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RealTime Remote Guard Service service is a crime prevention solution and actively deters crime, loitering, and trespassing on commercial properties. Bandit Systems' highly experienced team designs and installs video surveillance systems that are highly effective, easy to use, and customized to each client's specific needs. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to deploy professional grade cameras and licensed video management software with powerful results.

Additionally, we believe that our clients' success is our success, so Bandit provides long-term support for its installations to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

read more › Bandit Systems believes in delivering the best possible customer service experience. The company delivers high-quality security camera system installations and long term support and servicing of the CCTV systems digital IP-camers. The company's roots are in advanced networking, so it bring new technology to the surveillance system market. As a local Bay Area company, Bandit Systems prides itself on providing customers with high-quality installations and superior customer service. Additionally, Since Bandit Systems' roots are in advanced networking, the company brings new technology to the IP-camera system space in order to provide unsurpassed functionality and network security to its customers.

read more › Bandit systems provides customized security camera systems that meet its customers requirements and budget. It uses an x-sigma concept to identify the coverage of a digital cctv system. The page also discusses the limitation of and advantages of different digital ip-camera sensors commonly used in video surveillance systems. When designing a Security Camera System, Bandit Systems prides itself on providing a solution that meets our clients' needs, both now and into the future. Bandit Systems is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, and in order to guarantee that an installed system delivers the consistent outstanding outcomes our customers deserve, all Bandit installations go through a thorough design process.

read more › Bandit Systems specializes in the highly technical field of IP-Security Cameras Systems, and the company's mastery of advanced optics, networking, and physical security allows it to guarantee CCTV installations that consistently produce outstanding security video while maximizing simplicity. Bandit Systems' knowledgeable staff provides custom CCTV systems with expert design, installation, and support services for projects of all sizes and complexity. The Bandit team is committed to its customers' satisfaction, so all installations include warranties and we provide long-term support to our video surveillance systems after the installation is complete.

read more › Bandit Systems provides business with a customer-centric mindset when designing and installing digital IP-camera based security cameras systems. The company supports these CCTV systems through their entire lifecycle with long term support and servicing. Video surveillance systems provide commercial businesses with significant ROI through reducing shrinkage, incident identification and documentation, and employee monitoring. Today's business environment is challenging, competitive, and filled with hazards.

read more › Bandit Systems' security camera system installations help keep homeowners and communities safe by providing high-quality video surveillance services so clients can keep an eye on their homes, children, pets, and personal property. Bandit Systems handles all construction in house. Protecting your family and assets with advanced surveillance technology will increase your peace of mind, and security camera systems can keep an eye on your property while you are away. With built-in recording coupled with motion detection, owners can quickly locate and view activity in the vicinity of their home or other assets.

read more › Bandit Systems uses wireless technology to extend security camera system networks into remote areas like parking garages, pools, and stables. Wireless connectivity provides flexibility, growth, and access to remote locations which would otherwise be inaccessible. With multiple frequencies, antenna types, and network topologies to consider, Bandit's networking engineers will deliver the solution that provides the access you need. Wireless technology is a great tool for expanding the network into connectivity-limited locations allowing for video surveillance access and visibility into remote locations.

read more › Bandit System's remote access options allow customers to securely view their security cameras system's digital IP-cameras from anywhere in the world on a web-enabled computer, iphone, android, or other smart phone. Using advanced networking, Bandit Systems keeps the CCTV system's firewall intact. Additionally, the surveillance system's analytics can send alert via text message or email to notify the client if certain conditions are met. Surveillance system owners today demand access to their networks and video streams from their home, car, and while on vacation.

read more › Bandit systems provides serious security solutions by using vpn and data traffic encryption services for the networks of its customer's security camera systems. In addition it discusses current network security technology as applied to cctv systems, and how other service providers leave opportunities to get hacked by forwarding port thought firewalls in their surveillance systems. In today's dynamic world technology can be exhilarating, but if it is not protected it can become a liability. Luckily, Bandit Systems takes the worry out of keeping data and networks safe.

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