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Wolverine Fire Protection Since 1958, Wolverine Fire Protection Co. has been committed to the preservation of life and property through design, installation, maintenance and service of fire protection, detection and alarm systems. Wolverine Fire Protection Co. offers its clients the advantage of dealing with a company that provides solutions for active fire suppression, detection and alarm systems to all of the 50 states, as well as Guam and Peru.

Our professionals are available 24/7 to assist you with any of your fire protection emergency needs as they arise. Contact us today! Wolverine Fire Protection Co. is one of the largest independently family owned sprinkler contractors in the United States. We have the capabilities and staff to perform in house design, fabrication, installation, testing, inspections, service and maintenance.

Our effective management of services and direct communication, fosters expedient resolutions while avoiding schedule delays often associated with multiple layers of subcontractors. Wolverine Fire Protection Co. maintains a strong financial position, employs an in-house team of professional engineers who can create a total fire protection program, and serves some of the largest, most demanding, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, financial, educational, power generating and governmental agencies.

read more › Wolverine Fire Protection Co. is one of the largest independently family owned sprinkler contractors in the United States. We provide active fire protection, such as detection and sprinkler systems. Wolverine is equipped to handle even the most complex of projects with multiple locations nationwide specializing in evaluation/consultation, engineering design, installation, maintenance and repair of fire protection, detection and life safety systems. In fact we have experience working in a wide range of project markets including Federal, aviation, power generating facilities (nuclear and fossil), industrial/manufacturing, healthcare, commercial, educational/institutional, retail, warehousing, mining, and entertainment.

read more › 1950 - Founders Ed Corcoran, Francis O'Connor and Floyd Weaver spent a 2 hour, 80 miles, commute with each other driving to work at Ford's Detroit Facility for General Motors. They passed the time by discussing work, the poor work ethic of fellow workers and how they would run a company if they owned one. 1958 - In October Ed, Francis and Floyd founded the enterprise they called Wolverine Fire Protection Co. After the first project was completed, Floyd decided that being in business wasn't for him, and the other two partners bought him out.

read more › Wolverine Fire Protection Co. provides comprehensive solutions for all fire protection, detection and alarm systems. The majority of our work is complete, design - build projects in these areas, but we are a full service company, offering services from consulting and design through inspections, testing and maintenance. We want to provide our customers with the assurance their systems will function properly in the case of an emergency. We are committed to the preservation of life and property through design, installation, maintenance and service of fire protection, detection and alarm systems.

read more › Wolverine will be a premier national fire protection company recognized as a trusted quality supplier of best value systems and innovative solutions that provide performance, security, life safety, and customer satisfaction. Through continual improvement the company will remain the premier fire protection company and will always maintain this trusted company reputation through all business actions. Wolverine is committed to the preservation and protection of life and property. We take pride in our ability to perform all tasks using the safest work approach to ensure everyone goes home each day to their families.

read more › WFPC employs a combination of recognized Quality Management Systems (QMS) - ISO and NQA-1. Program and procedures are maintained for both systems and are shared as appropriate for specific activities. The QMS's provide procedures for design, document control, procurement, fabrication, material control, identification of suspect and counterfeit items, installation, inspection, shipping and storage, testing, and non-conformances. ISO quality is driven by customer satisfaction. NQA quality is safety driven.

read more › Wolverine Fire Protection Co. is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees. To this end we have created an Accident Prevention Plan (APP), and a Health and Safety Plan (HASP). By developing and applying a "zero tolerance" safety program, our goal is to surpass all industry standards of safety. Our ultimate objective is zero accidents and zero injuries. The Wolverine Safety Program has been formulated to govern the activities of all personnel employed, in any capacity, on Wolverine projects, and is dedicated to the goals stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) "to provide work and a place of work that is free from recognized hazards".

read more › Fire alarm systems are used to provide notification to building occupants, notify local first responders or interface with various other life safety and building systems by use of automatic detection and manual means of activation during an emergency. A mass notification system provides occupants with information and instructions about emergency conditions in a building, area site, or other spaces. The objective of a MNS is to protect life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and instructing people what actions they should take through concise, accurate, timely, and well-directed messages.

read more › Fire protection for power plants, and other complex industrial facilities, requires a comprehensive knowledge of the hazards. Wolverine has the engineering expertise to provide complete fire protection solutions. Wolverine Fire Protection Co. offers a variety of fire protection engineering and consulting services direct to utilities, AE firms, construction companies, and EPC joint ventures. We are experienced with NFPA 850 Design Basis Documents, Fire Risk Evaluations, Site Assessments, Alarm/Detection System design, Suppression System design, Water Supply System design, and more.

read more › Wolverine Fire Protection Co. is one of the few comprehensive fire protection solution providers in the nation. Our full service, in house team allows us to maintain tight control over each project, promotes close communication between our designers, fabricators, and installers which facilitates schedule adherence, cost savings, and a high quality custom system that will provide you years of protection and peace of mind. Having our own fabrication shop on site also allows us to ensure a seamless delivery of your project from start to finish.

read more › Why choose Wolverine Fire Protection Co. for your inspections, testing and maintenance needs? We provide all aspects of inspections and maintenance on fire protection and detection systems. Our inspections are performed in accordance with the most current NFPA 25, NFPA 72 and NFPA 20 code requirements. We offer quotes FREE OF CHARGE, so call and speak with one of our inspections managers today. Visually inspect system components for damage, spacing, correct orientation and proper installation. Verify system control valves are in normal position, locked, and/or provided with a tamper switch.

read more › Active fire suppression systems are required in most buildings by today's building codes and safety standards. Even in buildings, or areas, where they are not required, owners may opt to install these systems to protect their investment from possible fire damage. Studies have shown that when fire sprinkler systems are present, damage from fire (and water needed to combat the fire) is substantially less. Sprinkler systems typically dispense less water than the fire department would when arriving on the scene, and typically keep the fire contained to a smaller area, leading to less damage during the time it takes for first responders to arrive.

read more › Fire Protection comes in all shapes and sizes dependent on your building size, classification and requirements. Wolverine Fire Protection is experienced in understanding these requirements and providing thorough solutions to properly fit and fulfill a customers needs. We understand that fire suppression and detection are engineered solutions. If you lack the engineering expertise, you can not engineer the proper solution. Wolverine Fire Protection is comprised of an expert team of engineers, holding experience in all areas of fire protection.

read more › Wolverine has extensive experience in fire suppression as it relates to the aviation industry. We focus on the applications of a combined code understanding of ETL, USACE, DoD, NFPA and other fire suppression code requirements. The high quality of work and client commitment is demonstrated in our repeat clients, multiple project awards and years of design-build experience that includes a wide array of aviation facilities. Our goal is to minimize a client's loss of life and capital and ensure mission continuity through quality fire suppression and alarm systems.

read more › Commercial markets often require special fire protection systems to protect property and reduce down-time in case of occurrence. Wolverine Fire Protection Co. has had experience in data center, office, and high rise settings as well as many other commercial settings. Our expertise in system requirements, and our abilities, offers access to a complete detection, notification, and suppression system in these types of environments. We are prepared to put our commitment to code compliance, customer needs, quality, and safety to work in any commercial project.

read more › According to the NFPA, "Educational properties include day-care centers, public, private or parochial boarding schools, trade or business schools, and college or university classroom buildings". Over 5,000 structure fires are reported annually in these types of facilities, and 64% of them occur during normal hours when students, children, staff, and other public are present. For these reasons, it is important for educational fire suppression systems to uphold the highest quality and code compliance to protect lives and property.

read more › Government contracts may be issued for work identical to that found in the commercial sector, but it has additional, and very specific, contractual requirements. For Federal Contracts this is the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations). This is the boilerplate of clauses that apply to all federal or federally funded projects. It stipulates how such things as "Buy American", Davis-Bacon Wage Rates, and Subcontracting Plans will be executed in any contract. Wolverine Fire Protection Co. has learned to work within these requirements and our payroll staff, contract staff, and project managers are all comfortable with the reporting, forms, and language associated with this work.

read more › Structure fires in medical facilities cause approximately $52 million of property damage annually. These facilities often have unique requirements that their fire suppression systems must meet to efficiently protect lives and property. The human factor of patients and families makes protection in these facilities an important topic. Wolverine Fire Protection is equipped with the experience, knowledge, and expertise to design detection and suppression systems in these medical environments. With experience in many hospital, lab, and other medical settings, our engineers and designers are capable of providing solutions for any unique application that the medical field may have.

read more › With many years of experience designing and installing systems for the industrial and manufacturing industry, Wolverine is well positioned to take on your needs. Our portfolio includes work on major production and processing facilities in a multitude of different industrial environments. Our expertise and commitment to quality and safety, decreases costs over the life of the system. We have completed millions of dollars worth of automotive, industrial and manufacturing projects nationwide to validate our abilities in the market.

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