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Securicom Securicom has extensive industry experience integrating the latest electronic security and communication equipment for our highly valued clients. The quality systems available at Securicom are used by diverse clientele, including industrial, commercial, government and residential. People from all walks of life gain freedom and security by utilizing the products and services we provide.

Our security solutions include intrusion alarms, CCTV, hidden surveillance, access control systems, network security and data protection. We provide a comprehensive range of communications systems from office telephone systems to enterprise data infrastructure. We utilize quality products that are easy to use and maintain. Our staff follow responsible business ethics and are supportive with our customers at all times.

Securicom is constantly building to enhance and maintain our reputation as a reliable security and communications provider.

read more › Since 1983 Securicom has maintained the finest reputation for providing leading edge and innovative commercial CCTV system solutions. We utilize a combination of well established brands and cutting edge technology. Your smart choice for securing your business or building is Securicom for outstanding designs, applications and customer service. Our experts will guide you through key types of of CCTV systems prior to your investment and installation plan.

read more › Whether your access control requirements are basic or large scale, Securicom has your solution. From traditional to boutique turnstiles, Securicom provides the equipment for complete control. Turnstiles with electronic access systems integration, based on your property requirements and specifications.

read more › From boardroom installations to home entertainment systems, Securicom creates solutions that integrate audio visual technologies to fit your individual requirements. Our expertise in room design and customized control systems guarantees the successful integration of voice, video, sound and data presentation technologies. Our design technique focuses on producing both user friendly and reliable solutions. Our Customers experience trouble free projects that are built on effective project management and strong communication.

read more › Five-hundred tenants or fifty tenants, Securicom has you covered. Call up and call down systems with options like door release, voicemail, cordless handset and video. Is your system existing and in need of an upgrade? We have the best possible solution for common wire or PBX telephone type systems. Allow us to survey your system and provide the most suitable options available. Email us today at or call 212-653-0025. Our live assistance group is ready to help you.

read more › How much would a day without phone calls cost your business? What is the cost for poor or delayed service? The answer is usually more than the price difference between a quality phone system and a cheap imitation. Buy purchasing a major brand you are ensuring that in the event of system failure, the parts will be available and the companies that produce it, will still be in business. There are numerous manufacturers that produce business telephone systems and most systems have similar features and functions.

read more › Our supervised water defense and water-sensing systems offer superior protection against leaks and water damage near vital areas. Typical locations include plumbing, sump pumps, support columns and foundations. Building engineers will have early warning signals from our supervised monitoring service with enhanced notification, history and reports. The control station will reflect specific trouble areas that are reported and logged by zone. Insurance discount certificates are available for all carriers upon request.

read more › Increasing demand for reliable weapon detection has become commonplace for current security protocol. Securicom provides a vast array of walk through detection from entry level to airport applications. Complete installation and service is available or if you prefer, drop ship to your location. Contact us for a free consultation and site survey today at 212-653-0025.

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