE what your alarm security will never know, closing your security gap. Your new CCI video surveillance system records visual activity of your property 24/7, 365 days a year, providing you with a digital eye witness account of events which can be recalled for detailed viewing in seconds for any camera location.

read more › Video/audio events can be searched within seconds with a click of your mouse, providing timely evidence necessary to make wise management decisions. All motion detected video is indexed by date (year/month) and time (hour/minute/second) for each camera. The View Log is accessed with your mouse. 2. Video playback is versatile and extremely simple. Video can be played back in single camera mode, quad mode, and muti-camera mode with a click of your mouse allowing you to follow a recorded event as it transpired.

read more › Our system performs high speed video searches allowing you to quickly find specific activity in any specific area you choose. Now you can "target search" within any specified camera area you choose to find specific activity immediately. In the illustration below, we are looking for a specific recorded event through a parking lot camera. We want to find video of an event in which a law enforcement officer has entered a specific location of the parking lot by the front door. Notice the search begins at 18:50:01.

read more › Remote view capability is built into the system's powerful webcam, allowing live remote viewing with audio from your business via broadband internet service. The system's powerful webcam allows you to remotely view your property over broadband internet service. As well as providing live-view capability, the system also offers the option of live remote audio with video. Live video may be viewed in single camera mode or multiple camera mode with up to 16 cameras remotely viewed simultaneously. For businesses with multiple locations using CCI Security's SDVRs, multiple locations may also be viewed simultaneously.

read more › The optional Data Capture device connects the POS system with the video surveillance system, storing each POS entry with the corresponding video of the event into a Microsoft Access database. Every POS journal entry becomes available for instant video review. Any POS journal description can also be instantly searched with video playback of the transaction. For example, you can perform video playback on cash sales, no sales, voids, credit card numbers, cigarettes, and specific liquor item as described on the POS journal.

read more › The video surveillance technology we build into our systems has been installed in more 200,000 systems worldwide, providing a stable platform for continuous advancement of functionality and capabilities. We also build upon the most solid and reliable hardware available including Intel Dual Core and Quad Core processors to provide the power and responsiveness demanded from today's security systems. The surveillance industry is unique in the amount of storage capacity required due the large size of video images and the number of images recorded per second, 24/7.

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