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The Cyclops Technology Group invented the patented Cyclops X360 to immediately create saturated surveillance coverage areas and safe zones. After installation each Cyclops X360 unit immediately creates a 360° saturated video surveillance coverage area so your property is under constant and clear surveillance, capturing and recording crimes, incidents and violations around the clock for total accountability.

After surveying your land online a CTG rep will send you an estimate, along with an aerial map showing you a coverage scenario in which the X360 video surveillance management system can provide your property. If the estimate, scope of work involved and long-term surveillance solution works within your budget, a representative will meet you on site to survey the property and finalize the best setup and solution to maximize coverage.

Upon receiving down payment CTG orders the surveillance project assets needed for job and works with you to set up a schedule for both the site preparation and installation of the surveillance system.

read more › Cyclops Technology Group is committed to protecting our customer's investment and going great lengths to preserve, protect and elevate our customer's communities. The Cyclops Technology Group was founded in 1999 by Rob Dietl with one goal in mind, provide a high quality surveillance solution, that is easy to install, cost effective and can out last any other product on the market. With that in mind The Cyclops X360 was born, our patented all in one surveillance product is the only product on the market the that provides high quality video surveillance and a presence like nothing else on the market.

read more › Providing customized surveillance camera installations, security consulting, and security data management software to track everything on your on property. The Cyclops Technology Group has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in all areas of security, surveillance and communications. We offer X360 video surveillance camera installations, remote support, video monitoring, security management software, consulting, wireless communications, access control, and the patented Cyclops X360 product that is manufactured and installed by Cyclops Technology Group.

read more › Cyclops Technology Group provide customized surveillance solutions for all types of businesses, retail sectors, parks, neighborhoods and apartment complexes. The Cyclops X360 surveillance system enhances safety and security across different industries. Video surveillance has become a crucial tool and an essential function for public safety, to protect the assets on properties, as well as to fight crime. In the United States there has been a significant rise in the demand for effective security and surveillance systems.

read more › Below are past some our Cyclops X360 project installations with descriptions, photos and details of what the video surveillance installation entailed. Video surveillance system installed at Warren OH First Flight LocationVideo surveillance system installed at the Neil Armstrong Center located in Warren OH. Our X360 video surveillance system was strategically placed to secure the entry points and captures license. These surveillance cameras were strategically placed to secure the parks entry point and.

read more › News, press releases, and other types of media that the Cyclops Technology Group X360 units has been the focus of. WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - Video from one of Warren's new security cameras shows a vehicle plowing into four other cars at a busy intersection on Thursday night. WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - A Warren councilwoman and community organization honored a business for helping them install surveillance cameras in a park on the city's southwest side. The Cyclops X360 surveillance system is a welcome addition to Quinby Park.

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